Violet Evergarden

Episode 12 out soon.. OST out soon. How excited are you?

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Can't wait for the OST

How soon is OST release?


No point for thread until tomorrow.

Hope OST gets ripped tomorrow, but i doubt it.

whats the schedule for the remaining episodes? i discovered this by accident and binged the show yesterday.

>binged watching?
How were you able to survive? Did you have enough tissues?

This show is pandering too much towards heterosexuals. I am disappointed Kyoani.

lux will appear next episode for obligatatory yuribait.

kek yeah barely. but i must admit those episodes with the alcoholic novelist and the other one with the mother writing letters to her child were really moving.

New episode raws should be out in about 30~ hours. Then another 6-7 hours for subtitles.

Don't really care about the OST. Nice cover though. Episode 12 can't come soon enough.

i rewatched it today, it felt a lot better than watch it every week, but it hit harder me too.

I genuinely think this show is a step above what Kyoani typically puts out. Their quality is obviously consistently good, but they really go out of their way to make adaptations if stories with the most boring premises. This is much more interesting, even if Violet's weaponized autism kinda clashes with the otherwise realistic aesthetic the show's setting has.

I suspect that Netflix is holding off on releasing it in the US because they expect people to binge watch it. It's apparently available in other countries with weekly releases.

great, thanks.

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Wait, really?
Fucking sweet, I've been waiting for it.

it gets released march 28 in nipland.

Its out bois

>as pure as the driven snow
How can other girls compete?

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>that pitch
What were they thinking

Chinese version of the song is still th ebest

Chinese official
Chinese (onofficial)
French official
Russian (unofficiall)

Now all I need is Believe In.

thanks. now this season is complete.

tfw lyrics tell she'll never know what "love means"

Nipponsei for OST and vocal album when?

I bet on next KyoAni event there will be live performance.

Apparently it is not just cover art, you get poster in some shops buying the ost

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are those buttons at the top?

I want more of this Violet.

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25 hours

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now that's a cool car.

Are they gonna play this in Episode 13?

Not sure they will at all as it is CM song

Is that just for show or does it work?

OST rips already out??

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Now upload to Nipponsei.

Or at least upload on youtube tracks that werent in anime yet.


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Oh wow, Songstress Aria and Requiem, Lost Child

When will it play in anime? Songstress Aria probably next episode.

>Songstress Aria
For a second i though "Nana wills it"

i cut out some unnecessary parts.


>>Songstress Aria
Didn't expect some like that, but i think it fits the atmosphere of the anime.

Only two episodes left (aside from OAV).

Aria instrumental confirmed next episode if following OST track list.

What about Lost Child, Honest Times, Requiem, Mirai no Hito e? All would fit specific moments, but i doubt they could insert 4 notable songs in just two episodes.

Mirai no Hito e and Lost Child are both great.

Can't wait until this poorly written melodrama finally ends and the overly-emotional teenage landwhales and bored housewives finally fuck off from my hobby.

>drop from parachutes into a warzone
>look down at all the 13 IPs in this thread
>only have the client's name with you
>somehow he's the only one who hasn't been killed by the enemy soldiers
>somehow she finds him exactly on time to save his life
>somehow she recognizes him just by looking at his face even though she's never even seen his picture
>somehow the enemy soldiers just decide to leave
>somehow he's shot just enough so he can die after dictating his "letter"
>somehow no monetary transaction was involved in all this and Vegetablelet literally does it FOR FREE

You call it concidences, I call it BAD WRITING.

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TM Revolution OP was made for wrong anime this season. This Saber clone is more powerful.


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It’s almost as if this was based off a light novel

Violet Snow >>> Belive in > Lost child > The Songstress Aria > Mirai no Hito e > Michishirube (2nd half) > Sincerely > Requiem > Honest Times > Letter

which version of Violet Snow?

Original. Also the Chinese is good too.

[Verse 1]
Life is a journey, feelings of hopelessness
Loneliness, she sleeps them all away
Able, graceful and always keeps her promises
Every end has a new beginning
Unexpected things, they will happen
There will always be a silver lining

Time heals all sorrows, gain love and no worries
Cause nothing is more precious than love, noble, faithful
She's as pure as the driven snow
Oh, dear heart's so sweet

[Verse 2]
It's her way of life
No one tells her how since anything
A fragile beauty, one and only
She's not only gentle but brave
With honest eyes, it's true

[Verse 3]
Lost in the labyrinth
Never know what love means
Cause truly that precious, innocent mind
No fears, no more tears
Set the spirit free and stay alive
Oh, dear heart's so please

Songstress Aria is 100% for the train finale.

nah, according to tracklist should be next episode It's been pretty faithful so far with tracks pretty much listed in episode order.

But it doesn't make any sense, the Flying Letters chapter doesn't have a single scene that fits an opera-esque song like that.

I mean, if the tracks are listed in episodic order then we're getting some intense AO content.

Then expect KyoAni once again surprise you by subverting the expectations. Episode 9 was pretty much anime original, yet people expect them to adapt stuff in same order/present in same way for last two episodes?

Note that there is CD 1 too. CD2 has more "dramatic tracks".

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Why is Lost Child so good?

They are all good. Reqiem sounds out of place though as it is litterally Enka

There's no way the'll fit all of the missing tracks in the next 2 episodes.
The only way I see it happening is with episode 13 being 46 minutes long.

So... One hour finale confirmed?

Of course not.
Some of those tracks could be OVA exclusive.

A man can dream.

Mirai no Hito e is great. Too bad don't see any warm moments left in anime where it could be played.

We’re anime of the year lads.

Fell in love with Songstress Aria right away, it's a fucking crime that it's so fucking short.

Litterally cried again.

I've waited for this song since CM2 came out.

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It's just a wax stamp, so as long as the gold-colored parts (brass probably) aren't made of chocolate, it probably works.

Damn it. How can one anime be so wonderful.

Here's another one.

PV3 song.

Anyone have the insert song in the end of episode 9?

Yep, also the song in Oscar's episode.

Just noticed, fuck man that song is amazing. I'm getting chills listening to it right now.

Believe In, in the vocal album.

Best soundtrack is here, i'm crying right now

Spoil us on the tracks from ep 12-13 What it means to love?

Sorry user. I'm not the one uploading. I'm just refreshing the search results every so often and posting the link.
All the guy uploaded so far

I don't even remember this track being this good. This OST is fucking dope as shit, damn.

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I love how every track is not just repeat of melody for few minutes, but actually develops and changes - multiple times pretty much a story on its own.

Listening to One Last Message right now, and it is so rich.

What are your favorite tracks so far?

Songstress Aria
Violet Snow
Across the Violet Sky
Theme of VEG
Believe In
Lost Child

They all stood out for me.

It is probably the first time where out of the huge collection of OSTs i don't just pick few songs to add to player playlist, but can't throw a single one away - everyone is meaningful, associated with some emotion or events in anime and memorable.

Can't pick "favorite" as like all of them but most resonating are Never Comming Back and this one:

The track that plays when Ann first sees Violet was also quite good.

Most associated with Violet herself most is The Voice in My Heart. Not overly emotional or dramatic, but just feels "Violet" for me. More so than the "Them of Violet Evergarden"

Full OST


>skips to Songstress Aria (instrumental)

>what it means to love
Quite fitting since it's the exact scene that she learns what it means.

This gives confirmation that the tracks are not listed in episodic order.

"Storm" is very Hans Zimmer

Storm and Songstress Aria are screaming "Train Finale" inside my head.