What makes her so superior to her counterpart?

What makes her so superior to her counterpart?

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Puts out on the first date.


Trash girl who ruined everything.

She is much better in the VN.
In the anime, not so much desu.

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You know the threesome ending is the best ending right?

Genki, adorable, hot and not boring.

They both have one though
This, she is such a cunt. If she didn't exist then everything would be dajoubu.

That's a lie.
She tries to get in the way in almost every route.

Kotonoha doesn't have an ahoge

Any ending where you don't end up with that boring-ass Kotonoha is the best ending.

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Out of curiosity, if you're playing blind, how likely are you to get one of the NICE BOAT endings?

But I love big tits and girls with gentle personalities.

Hard to say, I've played about 8 endings so far and none of them have been "bad" yet.

Contrary to popular belief, not that much unless you deliberately make stupid decisions.

This is why the anime was so painful to watch.
No one would actually make those decisions unless trying to intentionally get BTFO.

I honestly never got why School Days gets so much hate.
It's intentionally meant to portray what would happen in the VN if you make the worst possible choice every time.
I greatly enjoyed both.

So going Full Rance is a bad idea then?

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You can think about it like this:
the "goodness" of the ending you get is inversely proportional to the amount of places you put you're penis in.

And never underestimate the power of "time out" answers.

She also did gut the cunt

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That cunt deserved it.

Are the sex scenes good?

Last I heard the vn is barely a step above the anime.

It's more a case of quantity over quality with them.
They are plentiful, but some scenes have hilarious glitches.
Still pretty decent though considering most other VNs use still images.

Unless you are strong as Rance, no.

Gay days is better.

>Gay Days
What have I missed?

>convolutes her own relationship and then double fucks it up and is eventually murdered
She's terrible.

She's only superior because the other one is a doormat.

The VN is a much better experience anyway considering the large amount of ways the story can progress.

Her sister.

Shiny days is a spin-off to school days vn.
In it you play as a trap and can end up as a fuck toy to Mankoto.

Fuck it was summer days, shiny was a sequel.

Goddamn I FUCKED UP again it was cross days how many days games you can shit out overflow.

I think Shiny Summer Days was meant to be a remake of Summer Days but they scrapped it.
Is Cross Days worth playing?

If you know jap, when I last played school days it was the only days game translated and i don't know if someone translated other titles.

Pretty sure Summer Days has been translated, but they removed the Kokoro scenes. Not sure about Cross Days though.

Should have guessed. Only Rance can go Full Rance.

>gentle personalities

>removed kokoro scenes
But they were the best!

She is gentle it isn't her fault Makoto was a cheating badtard.

I'm guessing you've only seen her bad endings then?
>But they were the best!
Sadly I have never seen them.

One was hilarious Makoto tried to rape her and got hit by pan.
There was a google drive with all sex scenes translated(from other games too) but I need to look for it.

>tried to rape her
If that's the scene I'm thinking of from the google drive he didn't just "try".

There are two scenes where he tries to rape her one in her own house where Kotonoha stop him and somewhere outside.

I like needy girls.

Kotonoha's a walking landmine from the start, user. A gentle one that you can defuse, but still. Makoto being a retard doesn't help though.

I like eggs.
>a walking landmine from the start
So is your ass but somehow you're still here.

He's already raped her when Kotonoha knocks him out though.

Ohh I wasn't aware of it.

Oh boy I sure hope that user can find the google drive.

Me too, I can't help but feel attracted to them when they are so desperate. Literally the opposite of what I've always been told.

Anyone else triggered at how big her boobs were during the sex scenes when she's literally flat chested with a boob complex?

It wasn't so bad, I really liked her and Makoto bath scene.

Here you go, im in work so it took me some time.

user I thank you for your hard work.

You're a good man user, but
>Browsing 4chins at work
GTFO before you get shitcanned

How are you not back in prison madthad?

Don't worry I have a great work where nobody can see I browse Sup Forums.
Only minus is I just have shitty internet connection.

Shouldn't he be already released?

This October I think

Otome is best girl.

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British posters already going to jail for school days. Imagine what could happen after brexit, they will get fucked even moore

First I've heard of this.

Her mom

Why would School Days send someone to prison when it's readily available to buy?

I was mostly surprised he hadn't already gone back if he had been released

Not even the hentai licence can save them now

That literally has nothing to do with School Days and is a fucking ancient article

She's actually got a semblance of a personality. Kotonoha is this useless moeblob with big boobs attached.

Sekai needs a game where she's the main again, with better plot and more H.

>Things that never happened

you are literally retarded. lurk moore

>Despite being cartoons, they were classified as prohibited images as they depicted young girls, some in school uniforms, some exposing themselves or taking part in sexual activity.


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She's not, because she's Makoto's niece.

Isn't everyone related to him though?

Holy shit how stupid can you be.
That description could literally be anything, it's so fucking generic

Not Otome and Kotonoha.

>School Days is the only anime featuring school girls.
user really?

>tries to watch series
>drops at 2nd episode
>finds out mc dies at the end
>no way for me to be able to watch this now
why do I always miss out on the exciting parts

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Sasuga Otome

Sekai == dogshit, she's on the same level as Crab in shitiness

No, Kotohona never allowed him to cum inside.

That just makes it better.

No idea what you're talking about.

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She's easily the most scummy female character in the anime.

>I didn't cum inside so it wasn't rape
I'll try this one in front of the judge, I'm sure it'll go well.

it won't because you are ugly as fuck, user

If you live in Japan you can probably get away with it by having powerful connections and/or paying people off.

Time Stop

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She tries to stop in most & even in her own routes she pushes you away & tries breaking up when the relationship harms Kotonoha.


>If you live in Japan you can probably get away with it by having a big cock

Sekai is shit friend and a whore user, those are just facts.

That's literally in every country, not only Japan.

>Get murdered by your childhood side-fuck girlfriend who is also your niece
Makoto had a strange life

If you see the judge when you're in Japan then it's too late for you, you need to use your connections/money before it gets to that point.

She's a good friend who doesn't fuck as many men as Kotonoha.

sekai is school's toilet though

I don't remember Kokoro being cummed inside.
Kotonoha interrupted Makoto when he was dangerously close tho.

This. Holy fuck what a milf.

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Really, all the moms were good shit. Needs a route of their own. Or a milf group sex ending.