Thosaka Rin

Can someone explain to me the appeal of this girl?

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She makes my dick the big dick

Smart, teasing, flirty, has purpose in her life, incredibly adept without being a perfectionist. Self-confident, loving, and supportive, once she's found the right guy. Unless you dislike all sassy women, there's little reason not to like her.

Nice B8t.

Thotsaka Rin


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Tohsaka vs Asuka
Aren't these characters basically the same?
What about Shirou and Shinji (Ikari)? Both of them perform some form of sexual act with the main heroine despite being complete morons when it comes to relationships.

Appealing character design.

Rin fell in love with Shirou, Asuka did not.

>Nice B8t.
I just wanted a Rin thread.

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Just wait until that AntiESL Sakurafag comes & ruins Rin thread again.

Hard shell but a soft core. She's cute.

And you had the nerve to call out OP for bait.

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>Naming your smugs

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Not him, but there's nothing wrong with naming your files.
I'm also pretty sure Reddit doesn't name their files.

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Hello there fellow redditor. Tell me ur reddit username, i'll add you to my friend list.

People who are not familiar with smugposting and cant identify their smugmans at first glance are exactly reddit.

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Why are you so mad?
Not everyone saves their smug images from here and having a longass default image name is ugly.

it's "ImGayAndLoveEatingPoo" @Reddit.
Many thank.

Explain in detail, why naming your files means you are from reddit?

I can't, I'm gay.


Stop putting words in my mouth faggot, i specifically said smugmans.

Can we please go back to posting Rin?

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Explain in detail, why naming your smugmans means you are from reddit?

No, there are more important things to discuss here like how do I stop being gay?

How about Luvia and Rin?

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is over there

First step is to rmove your buttplug user.

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Reminder who the patrician's type moon girl is.

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I thought it might work with Rin because she looks a bit like a man.

fuck off wormfag!!!!

I am afraid heterosexuality is a required to understand, user.

>he thinks looking down on ESLs isn’t general Sup Forums consensus
Lurk more and educate yourself.

Hello fellow gay.
Are you also a fan of the penis?

why are white people so insecure

>not being white
why are you here?

I am fan of anime and manga and spanish imageboards are even worse

>not recognizing Shiki
Rinfags sure are a pathetic bunch.

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zettai ryouiki

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Spanish people aren't black by default.

Rin is the only route I haven't read yet.

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Isn't she literally based off of Sakura though?
Shikifags/wormfags same difference.

Do it for you're waifu Seibah!

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Why would I play Rins route for my waifu Saber?
It would only be worth it if I could ditch Rin at the ending where Saber lives.

Man Rinfags really are the worst secondaries.

user please you are embarassing yourself. Shiki is older than Sakura, she is the oldest TM heroine. And proto Sakura is Fujino. Stop posting now.

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Need a rescue?

Did these retards come in with Zero, UBW or FGO?

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Nasu decided Rin likes eating pussy. Why don't you take it up with the mushroom?

>Shiki is older than Sakura, she is the oldest TM heroine.
It's like you completely forgot that Tsukihime exists

It's just a shitposter trying to strat shit since the wormbait didn't take off.

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Rin is a rapist, Saber didn't consent.

And it's like you don't know that KnK is older than Tsukihime, or do you think it started with the ufo movies?

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>Kara no kyoukai ln release: 1998:1999
>Tsukihime release: 2000

Now you could argue that ideas for tsukihime were earlier (or rather this would make Mahoyo the oldest), but I don't count such loose ideas.

Does that make Shirou a rapist as well?

She's very appealing if you're an old man.

Can't rape your servants

>Now you could argue that ideas for tsukihime were earlier (or rather this would make Mahoyo the oldest), but I don't count such loose ideas.
If you take this in account then Nasu said he wrote most of KnK in his college days, it's still his oldest work.

Rin saved their life, they should thank her.

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Any of the other knk fags know if the later parts of the manga got scanned, I can only find up to like halway through 4th ln.

She got all the thanks she needed between the King's legs.

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To be serious she's the only girl that didn't kill the shit out of you at least once in all 3 routes, well, beside Taiga that is.
Also she's into anal.

>Also she's into anal.
I fucking wish.

>Also she's into anal.
And that's how we know you never read the VN.

It's a joke you stupid faggot
Though she probably is.

>And proto Sakura is Fujino.

Nasu says that Sakura has similarities to her, that she is the same "type" but Sakura is very different from Fujinon and like another person that people compare her to, Kohaku. Similarities but the characters are very different once you analyze them (of course this fandom has a real problem with dismissing characters they don't like but that is a convoy for another time).

Especially with Sakura these days, I think Nasu is overwhelmed at this point that people have always liked Sakura, so there was no need to do what he usually does with tragic characters like her, Fujino, or Kohaku, shelve them or make them meme characters.

Fun fact : There are more non white people on Sup Forums.
White people goes butthurt because they are minority in here.

Hello, Sup Forums
Hows Trump doing ?

>I was only pretending to be a secondary, it was just a joke.

You should probably leave.

>I feel superior to other people because I read a porn VN
Yes yes it was a dream by rider to suck off his mana while he was sleeping, happy now?

I'm always happy, you should try it.

Make me, Englishman.
Anyway, Rin a Cute.

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>I feel inferior to people who read the porn VN so i defend myself at every opportunity

God you are pathetic.

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>posting of whore of babylon
no u


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>This meme

Fuck off Gawain, no one likes you anyway.

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>Not even posting a character from Fate.
I guess you died.

You Type Like A Fucking Retard.
You Don't Even Deserve To Be A Rinfag.

Im A RinFag And Theres Nothing (You) Can Do About It.

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You're an embarassment to the rest of us.

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There’s no need to engage them here, we can just sit back and watch them make jokes out of themselves all on their own.

Who are you referring to?

True Rinfags like her for her soft feet

These guys:

Based redman

Oh right, the trademark shitposter.
That's fine then.
I'm sure that brain aneurysm will get him some day.

What a pointless post.
You're like that awkward friend who has nothing to contribute to the conversation, so you just randomly throw in a couple of bad puns to try and get noticed.

Only On Your Sup Forums Mind

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What does Sup Forums have to do with you being a retard?
Or did you inherit your stupidity from spending too much time there?


You should stop Rinposting.
We don't want to be associated with shits like you.


>Stay Butthurt
>Continue to post something worthwhile to the thread topic
Pick one, Englishman-Kun

Anyway, Ufotable timeskip Rin is a godsend.
They literally upgraded her design

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>No Louis Vuitton bag
>No expensive jewellery despite her very clear affinity towards Gil

Are Tables fucking secondaries?

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The only good thing is the short skirt.
Everything else is pretty much the same.

For comparison

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