Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is getting an anime how hype are you?

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>Wit Studio
Not at all.

Isn't this the manga written by the sams guy who did Planetes?


Going to be tough to top the first season.

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Tell me one adaptation which sucks not because its source material

Neat, just watched Planetes recently and really enjoyed it so I was going to check it out but I guess I'll just wait for the anime

The Planetes anime is almost entirely anime-original so it's not necessarily a good gauge of what the manga is like

It literally just ended the other day

>This again
Blame the author

And another md5 I can filter. Thanks for making the shilling so obvious OP.

Can't make it worse than the source material.

Better than mappa

is this that titan anime i keep hearing about ?

They literally haven't made a bad anime

This was on the mock upcoming anime chart from a couple of years back, right? Actually, some of the titles from that chart became reality.

>first season is entirely viking raiding and vengeance
>second season is farm arc
>mfw all these anime only plebs raid the threads in droves

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The farm arc is the ultimate casual filter. Most anime onlys who joined would drop it during the second season.

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It was actually pretty hilarious watching the butthurt in these threads over time. I can't imagine how much bigger it will be once we get animated farm arc.

oh boy, I can imagine the rage inducing videos of Skallagrim and Metatron about the fighting and weapons.

It will be glorious.

>Goblin Slayer anime
>Patlabor anime
>Vinland Saga Anime
>second season of Watamote
>Dragon Ball new movie

2018 saved anime

Has the new Patlabor thing been confirmed for this year?

Just promise me it won´t be CGI

Goblin Slayer too? nice.


>Dragon ball

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Pretty hyped. It has a pretty good studio behind it, so visually the show should look nice. I'm worried about the voices though, especailly Askeladd's.

>there's still a long way to go before Thorfin and his friends reach Constantinople
fuck man I really want to see how they portray Byzantium