Now that the dust has been settled

Now that the dust has been settled.
How does this statement make you feel?

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Indifferent. This isn't some grand world shattering revelation, user.



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She needs to love my dick

No one will love you microdick.

Girls that age don't even know what dicks are.

will fushimi ever finish volume 10 do you think
also ova fucking when

Girls that age know more about dicks than boys do.

Nobody wants to hear a middle school girl talk about dicks.

That's where you're wrong, friend.

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Would you risk sitting next to her?

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Statistically around 30% of women lose their virginity by 15. So you're wrong on that end.

I'd promptly be arrested

I see that author improved a lot since oreimo days. His writing got more shameless and degenerate that i like it very much. It's just that the character designs for this show are not good

I didn't know 12 year olds were into dicks.

Megumi was perfect in every way

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kids today are fucking sluts.

who knew?

dont you ever post here again.

That's the age when curiosity towards dick sparks real bright and then they go on to explore more mysteries about dicks in the coming years finally ending up as goddamn sluts

all I'm saying is that if your dick is less than 9 inches then know that you will never make a girl to cum.

Did you not talk to girls when you were that age? They try to hide the thirst, but once in a while one of them slips and says too much.

Like I'm being pandered to

she's 12

12 year olds are pure cute angels.

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>They try to hide the thirst, but once in a while one of them slips and says too much.
JC are too moe.

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Are you implying that your pic related is pure. For fucks sake she is popular porn artist and lusts after her bros cock.

>frilly short skirt
>thigh highs
>tank top so armpits show
god this outfit is too much

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She doesn't know what she's doing, she's only 12.

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I want to put my dick between her thighs and squeeze it

Considering she was literally lying to save face, I don't care. Considering I have zero intentions towards girls her age, I don't care.

In short, I don't care.

Like she's better than the main girl, but that isn't saying much given the lame hair and being NBR.

Every girl is better than the main girl

Better than this one, true.

Every girl but Saigiri was perfect

Megumi was a cute bitch
Elf was perfect autist GF material
Even coconut head was yamato nadeshiko

Pretty good

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This show fucking sucked.

needed more wincest. kirino would have done it justice. she is best imouto

12 year old girls are the equivalent to 15 year old boys as far as thirst go.

Not even joking.


you clearly don't remember being 12

Too bad theres so little fanart of her compared to Sagiri. Fucking nips and their shit taste.

Looking for BD rips. See this.
>Was OreImo too familly friendly for you? Did you think that anime just can’t get more pandering then they have? Well have I got something for you. Eromanga-sensei is trash of the highest degree and I freaking love it for it. It’s not even trying to pretend it’s something else. It’s 100% pandering. And God bless its lewd heart. This show is a blast to watch. It’s the ultimate popcorn-anime. It knows it’s trash and revells in it. I laughed hard at some of its most preposterous moments. Highly recommended especially with friends.
And yes, the girls are HOT. Though I am puzzled about their age. Sagiri is supposed to be 13 years old. That is NOT the body of a 13-year-old. As a general rule when an anime says a character is of age X, you add 5 years to that because that’s what they look like. Subs by CR. Enjoy it. And look forward to the hopefully even lewder OVA next year.


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>NBR trash

It's the other way around, user.

dicks are into 12 year olds?

If Sup Forums has its way, yes.

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How old is she?

Old enough.

>this thread
Wow... Is almost like you guys never had sex or something.

Old enough for what?

Well were you into tiddies when you were 12? I sure were

>12 year olds are pure cute angels
I'm going to get banned for posting this.

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I called the mods to make it faster for you

You know, things.

for you


He's way too ugly, nah

Talk for yourself, don't assume that every anonymous is ugly like you.

>implying it isn't true

I love her jacket.

Well, now you know.

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He's a virgin pedomaggot weeaboo fatso, of course he's ugly.

Seems legit

Megumi is best

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How many men can she sleep with in a night?

She isn't real

All of them.

What do you mean?

She's a cartoon, and you are real. Duh

The same way that I always felt about it: I feel sorry for the VA for having to say such stupid and contrived lines, and I pity the brainlets who actually get aroused by something so on-the-nose and unrealistic.
It's just a weird fucking line. Hearing it made me feel bad for everyone involved.

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still confused

I think your post have me autism.


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Nobody but perverts like this show. MAL, tumblr and reddit hates it. Only a few retards here talks about it, so don't feel bad.

>Did you not talk to girls when you were that age?
I didn't speak to girls until I was about 18.

Cute. Did you get laid at least?

I guess not :3

Not until 7 years later but she wasn't 2D so we can't speak about that

Good, you're not completely lost. I lost mine when I was 13.
How old are you? Don't you think you are a little old to be here?

>I lost mine when I was 13.

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>How does this statement make you feel?
I'm supposed to feel something about that?

What, are you mad?

>ywn gangbang megumin with the 45 other anons in this thread

>not losing virginity at 10
Fucking loser neckbeard, kill yourself.

>the edits

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>Don't you think you are a little old to be here?

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No, I have come to accept that I'm complete garbage but there comes a point.

Good for you I guess?

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>all this blogposting
Go back to facebook
The /x/ edit is my favorite

I didn't need to know this.

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What do you mean? A point to what?

I'm glad there are people like this out there in the world, makes me realize how sane I am in comparison.

A point where you can distinguish a lie from bullshit.
something like that