Whats the best possible screen for watching anime...

Whats the best possible screen for watching anime? I'm thinking IPS with 1080p since all animes at best will be that resolution, with 144hz to have with frame interpolation

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a CRT like god intended

>144hz for 24 fps anime(s)

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>frame interpolation

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frame interpolation

>frame interpolation

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Good 4k screens are a must unless you are some poorfag who can't afford quality.

This man knows it.

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768p thinkpad screen

anything else is either nostalgia or self-imposed faggotry

a 4k QLED user. Get with the times.

Just watch it in your phone dude... it's just 20 mins. 1.6x speed if you re in a hurry...

unironically this

OLED with RGB o YRGB, the ability to disable any sort of integrated scaler, post-processing and that atrocity known as HDR.

Why did I hear Hayter's voice?

It's a shame that oled tvs are 1k+usd, and the only oled monitor I know of is about 3.5k

So many things wrong with this post that I don't know where to start.

your eyes.

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55" or above 4K HDR10


>best anything
Frame interpolation is fine on panning scenes though. Not sure what the digust is there.

Aside from the speeding up to just 1.6. Unironically this.

If you can't afford one watch them on your phone. A 1080p 5.5 amoled screen should be around 100 bucks.

I have this and can confirm its nice.

I already own a 4k screen, whats the point of getting a 4k screen for 1080p media?

Yes. Yes it is

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QLED is a marketing buzzword. Go for a 4K OLED, it's worth the price.


Frame interpolation might be fine for panning, but it isn't for everything else, and chances are your TV post-processing algorithm was probably not optimized for anime. It would probably be better to disable it on and do the processing on a decent PC instead.

a 65" 4K TV.

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>but it isn't for everything else
So don't use it for anything else? and there's always been a "cartoon" mode that does only interpolate panning scenes even in decade old TVs.

the processing will be done on a high end pc

1/10 trashy harem chuuni isekai with pretentious christian imagery

10/10 sol with plot

God it feels great to watch anime in the current year.

The difference between TV and computer monitors are blurring thanks to things like Nvidia BFGD (big format gaming displays).

However, under America law, TVs need to include a TV tuner in order to be classified as TVs.

So no matter how expensive your computer monitor is or how large it is, if it doesn't have a TV tuner, it can't be classified as a TV.

Your TV looks cursed

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what anime is in 4k?

Your name, Gundam Thunderbolt, maybe 2 others

Netflix anime and some movies.

It just has to be big, like 40 inch plus, so the waifus can resemble real life proportions.

Netflix has garbage bitrate, 4K would literally look worse than a 1080p BD, or properly encoded from a BD source.

Funny, it looks amazing in 4k

>Gundam Thunderbolt
Animated at 1440x810
>Your Name

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That's a blatant lie, no Netflix anime is in 4k

Screen doesn't matter that much, the important thing is watching it at the correct angle

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Just listing the ones with actual UHD BDs released. Even a lot of live action is upscaled to 4K anyway. UHD comes with HDR as well, which is a benefit even if 4K doesn't resolve much extra detail due to it being an upscale. Your name had a 4:4:4 1080p DPX master sent to Q-tec which does give the UHD BD better chroma compared to the BD since all BDs are 4:2:0.

>it's real
>it's not even 2K
Shinkai you cheap fuck.

144hz is actually superior for watching anime compared to 60hz screen especially if you configure madvr correctly since 144 is a multiple of 24 you won't get any screen tearing.

I play anime at 1440p and it's only worth it if you have a strong enough graphics card to properly upscale.

How's the ambilight when watching anime? I've been thinking about diying the controller myself.

Ambilight used to be a gimmick for years, but I don't know if they improved it lately.

It's actually a cheap led strip and it's barely visible

What really got me interested is the Darling in the Franxx OP due to the way they use contrasting colors. I agree its a gimmick but it sure as hell looks nice.

14 inch sony with VCDs

I watch them on this. Really like this display.

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Projector master race

>frame interpolation
Are you fucking retarded?

120 is better for the few 30/60fps anime and other weird framerates.

Just upgrade your eyes

>60fps anime

Get one of the color accurate ones that cover the most of that sRGB thingy, like the ones graphic designers use. A lost of mainstream monitors try to "improve" the colors by making everything more "vivid" (read oversaturated) which fucks up everything.


Nope chimplet

End yourself.

Anime is often animated at around 12FPS at a resolution somewhere between 720 and 1080. I say somewhere as every studio is different. Movies are usually 1080 though.

Last gen of Pioneer Kuro Plasma is the best TV for anime ever made.

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Not anime related.

get lost.

Aside from the rest, what's the problem with HDR?
What I have seen of it it's really great the only problem is that so many vendors slap in on screens that can't handle it because of bright blacks and not enough peak brightness.

But it was.