I just finished watching Neon Genesis Evangelion...

I just finished watching Neon Genesis Evangelion. The story is fascinating (especially after you read what the fuck it is was about) and the action scenes are fun, but good god everything else is fucking terrible. The character interactions and dialogue are so fucking boring I could barely sit through them. Anybody else feel the same way?

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Lots of people who normally don't watch anime such as yourself feel that way.

>I like action
>I don't like talking

Bullshit, NGE is the Zelda of "teehee I'm such a nerd" anime casuals who try to pretend they're not casuals.

Yeah I thought it was a slog on my first viewing too, but you have too really look at those long cuts and examine it like some pice at the MOMA

> t. brainlet newfag
gotta have at least 300 series on your MAL to comment, please leave.

Reminder that nobody new watches Eva.

It really isn't.

>2018 and just watched eva
your opinion doesn't matter newfag-kun

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>wasting your time on overrated garbage

Watched 10 episodes of that pile of shit back when i started watching anime because you faggots told me it was a classic.

Never again, It's pseudo intellectualism at it's finest.

r8 my shitty evangelion oc

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The only thing you should know is that Asuka is the best girl.

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>Watched 10 episodes
>Never again
Fuck off and die, you stupid nigger.

So im a nigger because i didin´t sit through some kid's teenage drama garbage with pseudo intellectual religion inuendo?

Next thing you're telling me Puella Madoka Magica is a good anime because it's a deconstruction of the genre(it's still a good anime thoug).

You're a nigger because you didn't get far enough in the show to see the drama and thematic content in the show come to its conclusion. Keep flinging shit but people will disregard your opinions if you blatantly admit to not finishing a show but feel passionate enough about it to post in a thread.
Also you seriously sound retarded. Reading this post gave me a headache.

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>Butthurt eva faggot

It's always the fucking same with you idiots.
>hurr durr u didnt finish the show
>uuuhh no u moron u just didint get it its the pretty pictures and teen angst that make it good and if you dont get it ur a retarded nigger
>look at how much smarter i am

I don´t need to finish a show to see through it's bullshit, It was a good anime for it's time but when i watched it there was better shit out there already. And trust me i can put myself through some pretty cringe and dumb shit just for the sake of finishing a show to shit on it but EVA is just too much stupidity from the get go.
With that said:

Your anime is shit.
Your opinions are shit.
Your taste is shit AND your waifu is a stupid slut and objectively the worst girl in the show.

Go get gassed you fucking faggot.

>It doesn't matter how many anime you watched, if you didn't watch muh classic then you are new.
Embarassing user

>pseudo intellectualism
Love that buzzword used by brainlets who didn't get the show and don't want to admit their limited IQ.


Not him but it's not worth it at all. He did himself a favor. He should just skip the show and watch the last two episodes/EoE. That's the only thing anyone ever cares and talks about, because even NGE fans know the rest of the show is boring, worthless, banal monster of the week slog. EoE is what separates it from being another mediocre mecha series, but at the end of the day Eva is just a more modern rendition of ideon/devilman that Anno made for the millennial audience who wouldn't want to bother with the other two because of how "dated" they are.

>story is fascinating
>character interactions are boring
How is it even possible to be this retarded?

fake news

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it's so fucking boring it hurts. Watch the rebuilds, 1.11 and 2.22 are deathly boring aswell, but 3.33 is actually worth watching. Once you're done with it read the fantheories, there's a lot of shit hidden in 3.33 that ties everything togheter

Wrong you brainlet. Pretty much every episode is important and worth while, the show's endings wouldn't mean anything if not for all the character development and context that came before.