Hunter x Hunter

Alright, lads, you're an examiner for the next Hunter Exam. You're in charge of designing ONE (1) stage that will test would-be Hunters' ability to function in the Hunter world. The purpose of your stage is to separate the wheat from the chaff, however you see fit. Your stage should be possible to finish, although you are not required to make it possible for everyone who competes in it.

For example, say there are 500 applicants. Your stage should reduce this number, but not to zero. You can devise a stage where it is possible for everyone to advance, a la Satotz's endurance walk, or you can devise a stage where it is impossible for everyone to advance, a la the Zevil Island badge collecting stage. The choice is entirely up to you. Just make sure you weed out those not fitting to be Hunters.

So, what is your stage? And in what way does it test the applicants for what is needed in a Hunter?

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Find the assassin in the room before you all die. Also it's on a boat. Very practical to real Hunter situations.

>Nobody likes Cammy

umm, no sweetie. Cammy WON the popular vote by tens of votes. So, as a democratic board, we should respect the results. we can't let the votes against Cammyhaters go to waste. if you're perfectly fine hating Cammy even though she won by tens of votes, then honestly you're a racist, sexist, homophobic, islamaphobic, rapist, child molesting, misogynist inbred piece of shit

>cammy won the official popularty polls
>everyone else lost to cammy
>cammy is the most popluar girl on /HxH/
>she will be relevent again after the hiatus

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Simply.. ask them to pick between blue and red. if they pick blue they pass, if red they fail. I will be wear a shirt with blue colour and a big f sing with the colour red.

This task is meant for the hunter to use his surrounding area as a means to pass a task he don't know how to pass.

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you have to insert a vibrator into your vagina if you're a chick and your butt if you're a dude and you put in headphones that repeatedly play a 3 minute clip of cammy moaning like she's orgasming and the first 287 to nut fail

Weaponized autism

All contestants has to treverse a gigant multilayer maze, each layer has a exit elevator that lets 5 contestants leave before, but no more or less than 5.

Once closed you need to treverse one more layer with harder traps and puzzles to find the next elevator.

This test test puzzle solving, team work and fight skill.

What if an applicant is colorblind or blind, but is a badass still?

Ask a simple question. Is Poitou your waifu? If so then you're not fit to be a hunter

Ask a simple question. Is Poitou your waifu? If so then you're not fit to be a hunter.
>Over half of the participants just walk out of the room

daily reminder that the royal guards names come from a french book for kids

I saw you fags talking shit about NobuGOAT on the last thread. So here is a friendly reminder that him will show more resistance than (you)r favorite spider (unless your favorite spider is Chrollo or Illumi). Spiders that already showed their Hatsus will have a quick death

I agree Nobu will be great, but Phinks and Feitan aren't going down without a fight.

Reminder about the next chapter

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They probably will, unironically. Nobu is at least more or less guaranteed to show his ability

I'm not sure why people think he has some hatsu that's not just his sword, 4m and martial arts. Uvo's hatsu is just punching harder, and Wing himself said that most Enhancers fight with just the different basic and advanced Nen techniques.

water tanks

the stage is set next to a huge lake, surrounded by 100 holes in the ground
each hole can hold a 5000L volume of water, the bottom of the hole have a pressure stone which activates when 5 tons are on it
the holes are 100m far from the lake
the hole are damp-proof

participants are randomly (papers from 1 to 100, 5 of each number) set into 5 members teams
they can use multiple items as they want, buckets (small, average, huge, very huge), planks, wood trunks, wood wheels, nails, hammers
all participants have 6 hours to fil the holes

a simple test, to evaluate adaptability, team work, leader ship, planing, and strength

How many chapters do we have left for this batch?

1. It ends this Wednesday

What killed the hype?

the incoming hiatus

People can run at about 4 m/s If they are pushing themselves over a long period of time. That's about what marathon runners run. That means it takes about 25 seconds for them to make it to the beach each time.

Let's also say all 5 team members have access to a 10 Liter bucket. And let's say it takes only 5 seconds to fill and unload said bucket. Thus, each loop takes about a 55 seconds per person (25 seconds each way, 5 seconds to load/unload).

So, since there are 21600 seconds in those 6 hours, each person can do about 390 loops, meaning each team member can provide about 3900 Liters over 6 hours. Realistically, the test isn't very hard, you can run it at just over 1/4 efficiency using only buckets, and your team can pass.

Still, it's not exactly easy. People need to work together and keep progress on it. But it's certainly not a superhuman feat

Are you ready for the upcoming 2 year hiatus?

>Set up your most ambitious arc yet with a release schedule like that

HxH should have ended after the election arc. It's obviously just a soulless cash grab now.

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At the beginning of the stage, the applicants present will be randomly sorted into groups of three-to-four, prioritizing four, or two-to three (depending on how many applicants remain). Groups will pass or fail together (death, of course, constituting failure). Once grouped, applicants will be made to navigate a dangerous maze full of tricks and traps of varying description.

In keeping with the unspoken rule that each stage of the exam is supposed to measure something, the purpose of this stage is to ascertain how well applicants are capable of working in groups towards a mutual goal, with the added rub that (as will often be the case on the job) they don't get to self-select their teammates, and they can't opt to work alone. This stage and its challenges are designed to foster cooperation, empathy, planning, and reliance one another's individual areas of expertise. Additionally, it is very likely this stage will expose any natural leaders among applicants, as well as any weak links.

For best results, this stage should occur late enough that any surviving failures will win an automatic escort to next year's exam (to lighten the punishment for strong groups dragged down by a single weak member), and followed by a stage that stresses individual achievement (thus culling weak applicants who only survived by virtue of a strong group.)

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pls no

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And The Poor Man's Rose is both a reference to a song by Patsy Cline and one regarding chemical/biological weaponry.

Then why isn't the story 100x simpler? What sense does that make?

No actully I'm pretty sure the miniature rose is a reference to a nuclear bomb

>2 years without cammy

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>2y to see muh broh Terrorsandwich mindrape cammy with his corruption hatsu

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when is Ging's hatsu 「Schizophrenia Concierto」 going to make its debut?


Not exactly.

"In 1988, the speaker of the Iranian parliament, Hashemi Rafsanjani, described chemical and biological weapons as "the poor man's atomic bomb". This phrase is as accurate as it is alarming. While nuclear weapons represent the zenith of mass destruction, their fabrication requires advanced industrial capabilities as well as access to rare, tightly controlled materials. Chemical and biological weapons, on the other hand, are cheap and easy to build using equipment and materials that are used extensively for a host of civilian purposes. This was demonstrated all too clearly in March 1995 when terrorists released chemical weapons on the Tokyo subway."

10 from now when 1 month passes in the story and the king br ends, and the story focus on pariston and ging hate fucking.

well, ging is a reclusive nen-user that really has only shown off his ability to comprehend/replicate attacks aimed at him/that he can see.

but i mean, ging not only looks into peoples abilities, he looks into their minds themselves, like some sort of fairy king.

until he has some other ability revealed, 「Schizophrenia Concierto」 is my headcanon for why Ging is the way that he is.

it wouldnt be too much for me to hear that he actually copies people mentally, making mindslaves for himself to help control their abilities.

wouldnt be nen though, i mean even i can do this part.

Is an upcoming break confirmed?

No, but it may as well be

in 2016 togashi released 10 chapter and went into hiatus
in 2017 togashi released 10 chapter and went into hiatus
in 2018 togashi has released 9 chapters so far.

Maybe this year will be different.

Togashi's trend as of late has been to release 10 chapters, then go on hiatus, but it's not a given. We should be prepared for a hiatus, but until the hiatus actually happens we should be willing to hope we might get a bit more out of him.

At any rate, last time he said he'd be back soon, and he was, so a hiatus doesn't necessarily mean a super long break anymore, just a few months - though of course, that isn't a given either.

yeah, that's it
but holding liters of water for 6 hours straight is kinda long you know
that's why people have to decide the best way to fill them
some will decide at the start, some will choose the easiest way, then change after they become exhausted
some will plan weird stuff that they can't realize

but togashi likes to surprise people

>can make his fighters appear/disappear/merge
would lazor win against hisoka? since hisoka glue be ineffective against them?

it is going to be another 2,5 years hiatus
i'm feeling it

Best girl

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Yes he would destroy Hisoka.

Don't remind me, Cammybro.

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Holy fug


the year is 2038, as togashi as a 70 yeard old man writtes the chapter where another prince got killed and there is only 12 more.


Because like that it will never end

Even in not that optimistic user

Razor's not in his toybox though. Hisoka thinks he's weak.

to be fair, when gon talks to his father, it is the perfect ending
wait, no the perfect ending was when they left GI and used the spell to meet gin
togashi likes intermediary endings, followed by ten years arcs

because he wants to enhance our perception of nen in this world, he wants us to thinks that nen is a prevalent side of the world while being concealed
that way, the battle arena becomes top tier show, the comite hunter becomes top tier organisation, and nen users becomes half gods

hisoka loose his fingers thinking lazer is weak
nah he probably thinks he's linked to GI

>year 2042
>the zodiacks meet the gate's gardian and beyond escape
you probably know that true love waits

>mfw hiatus next chapter

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I'm glad Mizai is finally getting the spotlight, it's almost absurd how we haven't seen some sort of nen related detective work in the series until now

I want to see the main 4 all together after a timeskip!

I'm not trying to bait anyone but togashi really outdid himself with Camilla. Compared to his past females she leaves them in the dust. Their are only 2 (two) females who could rival her beauty, character and cynicism and it would have to be Keiko-chan and Kuwabaras sister both from YYH. And this really isn't up for debate. Liking bisky either means you're into men or little kids. Pitou has 4 phelanges and is a bug. The rest I don't even need to address. I honestly just don't see why more people aren't into Camilla unless their is some big reason and I'm none the wiser. Honestly these threads (and all generals on Sup Forums, Sup Forums, Sup Forums, and even Sup Forums) would be hands down much better and more discussion would flow if everyone had the same waifu.

After this arc, Kurapika won't be able to afford a timeskip

Make me laugh.

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I would divide the hunters in six teams and make them play capture the flag. There are two flags, and one base for each team, with pedestals to hold the flags.

When a flag reaches a base, it has to remain in the pedestal for 5 continuous minutes. Once the five minutes are up, it is locked away and that team wins. Timers reset if the flag is taken out of its pedestal.
Speakers placed all over the arena announce whenever a change occurs to the game's state, such as when a flag is captured by a different team, or when it reaches a team's base, or when it is placed in a pedestal, and how much time is left before a flag is locked in place (with 1 minute intervals, and a 10 second countdown at the end).

The game ends once both flags have been captured, or no flags are available (if they are destroyed). The first team to win continues playing until the second flag is captured. They can try to capture the second flag.

If both flags are destroyed, no team wins.

This tests the ability to cooperate with others, and the capacity to hunt for something and to protect it against others. Many skills could prove useful here, such as negotiation and cunning.

I want to serve Cammy for 20 years and ask for her panties as a reward but only get a used tampon and look of disgust

>cuckoldry is on the same level as ISIS in Togashis eyes

Think his marriage is doing alright?

Thread sucks, just kill it before wednesday

I made some calculations, and if Togashi keep the 10 chapters per year we'll be in front of the Gatekeeper in 2035

Cuckoldry is worse than ISIS

I love Cammy!

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I love YOU Cammyposter!!!

Post spoilers bros.

I rag on Nobushitter all the time but he's still my second favorite spider.

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Literally who?

It's not going to be a 2 year hiatus you nigger

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You'll forget about her during the hiatus.

You can do the same with it being way simpler. See One Piece

Seems legit

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Not a cammyfag, but I never forgot Oito

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>YWN see Guan Yu Netero fucking shit up in the DC
It's not fucking fair!

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People already forgot about her after 5 chapters.

>more porn then cammy

Cammy is the worst prince and I'm looking forward to her defeat.

She'll probably last awhile but she won't win.

Stop talking shit about Cammy. It's already hard with the hiatus, don't need your bullying too

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Goddamnit why can’t someone from Nipland just post the hiatus already.

This is actually hype

Not even spoiler-kun knows this early.

this is hot and hilarious at the same time

I-Is that blush panel fanart/an edit? Sauce?

Let them hate, thats the only thing they can do. Cammy will prove them all wrong in 4 years!

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Cammy will die to Ben next year.

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>last a while
I really doubt that.

So far, the only person who has a personal reason to kill Cummy and the knowledge to do so is Benjamin. But Benjamin has to die to Tserriednich. Zhang Lei's coins having "multiple abilities that activate after fulfilling multiple conditions" probably means he is going to at least get one death fake out. The twins will be escaping to the lower tiers, which probably makes Luzurus and Zhang even more relevant for the time being. Halkenburg has been set-up as more or less invincible except for his rigorous condition, so he will probably also survive until things get direr. Marayam trapping Bisky and Hanzo in another room is basically ideal for Togashi, because it removes two powerful allies of Kurapika.

This basically means that Cummy will probably be among the first 5 Princes to die. With only Sale-Sale, Tychon and Tubeppa having a chance of dying earlier.

also, the hiatus will be longer

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