The DNA results are in, it's yours, user!

The DNA results are in, it's yours, user!

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why did she have to take a DNA test in the first place?
Fucking slut.

...Yes, I gave you my DNA, now why’d you ask for it?

Enjoy being single mom.


my first thought

My peepee is too small to seed her correctly, I’m not enough of a man for her.
She should be with Kyon anyway

How many different men's loads did you take in your cunt you dumb slut?

demi god child

I'm going to take responsibility!

While I don't ever want a kid, being married to Haurhi would be pretty great
I'd rather a Nagato though

what makes you think you're not a god yourself, user?

>Knock someone up
>Have them keep the child
>Run away and dont take responsibility
Thinking mans fetish

Haruhi is LITERALLY made for impregnation.
Her vagina is made for pleasing user's dick and receiving his semen.

It's been 8 years, not even elephants have a gestation period that long.

Gods might, though.

That depends, are you black ?

If your IQ is room temp, I couldn’t fault you

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Its actually 139

I'd love to have kids with Haruhi

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I read this as "Enjoy being single, mom."

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I want to see her armpits.

She never says no.

Never says yes either, unless you're an alien or Kyon

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Maybe she got gobbed though

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Moderately disappointed that haruhisky hasn't explored that possibility yet

Well he takes requests