I can't believe Dragon Ball Super is over

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Why does she have visible pupils when the other Saiyans don't? Fucking inconsistent character design.

Dragonball Duper when?


I bet Keru's favorite thing, after eating legos, is being molested by her ane-san

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Because she's best girl.

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Damn Super was ugly..

i can’t believe that slut turned into broly

She's not a slut.

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Ugly girls are my fetish, that's why I fuck your mom so much.

Thank god it's over

you don’t think caulifla passed her around to her henchmen thugs on the daily?


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because shes the lssj retard

the reason she’s so obedient is because she was slowly mindbroken to be that way, stockholm syndrome to the extreme

It's because she's starved for affection.
She just needs someone that will hold her close at night.

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Kino lads

Is this a kale thread? Nice.

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Happy keru is the best keru!

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Nice, post rare kerus.

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Very well.

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Post more fem Zamasu

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I want snu snu with bereker kale.

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I want this buff qt to put me in a headlock.

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Keru is made for abuse

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i don't know whether the constant u6 girls posting made me attracted to them or i was just impotent a few months ago

Happy girls.

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More like down syndrome, amirite? Guyz?

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Broly doesn't have those eyes.

inb4 he's non-canon