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Lead CP - Baki Dou (End and Important Announcement)

Part 5 incoming?

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interesting, keep us updated

>Part 5 incoming
Jesus fucking christ i hope not.

Don't get me wrong i don't want Baki to end but so far part 4 was an absolute blunder. The best way to handle it would be to cut it out and go into hiatus. Then he can comeback with a properly planned and interesting part 5.

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Grappler Baki (42 volumes)
Baki (31 volume)
Hanma Baki (37 volumes)
Baki Dou (21-23 volumes)

Musashi might have been a mistake.

>Baki Dou (21-23 volumes)
Has it been that much. What the fuck.

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Yes, it has. Volume 21 comes on April 6th, and if 197 is the last chapter, volume 22 will be the last.

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Where are you getting this from? I really don't want to have to look. 2chan is such a drag.


>When people in the future ask how to get into Baki people will tell them to skip a part.

Weird, so weird.

>skipping the Rise of Memetobe
I hope you don't do this

You know i love me some Memetobe, personally it flares my autism when i see people skipping around with any kind of material, so i would never recommend someone to skip anything.

But i feel that some people will do it.

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Will Jack ever rise above being a slap stick oriented comedy relief jobber?

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Some people are the worst

no, because it would make short people angry. also clearly a message against steroids and body mods.

can you be more specific


If you care about sources, you should know Heiji, he's been doing this since 2003

Is there a reason this isn't being translated?

We have weekly threads were someone posts that week's chapter alonside the translation. We are up to date.

I hate all French things and people to an unbelievable degree; it would be mind-boggling if I had known anything about it.

That said, I see nothing on 2ch or 2chan about it. How would he know if they don't?

Are they being hosted somewhere?

why was musashi off'd like that? drop in sales?

No; go away.

As far as i know it's only on the archive, look something like "Baki Dou 112" or whatever chapter you want and you are bound to find it.

But what if, if he stops with the steroids and than gets to be awesome?
Basically showing that articial shit is useless and only pure training like a madman will make you OP.

And I hate idiots to an unbelievable degree.

Not all leaks originate at futaba.

Probably mangaka didnt want to have modern chars defeat the "strongest guy in history hurr". Mostlikely it was to avoid pising off people...which didnt help since the real end was even bigger bullshit.
Asshole of author didnt even give us a real Yuujiro vs Muashi right.

thats not how you spell hanayama

Will Baki 5 give side characters like Goki fights again or not

So ready for Baki In Space.

Inb4 a alien or actual superpower having person appears as the "big bad".

Why is there a 137 169 chapter gap?

Same reason because first series is half translated

I really want to read Baki but Grappler Baki was never fully translated, I can only find it to chapter 198 and I dont want to read the rest without the conclusion of the first series.


Fuck mangadex

No it's not

Oh, fuck you leather man. Maybe you and I should settle it right here on the thread if you think you're so tough.

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Yes, it is.

The first series is untranslated because Wild Fang decided to skip it. The Dou scanlations are stalled because I am the only person remaining on the Spinyback staff. To the best of my knowledge, these two things are not the same.

The anime sucks but it doesn't fuck over the plot so you can just watch the second season to finish Part 1. I heavily recommend finishing Part 1, even if it's through the anime, because it has some of the best fights in Baki (Shiba vs McGregor and Kosho vs Kureha).

Both reasons are equal to dumb scanlators.

Can't wait for Baki to wake up at the beginning of Part 5 to reveal that Dou was all just a dream.

Spinyback are garbage but they're the only ones willing to do it apparently


I want to say that Baki can only get better after part 4 but I don't trust the author enough.

>I don't trust the author enough
He's the only one we have.

Has anyone been brave enough to go back and check if it's much better if you reread it in bulk?

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What do you dislike about the group?

I think it's even worse reading it all again once you know about how plots are going to get dropped anyway.

The fights definitely do. Not much of a plot to save though.

Honestly Baki 4 is the worst Baki part for me so far, but I don't get the complaints about plot. Baki was never praised for good plot, mostly for good fights and characters and that's my main gripe with Baki 4: It has some great fights, but also several trash fights that last barely a chapter (any unimportant character vs musashi) and overall it's basically just a repeat of the Pickle arc. The difference between 4 and Pickle, however, is that Pickle had fewer fights, but they were all pretty lengthy and satisfying. 4 has more fights, but most of them last a single chapter or a few chapters at best. I really hope the side characters get more fights in Baki 5 because Baki is a boring character and I'd rather see Doppo, Hanayama, Goki, Gaia, Jack etc. do shit.

nice blog. now go back to pol

>overall it's basically just a repeat of the Pickle arc.
This might be the saddest thing about Dou, true.

How they just randomly skip shit with seemingly no intention to go back to it, poor translations that only recently show signs of improvement, and they're inconsistent as hell which I guess comes from people coming and going

>everyone I don't like is Sup Forums
stop being a faggot

Musashi is a much more interesting character than Pickle though

>How they just randomly skip shit with seemingly no intention to go back to it
As far as I know, we've never skipped anything. Look at Wild Fang for that.

Doesn't mean that most of his fights are boring and brief. Pickle's fights were one-sided, but at least the people fighting him got character development and cool moments. Musashi didn't really give anyone any special moments save for Retsu (who fucking died) and Memetobe. Since the main reason I read Baki is for the fights and characters, this is pretty disappointing.

It's really disappointing that there was no real Ogre vs Musashi, I feel like Itagaki did not want to establish one as better than the other

this is now a sumo manga? baki has a lot of swolling up to do, then...

>calls korean scans raw
>uploads them to youtube
just why

problem is Sumo already got BTFO'd several times in previous fights and tournaments. I don't understand why of all fighting styles the manga features, he suddenly thought of focusing on Sumo. Resurrecting some legendary sumo guy won't make the fighting style less shit.

Wait, the fuck? Is Musashi arc over? Is Baki fighting some ancient sumo warrior now?

The manga also once did not look at at weapons in a positive light only for everyone to suddenly realize that swords can actually kill people.

when was the last time Ogre murdered a guy? In the first part he was just plucking eyeballs and crushing skulls left and right for fun but now all he's good for is reaction images

you have to understand that in-universe, none of them can get killed by guns, so swords were assumed to suck too

He finished one of the convicts. That's the last I remember.

If they ever make 5 seasons of baki I hope they skip dou

It'll only be good if more warriors join.
Jack vs Bruce Lee would be good.

Leave Sukune to me.

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Who's that?

Where's Oliva?

Tanba Bunshinchi from Garouden. His first fight in Garouden Boy was against an evil sumo.

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