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Who was in the wrong here?

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Any Charlottefags here that still think Oven,Daifuku and Peros can solo the Germa?

bavarois is going "oototo" in that panel

Fucking Niji might be able to be beat Peros solo at this point, considering he got punked by that Lionel from Thundercats rip-off.

I really wish Peros was less of a bitch.

>Peros' wound get healed after sometimes
>Pedro's face is his new arm
>Peros : MASAKA
>Pedro: it was a gamble whether I'll survive or not

Fuck off retard. None of them can defeat one of the monsters.

>why do you act like you're superior to me?
>because you're inferior to me

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But Ichiji just defeated Oven,he has a literal fucking hole in his chest and can barely stand.Ichiji also overpowered Peros during the wedding and made him go white eyed with a couple punches.
Are Charlottefags really this delusional?

>Doflamingo is a tank wtf
>Katakuri takes even more hit than him
>glassman lmao

Doflamingo tanked more hits speedreader

Smoothie can. Oven, Daifuku, and Peros aren't sweet commanders for a reason.

A single punch that left barely a scratch

You're forgetting a small detail, the f

Doflamingo with all of hisinternal organs shattered tanked countless G4 attacks and would have defeated Luffy had he not gotten help while Katakuri lost fair and square.
You're retarded.

No. Shut up. Oven is fine. Ichiji hit Perospero once. So what? You can’t call that «overpower». Reiju hit Smoothie once too. Then she lost in under a minute.

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Funny thing is Perospero already soloed the Germa once.

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>takes more hits than him


Katakuri was dodging luffy for most of the fight. where are all these big hits he took?

in addition, luffy was already beat to hell before even fighting Katakuri, and Donflamingo had already taken a lot of damage before fighting luffy(he was literaly holding his organs together with his power)

>With help & surprise
t. Luffyfag

Will Zoro lose another sword at Wano?

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>n-no shut up i swear he's fine guys a hole in your chest is barely anything
Can you get anymore assblasted?Your denial is amusing.

>With help
Gee I didn't realize someone helped Perospero throw candy over the mean Germas.

>Opponent doesn’t care to fight back and literally laughs about it.

More like Oda cornered himself because part of the Luffy crew were the weakest one. In the other side you have Zoro, Law, Ussop, Franky, the Oda could have given Charlottes more fights without having to nerf them or use some excuses to make them job. Smoothie doing nothing is just a gap at this point and Luffy was with people like Nami (who can't get hurt) and Chopper, who is useless.

>Hmph.... so you managed to beat some rookies and become the strongest man, Whitebeard? Too bad I'm here to steal your girl.

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Is that what you call these scuff marks?

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>Yonji hit Yuen once
>Ichiji hit Oven once
>Reiju cleans up fodders
>Niji cleans up fodders
>OMG they are stronger than the monsters in Big Mom’s crew

>a germa without their suits
>with help from a dozen of his siblings
>against the germa that were enjoyign thmselves at a tea party and didnt expect any of it
Kek,Charlottefags are a joke,Ichiji aloen could beat Perospero/

That's their nature though, they were fully expecting to die. Though I guess I shouldn't expect reading comprehension from retards like you.

Shouldn't BM children have better resistance? How come they didn't get her genes? Or is BM a weird case?

Half of those characters were literally incapacitated in single hits. The Germa are strong. Accept it. The BMP only look worse if you don’t.

Yuen is fucking done and Oven is nearly dead.

They should have joined the Ideo Pirates. How can Ideo and his boys survive the New World with only four people on their ship?

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Why the hell would Judge want to ally when he has a better army? All these germa wanking is just bad

>bandwagomes actually think the Vinsmokes can do shit because they landed a single hit on Charlottes
Have I time travelled back to 30 chapters ago? These threads aree pretty much copy pasted.

And all of the Charlottes were focused on hitting Luffy and Sanji, so they were all sneaky attacks. I don't understand this sudden BMP hate

>even though they train a lot, no one fights them out of fear of Momma's retaliation
>they can't take hits cause they're Mommy coddled

Shut up. The vast majority of them din!t job. The Strawhats just successfully escaped them each time. It’s refreshing.

Pretty sure most are SaNafags, Germas are literally Gary Stus and their flashback was terribly bad.

It's either this or Or maybe we've just underestimated the autism of germafags

D-dont say this about cutie Yuen

Bobbin is dead so I can't take it if something happens to Yuen

He doesn’t have a better army. Doesn’t change the fact that Ichiji could solo Peros.

Yes he does, is bad writing

Shut up you idiot there’s no bad writing. The Germa 66 did nothing impressive.

>Charlottefags getting BTFO is bad writing
Oda is a hack, amirite?

Serious question,is characterfaggin some sort of mental illness that make syou want to efend your favorite characters to such irrational heights that you even ignore manga facts?
It has to have soemthign to do with autism cause god damn you motherfuckers leech yourselves onto these characters to the point of insanity.Why not simply enjoy the story for what it is and stop expecting so much out of a character because you think he/she looks hot or has a le funny quirk?The Charlottfags here are alla cting like manchildren.

Is bobbin really dead?

So do we agree that Pudding was even worse than Rebecca? Atleast Rebecca had a nice flashback. Pudding didn't even use her powers nor taught Sanji a lesson, in fact it does teach a terrible lesson about women can't be evil. Sanji and Pudding were the worst part of this arc

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BMP still have the likes of Katakuri who can still solo the Germa,possibly Cracker and Smoothie as well.The strongest Germa being stronger than the 5th BMP is not that insane to believe.

>he says while sperging autistically
Point me to the mean Charlottefag that hurt you user-kun.

Hopefully Sanji manages to wash away the stink of Pudding in the arms of a Wano kunoichi.

He had to hack when he left Luffy with a weak crew except Jinbei.

No, Rebecca was pure fanservice.

>Left with a weak crew
>Has brook

t. Alive

Waiting for the cp0 plot twist.

Agreed. All of the Sweet Commanders are still stronger. What’s wrong with the Germa overpowering the rest of them? Honestly, I think people are going to extremes in pointing out jobbing.

People hyped the non-sweet commanders too much.Peros,Daifuku and Oven were always on the same level with Doffy's top-executives.

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nothing is worse than Rebecca
I only watch the arc for Pudding since I can't expect anyone not named Luffy to have a decent fight anymore

Don't know yet, though I'm leaning towards both characters being shit.
I am getting sick of bitches with broken, plot convenient DFs that they barely use for any other reason.

I'm really glad about Cracker and Katakuri having simple food DFs that are used creatively.

Except Snack,we don't know shit about him,he could possibly be just Peros level.

Basically all BMP have food related fruits. Brulee is an exception because "muh Wonderland" and plot background.

Pudding doesn't fit there with the Charlotte's. She has written herself in.

If Oda doesn't use this... Well.

Only Vergo was strong among doffy's top associates.

oi oi you goddamn bastards. it's only thursday morning, slow down with all the shitposting

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What’s wrong? What’s wrong is that it din’t happen so you can fuck off with your headcanon. Katakuri ohko’d Ichiji. Perospero has 700M bounty
and overpowered Pedro like he was just a fly to him. What the Germa 66 did last chapter isn’t that impressive at all. If they defeat the army then ok. But it’s never going to happen.

In what timezone is it thursday?

>Basically all BMP have food related fruits
Big Mom

>Basically all BMP have food related fruits
Mont d'or

>Made it out alive from an explosion that incinerated Pedro
>Knocked himself out by falling down
>Same level

>they effectively supressed an enormous army prepared to execute an ambush
>took out relevant BMP on the ground
>blasted the blockading navy surrounding the island
>opened a path to flee the island and cleared the way for the Sunny

They are way stronger than that. You guys everything mixed up. Doflamingo is weaker than Cracker.

>Not food related
>Not food related
Do you chucabras for breakfast?

>implying Diamante wasn't strong enough to hold his own against Sabo
>implying Daifuku or Oven can do anything to mountain sized Pica


Yeah they punched Yuen and Oven once and cleaned fodders. Stop trying to make it more impressive than it was.

Perospero lost his arm to Pedro. Pedro is no one special. Katakuri>>>>>>>>>Perspero.
Ichiji already blitzed and punches him in the face anyway. Peros really isn’t all that impressive.

Becoming a chicken is not inherently food related.

Nor is being really really hot.

Not enough
>Barbie Nami
>Chopper to sell plushies
Beast pirates will have better fights thanks to have more and stronger members

>Sabo wasn't even serious lmao
>Pica jobbed to Zoro

Oven's DF isn't intrinsically food-related. It's just heat powers.

You can't deny it's impressive they suppressed a ready and prepared enemy's plans with such ease

An injured Doffy alone is stronger than Cracker you stupid nigger.and
>Vergo broke Sanji's shin while not even going all out
>Sanji speedblitzed Oven and overpowered Daifuku as if they were fodder.

Pedro did not take Peros arm through combat prowess. Peros remarked that he was a pirate worth 700 million and superior to Pedro in every way with his measly 382 million. And Pedro agreed. That's why he killed himself.

Don't expect much user. What if they job to momonosuke?

Charlottefags will vehemently deny any signs of weakness, and blame bad writing.

>Pica jobbed to Zoro
And Zoro is likely stronger than Cracker.what's your point?

>you have to be a Charlottefag to see the forced writing

>Cracker got one shotted
>Doflamingo raped an island + 2 supernova + admiral with birdcage

They din’t suppress shit. They defeated some fodders and at best knocked out one out of 20 Charlotte. Not even 5% of fodders have been defeated.

Beast Pirates > Big Mom Pirates
There’s no shame in admitting this. They’re probably pretty comparable overall.

There’s no forced writing you absolute retard. Germa 66 did nothing crazy.

>Stronger than cracker
t. Zorofag

*Animal Kingdom Pirates

He doesn't have the better army, he has three and a half generals and a bunch of nobodies, Big Mom has a huge empire, that doesn't mean the top of Germa 66 aren't individually stronger than almost of all of Big Mom's crew

Most of the arc was fine, it just went downhill in the past couple dozen chapters + has dragged out a bit too long

>tfw flu is getting worse but you realize it's trying to kill you so you can't be there to see you were right so you fight harder to get to see it happen

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If Oda doesn't use Pudding DF for something big it would be disappointing. Is bad enough that she got good through muh flashback

Beast Pirates = Big Mom Pirates

If the Beast Pirates were stronger, they would have destroyed the Big Mom Pirates by now. You really think Kaido wants the competition in conquering the world? Same with Big Mom. If they could kill each other, they'd do it.