DBS threads are the new Code Geass threads

DBS threads are the new Code Geass threads.

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Kill la Kill second cour wasn't bad at all.
Satsuki's rebellion (episodes 17-18) was the highlight of the series. The only shit part of the finale was the space battle.

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I can't say I agree because DB had a massive following prior to Super whereas CG is an original that flooded the board. It's actually hard for any series these days to quite replicate that feeling because every thread for something that gets board-wide attention is accused of things like "false hype" or "shilling".

Franxxx is hot garbage and most of them are crossboarders but I like how they make generalfags mad by "spamming" multiple threads on the catalog.

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I don't like memes like the one you posted, but overall, I think that the Franxx spam is actually healthy for the board.

Spamming for no reason should annoy everyone, not just "generalfags". I mean those fucks start 20 threads with zero discussion and then those threads die activeless. What's the point of making so many threads if there's no relevant discussion?

That's literally Franxx though.

Keit-ai finds a way.

Come at me, mods.

1. I don't know why the fuck people call half a season a "cour" and suspect they only use it to sound fancy
2. I'm not a fan of digital art and wish that we'd get a smaller pool of anime with actual love in them instead of saturating the market
3. I think that Sup Forums mods should stop being anal when people relate in-game couples and relationship dynamics to their own personal relationships and offer their own take on the believable/feasible aspect of the relationship
4. Dragon Ball should have ended with GT; "How bad can it get" was a question that should never have been answered.
5. I believe Anno is a hack not because he does things for money, but because he himself regurgitates on himself due to being creatively stagnant and lashes out at his following because it's easier to blame someone calling you out than actually taking inventory in yourself
6. I believe any self-respecting artist/aspiring mangaka should start with paper, pen, pencils, color pencil, water colors, oil and crayons before even touching digital.
7. I think Sup Forums doesn't care for anime. It only follows the trends of anime and doesn't genuinely enjoy/despise a series on its own merit.
8. I think that at least half the sea of Mangakas have a fucked up sense of morals and should be brought in for evaluation.
9. I actually preferred Robotech (Macross Saga) to Macross. Only thing that was better in the latter, story-wise, was Minmei. Robotech also had the superior soundtrack.

If FranXX wasn't good people won't be watching it.

I don’t like yuri.

>if DBZ wasn't good people won't be watching it
>if SAO wasn't good people won't be watching it
>if Boku no Pico wasn't good people won't be watching it

>7. I think Sup Forums doesn't care for anime. It only follows the trends of anime and doesn't genuinely enjoy/despise a series on its own merit.
I would say all of Sup Forums, but it's quite depressing how these days people care more about sales we have no impact on rather than the quality of the shows themselves. Studio wars are an extension of that too. It's basically a Sup Forums mentality.
That's a popular opinion here. Talk about how you like it and you're guaranteed to have someone telling you to fuck off.

>I watch anime for fun

there's literally nothing wrong with NTR

Criticism doesnt mean that you disliked something. This might sound logical to some, but I honestly believe for this to be a very foreign concept to most of the boards users.

They have not made a fun shounen anime in years.
They made a lot of fun to watch shows but shounen really has not got any thing.

Code Geass is trash.

All those three are good you double nigger.

Oyasumi Punpun is overhyped edgeshit

Normalfag Trash
>Boku no Pico
A show only carried by a single meme.

FranXX has neither of these qualities and thus has to be good :^)

I like to say "animes".


Already a thing.


Shaft makes the best anime

Man, I have too many of them. Animes that people thing are awesome, but are actually shit: LoGH, Jojo, Log Horizon, Cowboy Bebop, Hellsing...

Punpun, Berserk, Ping Pong, Yahari, Hibike, Redline are awesome though.

Someone wasn't there for the Ge/a/ss.

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And Gundam 0079 so far is fine, but seems vastly overrated.

All those shows have appeals despite their flaws. Even though the last one is shitposting and shitposting only.

Shitposting was a mistake

It sucks that you can't bring up moderately good yet not very old anime without being told it sucks simply because it's not in the current season, or it didn't sell insane amounts of merchandise.

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>having 15+ threads of the same show discussing the same shit
>good for the board

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Not sure if unpopular, but I think some manga should remain manga and never get anime.

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Get back in my filter.

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Spot the DBS fag.

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How do you even see threads?

I enjoyed Last Encore and overall consider it good despite some flaws here and there.

BnHA isn't as bad as everyone says it is; the fans are just contrarian redditors

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Season 2 when?

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it's capeshit with chink runes
that's arguably worse than usual capeshit on top of having godawful characters and being entirely made of tropes

But FranXX is carried by its meme waifubait girl 02 who will be forgotten next season

You mean mothbreathing little nigger whore retards that can't into normal, fun, not only autistic were a mistake.

You mean next next season

Violet> any Saber

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Violet evergarden is third only to Hyouka and Haruhi as KyoAni’s best work.

It's spreading to other boards.
I'm 100% sure that Sup Forums genuinely despises darker than black gaiden if it existed
I don't think you can read.

Dubs are actually better than subs.

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Oyasumi punpun was a great slice of life
solanin is the overhyped one

I watched the anime and had fun. read the manga and I thought it was crap. Feel like the only reason I can enjoy BnHA s because of seiyus doing a great job, comedy being animated and ffights

You shouldn't be allowed to make a thinly veiled ecchi thread about a show that you and everybody else knows is shit on Sup Forums. This board is for discussion, not fanboyism.

Citrus is AOTS. Not b8

Also, its ntro song is top tier


VEG is barely better than PW but Mai is much better than Toiletto so it's hard to say that it's better than PW.

We are not crossboarders

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>That filename
Sure you aren't :^)

We are the chads of Sup Forums. Better get used to it

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DiF really isn't that bad.
It would have been most people seasonal show regardless of who it was made by just based on the premise anyway.
If the crossboarders could contain their autism and focus it into one thread at a time they would be pretty fun.

But hey what do i know, i think shitposting in DBS threads is fun just because the spics take it so seriously.

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I legit got more entertainment out of watching Citrus than I did from VEG.

From what I have watched I 100% agree with you

Every taste that does not match mine is hot garbage.

OP said unpopular opinions, not the rules of the world.


VEG needs to proceed with manatransfer already.

Wait what? But Code Geass is actually good.

>muh euphinator lazy writing
>muh Suzaku using WMD
>edgy Lelouch is shit
>Lelouch could Geass everyone instead of fighting
or something like that

I honestly think Sup Forums is reaching Sup Forums's level of god awfulness, if it isn't there already.

Then fuck off from it

Maidragon's remaining unadapted content is infinitely better than what VEG delivered. I can't tell if this is an unpopular opinion or if the Kyoani kids are just so obnoxious that it seems like they have a majority by sheer spam.

This. It's just not all is good, like the fat joke character no one cares about getting dumped.

It's still better, but we're approaching the event horizon.