Osomatsu END

So what do you guys think osomatsu wanted to say? If im not mistaken the hinted osomatsu may not be a virgin anymore.

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Yeah I thought that too, but there's no way... Right?

mediafire.com/file/c8d6ujadceyoepg/Osomatsu-san Special Event.rar

Here's a link to that Seiyuu event you wanted user! One's the subtitle file (ASS) and the mp4 is the video/audio file obviously. Be sure to play it on VLC or something like it or you won't be able to view the subs.

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Who could he possibly have lost his virginity to?!?

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there was this flashback when he was in hell. I think totoko had pity sex with him.

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>hinted osomatsu may not be a virgin anymore

The whole final fight was fantastic, F6 piloting and final shitterbot pulling a gaogaigar and doing an obari pose was top.

No, I don't think that makes any sense at all or that anything suggested it.

How could they have all died as virgins if Oso wasn't one?
As much as I like Osototo, I don't see how they hinted that at all.

On episode 24 after talking with totoko, you can see that he leaves the places he was sitting at, which was under a cherry tree, he left the cherry place with totoko.

Additionally, they seem walking towards or from a place that might have love hotels.

Maybe im reading too much into it.

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On one hand I hope for another season soon again. Though this one already lost some steam the first one had, I still enjoyed it.

On the other hand I would really like a 10-20 year long break and then they pull out Osomatsu again. But everyone is married and found a job. Though then again, it would be really hard to make it work and have them all live together somehow

Where am I supposed to go for my weekly intake of trashy neets? I wish there were more characters like these in the new seasons.

you'll always have Sup Forums

You are, it's just delusions.
I do like the thought, though.

This was definitely the end of Osomatsu-san for the next 22 years for Akatsuka's 100th birthday. The had the first op in this episode, there's just no way it's gonna go on like this except for an OVA or something.

Makes sense, but I still want more, and OVA wouldn't be enough. We'll see.

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No no, the problem was that they all had died virgins. That's one big reason they wanna go back to the world of the living so bad. But I'll admit even I thought that's where Oso was going with that announcement at first, it did seem like they were setting it up (if only for a misdirect.)

I'd love to see more! But if they do another season they better make up their mind about it and fast. The bottom fell out on the fandom in the 18-month wait between seasons which was a factor in S2 underperforming so much compared to S1. If there's nothing announced by the next seiyuu event in August I'm giving up hope, but at least this season went down swinging

Yeah, I agree. If they have any plans for making a third season, they shouldn't wait longer than a year. Spring/Summer 2019 sounds nice, actually.

In the meantime, we have the dvd/bd specials to look forward to. If they get uploaded.

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Maybe we are getting a movie after this.

What would they even make a movie about, they were hardly able to make interesting full 20 minute long episodes

what were your favorite skits this season?

in no particular order:
>the choromatsu incident
>super detergent
>matsuyo and matsuzo
>chibitas revenge
>osomatsu and todomatsu
>iyami alone in the wind
>the cutie next door

i also liked the ones that were just a bunch of miniskits like the summer one and the tidbits collection, but i don't wanna list off all of them since they're all fairly short.

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Could do potential backstory on how they got there or just do some wacky scenario with each brother handling it a different way. There is no real plot and you just need to stick the characters in for the magic to happen. Can't guarantee the director would do it justice since he tends to fall back on other crap.

If we do by some miracle get a season 3, what do you wanna see and what could be done to improve the quality in your opinion?

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Race around the world adventure, like the Chipmunks movie. Or a musical. But only in my dreams.

full F6 movie mixed with the meta seiyuu sketch when

When they want to bring in the side characters for a major role, have them interact with just one matsu or so at a time rather than having all 6 as a unit. Let the brothers' personalities shine more! That's what we're here for.

They could adapt one of the longer or more iconic -kun stories with their own fresh take on it. Maybe the Terrifying Lodger would be a good choice?

8/8 idea.

>Less forced straight man
>More odd pairings
>Older brothers
>Matsu brothers showing their good and bad sides
>Iyami and Dayoon be a character
>A kun skit
>Having them move into an apartment together
>Joke skits shouldn't last most of the episode
>Occasional AU from time to time
>A finale that isn't bait, but still ends on a joke

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What would the movie be about? Them getting prostitutes?

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The oni in hell.

The subber at Crunchyroll definitely not an anime weeb because he can't even get the reference to AnoHana right in Totty's high school essay (Jintan and Totty has the same seiyuu).

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It's time for the highschool episode featuring Atsushi.

The staff ignoring Atsushi in S2 while he is very popular with fans is one of my favorite joke for this season.


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Why is staff ignoring him a joke when he's pretty much irrelevant? Give me a good story where him playing an actually important role actually makes sense.

>More -Incident skits. We need Todo, Jyushi, and Oso
>Iyami trying to pull off a con
> cameos
>Zaimoku skit
>more outfits
>Good skits for Totoko and Chibita
>More sibling-based humor

Some of the things I liked this season were the slight changes to character and relationships between the seasons. A similar thing for next season would be good. The screentime for the parents was good this season and hope that continues.

what does the first op have to do with the show ending for good? the third op wouldnt exactly be fitting for the scene. this episode literally left it open for a s3, and it had the same endcard as last time. the bottom line is always, and will always be money.

Irrelevant to the tv series, but in games they did release a scenario with him and Totty.

The staff should be well aware that one of the most popular pairing with fujoshi is Atsushi x Todomatsu. Which is weird because Atsushi only appears less than 30 secs last season but the fangirls immediately latch into him.

They used first OP in the first season's episode 25 as well. user is being silly.

Shu Matsubara supposedly threw out any leftover ideas he had for season 1 to start anew. He'll probably do the same if he's writer again, so we'll bound to get brand-new things but hopefully written creatively. Not a knock on the guy or anything, just that he might have lost steam. Yukio Okada might be good to see back.

Not an Atsushi fan here but I could see why his fans would wonder when some other literally-whos like ladies from Totoko's eating contest showed up in hell.

user! You remembered! Thank you so much

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>Side characters varied up more
>More less-explored duo and trio dynamics
>Shake things up with the brothers again like what was mentioned in Sheeh Wave 24, but don't overdo it
>Inject Akatsuka-esque motifs back into the series
>Even if's trollish and to subvert expectations, backstory episode

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Uhh the first opening and ending were in cour 2' final episode too

user is being hyperbolic in Sup Forums fashion

Something crossed my mind and I ended up watching the first episode again to be sure. "See you again someday!" is similar to what Jyushi says at the end of the episode when Osomatsu asks him what he thinks. I'm feeling now they definitely have something else planned to continue this. Maybe not a full season or something more experimental but I'm feeling pretty pumped about it.

>episode is about the brothers and their friends begging their creator to be able to go on and refusing their end, fighting and coming back for more hijinks
Yup, sure, show is over.

>the sextuplets all figure that they're dead since the show is over
>come back at end, if even in a mangled fashion worthy of their creator's punchlines
I too agree, even if they just give a movie or pull something else on fans

That Akatsuka himself shows up just makes it even harder to believe they're going to continue. Like, don't misunderstand me, I'd probably watch another 100 episodes of Osomatsu-san, but it just felt very final for me.
Might also just be pessimism.

>forced straight man
In what way?

Basically something crazy wold happen and they pick a random character to react to the wacky scene despite not really adding much to it or the character. Worst offender was Totoko despite not having much characterization.

It all depends on how much merch they are gonna sell I suppose, maybe it's all bait in order to make nippon neeto buy a lot of gadget in order to support the show.

>the finale was what I expected and I got angry about it

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The mameshiba commercial was too cute. Hoping there will be a decent nonTwitter vid upload of it.

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Cute bean

A more serious tone osomatsu? maybe but sounds like something they would do on a special manga or something. Remeber they did something like that on an episode where everyone was proper and ended up being not real.

He got a new job pleasuring old men for a lot of money, therefore, the rest of them don’t need to work anymore.

>He was sucking Matsubara off so he'd give him more attention than Totty

If he keeps sucking at this rate, we might get a season 3.

Eldest brother is best brother!

Chug it Osomatsu, chug it well.

Do it for your fans!

Luckily, Pierrot studio doesn't seem to mind working with the same series for years (Naruto, Bleach), so I think there's a good chance this isn't the end.

But wouldn't that make it worse? They already make enough money from those shows so they might not want to burn it anywhere else.

Osomatsu seems to be doing decent in sales for DVDs/Blurays. I think the main reason why there hasn't been a season 3 confirmation yet is simply because the seiyuus are so famous, they might be in a bidding war with other studios to use their voices for other characters.

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Jyushi gripping the devil

Ososan does much better on the tsukkomi front, imo. There’s a lot of slow-burn tsukkomis, like in the delivery skits. Or the choukei fishing skit where Totty popped out of the water to tsukkomi. If the tsukkomi is making you want to tsukkomi back the show is doing something right. And in the last episode when Choro was acting all tsukkomi about Osomatsu forgetting what he was going to say, but then had a sudden relevation and joined the boke side. Good shit.

Greenlighting and pre-production takes its own amount of time as well. We don't know what Fujita's next plans are yet, do we? Well he and Matsubara could be replaced if there was a decision to go in a new direction. That's the beauty of anything happening from here.

Just because seiyuus are popular doesn’t mean they are expensive the way American actors are. Even the best voice a massive amount of shot, and most of it is low budget. I doubt the seiyuus are an issue unless one of them has special circumstance like Irino traveling, or if one of them is planning on retiring.

>A company already makes a bunch of money so they might not want to make more
You have no clue how business works, do you?

I only know that Seiyuu's make quite a bit of money from this chart

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>F6 musical instead of regular matsus singing
Jesus your taste is awful


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I agree with this user

Also, there are a lot of vocaloid matsu series already - but I hope there'll be more.


>sourceless chart

If it were F6 they might get Sakurai to sing, since supposedly he’ll only do songs for characters he thinks would have a good singing voice.

Bad twist: They get the stage actors for F6 as a stunt casting to do the songs.


Why can’t Osomatsu have a good singing voice? Onii-chan must be good at something.

He's only good at pleasing old men

That one is my favorite impersonation song. They’re all so fucking good, but that Jyushi is something else.

best ship is obviously OsoKara
but that one is second

good taste

OsoChoro is probably my favorite, though honestly anything that isn't Ichikara is fine with me

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I don't ship any of them. OsoKara is only okay to me aesthetically since its my two favourites at least, but I prefer to see them getting along as friends. IchiKara is absolute worst ship.

Osomatsu doesn't hurt Karamatsu or destroy his property, so it's pure just for that.

Thanks user
I don't know, I find choro too annoying for everyone
blue + red the beset

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I love this artist they always make them look so cute even if they are doing lewd stuff.

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Must we choose? Undeniable OT3.

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Because blob children that look ready for type 2 diabetes are so moe.

I kind of wish they brought up more side characters just for the hell of it.

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Which one is that? Is he one of Totty's friends? He's cute.

This user gets it.

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Was in the crowd for Nyaa-chan's concert. He was right next to Choro so people some people did an Atushi for him.

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hope there's a doujin with this somewhere

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All that matters to me in ships is Osomatsu getting dicked.

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No, I don't

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There are different forms of Kun so you might be thinking of that fat ones.

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It's just so good.

Maccha has done several doujins of it, and they're some of the best matsu doujins out there. Look for the magical onahole series, and one called "this treatment is wrong". They're both parka on kara, but the OT3 is great because any of them can be the filling in this matsu sandwich.

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Seeing as they waited so long to announce anything despite how much it made at the start. It would seem they don't know how it works either. They shot themselves in the foot.

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