Berserk thread

Berserk thread.

I know what is going to happen in the next chapters. Guts and Casca are finally reunited under the other "special" tree (Griffith already destroyed the tree that Flora was protecting).

Griffith's apostles are going to attack the island, meanwhile Guts and his party, all the witches and spiritual world beings are going to protect this tree. I bet that they are going to win (at least temporarily), and Griffith will have to go there personally.

Meanwhile, Rickert is going to conspire and discover the truth about Falconia and how Griffith is planning to sacrifice the whole city.

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I fear people are losing interest in berserk. The last 5 chapters were really boring. I felt no adrenaline while reading them and Im not really expecting the next one.
Casca's face in the last one looks horrendous and nothing actually happenned.

Speed reader and faggot.

>Casca's face in the last one looks horrendous
Are you for real?

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>Casca's face in the last one looks horrendous

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Skull Knight will realize something about Casca's awakening, head to the Elf island to kill Casca to stop whatever temporal shit happens by stopping the problem at its core. However, Skully ultimately fails due to casualty and actually dies somehow. Zodd makes it to Elf island with a big party, Skull Knight in his last bit of desperation tries to send everyone into different timelines as a big fuck you, unfortunately Issidro, Farnese, Serpico and both elves are also sent through the portal. Beforehand Issidro grabs the behelit from Guts while he is fighting Skull Knight or Zodd as he nearly succumbs to its influence. During his fight with Zodd Guts realizes he is Issidro. Thoughts?

Legit. But only if you add another 20 years hiatus.

Reminder that Serpico is best boy and does nothing.

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Guts gives Issidro/Zodd what he is after a nice, heroic death and salvation from his own damnation. After that he declares he's going to Falconia to face Griffith. THEN the 20 years hiatus comes. I really feel like Berserk is going to end in the next two or three volumes but I'd like the last encounter with Griffith and Guts to be around the same length as DIO's World.

>Please give me 200 chapters of Guts mindlessly killing apostles

Lmao go and play Doom fag

This is literally what Guts strived to achieve for the past fuck knows how many years you retard.
Next chapter is going to be one of the biggest pay offs in history of literature.

Nice lips Miura

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This is the most important chapter since they got off the boat.

>Grubeld sacrificed cause he wanted to continue fighting.

These kinds of apostles are the biggest brainlets

Are you saying Zodd is a brainlet?

more like this is the most important chapter since Guts and Casca met Griffith at hill of swords.

Last chapter was very good. The adventure in nightmare land was pretty dull though.
Berserk just isn't great anymore. It still has moments, but it's not consistently great.

Serpico is the only decent party member and he's been sidelined so hard. Farnese had potential but her only interesting characteristics were dropped after Conviction.

Literal cardboard homo

I think I gravitate towards him because he's the only one that doesn't constantly dick ride Guts and he made for a pretty good rival in Conviction. He's just been majorly underutilised.
I can't make myself care about Miura's pet characters and Isidro was a mistake with his introduction signalling the gradual decline in Berserk's quality.

Ishidro was a mistake but he at least has some nice gags

Please be bait.

There's nothing but gags.

Of course he fucking is. Also he is a pussy
>"god im so tired of all those normal humans, where do i find a good enemy???"
>guts appears
>"damn son you're good, let me show you the true suffering"
>turns into his apostle form
>still got outclassed
>"so uh... i see you're tired here, wanna call it a day?"

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I really enjoyed thanks to the Eclipse imaginery in Cascas mind and the Dog vs. Falcon fight.

Just that he's a brainlet. Must of been great sacrificing his loves for centuries of doing jackshit cause most humans are weak and he is too strong.

Why would Miura kill of Zodd and Skull Knight? Both of them are far too important to just die for no reason

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What? Guts got destroyed by apostle zodd in their first fight.
It was only because he saw Griffith had the behelit that he withdrew

>Zodd is important
Being a bodyguard for a god that can't be hurt anyway seems like a pretty damn important job

> Zodd vs Guts
> Zodd got outclassed
What were you reading, mate?

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He's important not because of his role, but rather because of his relationship with SK and Guts. Apostoles like Irvine, Grunbeld and Locus are strong, but aren't as important to the story. We also get to known Zodd quite a bit, his motivations, and his thoughts

>Casca's face in the last one looks horrendous and nothing actually happenned
have a (you)

Best place to read this?

>complete Ivalera phrase
We went and woke up the final boss! If you leave that woman to her own devices she'll ¨ '____'

>Casca's face in the last one looks horrendous and nothing actually happenned.

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Why is everyone thinking that Griffith will attack the island? I mean what reasons would he have to do it?

When it comes to creating fake spoilers you have to remember each chapter moves very slowly in the plot.
My prediction the next chapter will focus solely on Casca's anguish and grief, with her sobbing over Griffith's betrayal. Guts may try to comfort her, but will only spark more memories of seeing him go full demon dog and be frightened of him.

He planned to destroy all the special trees around the world.

Eh, I caught up recently (so no nostalgia googles) and I think the manga is still great despite the change of atmosphere. The biggest problem is all those hiatus

Well, he sent an army to kill Flora, who, while being powerful, certainly is weaker than the Flower King.

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>He planned to destroy all the special trees around the world.
It's this headcanon or are there some pages I've forgotten?

not head canon, i don´t remember where, but some of the mages said that the special trees stabilize the diferent realm in the berserk world, so, the mages said, they are against the keikakus of Griffith.

Also, can some one refreshme a litle bit how many realms are in berserk (i dont remember if there are 2 being mental and material or 3 being mental, material and some one else vaguely named) and how caussality work whithin the manga?

Reminder that Casca will sacrifice Griffith.
If a sacrifice can be an apostle, an apostle can be a sacrifice
It makes sense
It rhymes
Like pottery

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Except it doesnt't make sense, because Griffith is a god hand

You fags are saying that this caska's face is the same as the original caska?

She looks like a doll

New chapter when?

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Thing is she doesn't looks horrendous as the user said

What was his problem?

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never ever

Everything looks a bit dollish. Wait until they get off the island and into the boat to judge faces.
And Casca's basic facial structure is the same, even if the features are a bit smoother
Not soon enough

>yfw Miura decides to take a 10 year hiatus

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You niggas trying to pick on everything and talk trash, but the art has been on point in the last chapter, yes Miura slipped a bit in some previous releases, that much is true (and to some extent, because l can't recall an episode that had all panels looking bad).

Casca looked good, except for that ONE panel where she greets the other girls by name.

>into the boat
Please no

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I really hope Miura use some asspull and we skip all the way back

it has been boring since the berserker armor m8

just imagine
>griffith and buddies come for the tree
>shit goes down hard
>skull knight outta fucking nowhere
>Guts: how are you here?
>SK: Silly question, I cleaved space of co- wait, how are YOU here?
>SK: Don't tell me you SAILED all the way

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The art style has definitely completely changed as has the atmosphere in the manga but the atmosphere change is kinda necessary. As awesome as the start of the manga was with rage Guts you really can't have a manga this long with Guts not even close to Guts still being beyond fucking pissed and grimdark. It would get stale because guts would never have any character development. If the manga ended 100 chapters ago then sure but it hasn't and won't for a while. Guts still has that immeasurable rage against Griffith for betraying him, sacrificing his friends, making Guts life a literal living hell, having Guts bear through insane pain because of the Mark, raping his wiafu to retardation and corrupting his unborn child into a aborted demon. That's just manifested thru his berserk armor. Guts needs to grow and not have Griffith living in his head rent free. Plus the God hand literally feeds off of Guts rage and hate so his companions will help him have a chance and raping Griffith

I would laugh so hard if this conversation actually gets to happen

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reminder guts said "that was fast" when he got off the boat

If you didn't read the manga at release schedule it really wasn't that bad

> the joke
> your head

He still had to face the stupid pirates again and kill himself a big squid 4u

Oh, I remember that.

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>Miura is actually writing from the Elflands
>Ages pass here between releases while he finishes chapters quickly in his time-space

What I'm wondering is how much time will they spend on the island? My guess is 4 years or so

Yes, a few years, `probably 4 or 5, we might skip to Rickert and his crew already well established in the bakiraka's territory and Griffith's coronation ceremony in Falconia.

There's plenty of material for new arcs, the reunion of both parties, SK backstory, Sonia's meeting with Schierke, the Betchi's true owner, etc.


Damm I want to see how Rickert is when they get back

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they've only been on the island itself for about two to three days max m8,the question then become's just how much time has already passed with the distorted time that effect's the mainland

Too good for this world.

Thanks for repeating the question.

He was having too much fun.

>those fucking lips and eyes

I am also a millenial and am struggling to maintain my attention span for longer than 5 minutes.

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Farny really got some nice dick sucking lips

Guys post some of your favourite panels from Berserk

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It's a different question, what he wanted to know is how much time has passed outside the island.

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>a perfect example of what Schierke fingers herself to every night
Poor girl... why must the loli suffer so?

tfw Guts's destiny is to sacrifice the whole God hand and become a supradimensional eternal entity.

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Guts had a hard life.

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He really had it rough didn't he

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I feel like migura might go the sterotypical berserk way and make it so the time they spent on the island was something ridiculous like 10 or 15 years

Put your bone back in your pants Skull Knight.

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Do you think he actually died when the worlds merged into one?

Why would he have?

What if when they leave the island, they find out that Giffith, or at least his physical world body, is dead of old age.

Guts should dye that streak of white hair black, he looks like a faggy emo teen with it


It's Gatsu

Somehow I don't think you can sacrifice a godhand to become the apostle of the godhand

Don't you fuckin start you fuckin nerd

>I'm a huge weeb

If you’re a retard I guess

that art style should come back.
it's everything so clear and blank now.

I dont think any of the female characters would look very good in that style

Brainlets think that

Real intelligent berserk readers recall the story of peekaf. How one day was 100 years for the little man

When Guts and the party get back we're gonna get some
/ganondorfsevenyearslater/ type of vibes and the world will be VERY different. Wouldn't be surprised if rickert is an old man trapped in King Griffiths demon dungeon

Fuck I'm so stoked

>Guts is going to leave elfheim willingly

Of course he will. They are gonna have to figure out how to remove the brands.