Does /a like dominant anime girls?

Does /a like dominant anime girls?

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Only if they're cute.

No. They ruin any show they're in to appeal to bitch-boys' fetishes.

Yes, the best part are the insecure maledomfags (redundant, I know) getting asshurt.

Only if they're hot.


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Yes. Always.

only if there's still some vulnerable part to them and they can slip from time to time

part 3 when?

Part 4 is already out user.

Well, shit. The last one I remember is where the head bitch sees the hypnosis book and gets dizzy at the end.
Guess I'll have a look, thanks.

first of all sauce please.

second of all yes.

As long as there's no cuckolding involved I'm game.

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Girls facesitting on other girls is patrician.

GOD NO. It's a fetish only for underage shits like you, op.

Only if they dominate other girls that deserve it. A bitch getting dominated by a lesbian is the best thing ever

The best part about dominant girls is making them submit.

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How dominant are we talking?

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I'm ok with everything as long as it doesn't involve feces or farting.


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>t. beta manlet.

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>t. underage

whats that manga


Judging from the art, it's prolly by Hakaba.
Not sure if it's part of a set.

Why the fuck is her torso so long

it's from aiue oka, forgot the exact title. something something hypnosis I think

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Something about her artstyle really creeps me out. I liked the maid one and the elf doujin but holy shit does the art make it hard to fap to.

Everything is too thin, and the artist can't draw dicks.

I don't mind it for the story parts. Everything is a bit too slender but it still looks alright to me. It's just weird as fuck for the NSFW parts.

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Yes, a lot. Here's my wife.

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Your wife is a sexworker.

Please, don't insult my wife.

But she has fun doing her job, how is it an insult?

Yuri femdom is so fucking hot

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Well I thought it was an insult.

Only if they show REVOLVE and have PURPOSE.

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I hate that this is only for footfags

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I want Kokoro-sama to dominate me!

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What's this?