Why does this studio trigger Sup Forums so much?

Why does this studio trigger Sup Forums so much?

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Success breeds jealousy.

They squander their talent.

>studio trigger
no, this is.

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Is that the new Trigger logo?

Besides madhouse, they are the best

Because their shit looks crazy good.

No they aren't. They have shown that they can't animate action for shit anyway.

Because people keep doubting, but in the end they always, pic related

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>this kills the normalfag

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Partially contrarianism, partially not giving a shit about what are mostly boring adaptations of LN's that have good art that is overshadowed by the overuse of eye-sore aftereffects. Especially given that what they choose to adapt is necessarily what is most marketable, meaning the content is going to be partially hated our of contrarianism and partially ignored for simply being more of the same.

KyoAni isn't garbage, but they aren't the best, either. Anything that fits that bill is going to be a contentious subject on Sup Forums, regardless of what it is or what board it is on, as soon as anyone gives a hardline opinion about the quality of the thing. If people say it's shit, others will defend it because it is demonstrably not shit. If people say it's great, others will lambaste it because it is demonstrably not that great. Such is the way of things when people with different tastes about the subject discuss things.

The only problem here is you, faggot OP, assuming Sup Forums is one person, you fucking dick-clown. Shit thread, shit OP, eat a dick somewhere more your speed, like Sup Forums.

>Partially contrarianism
Entirely contrarianism

KyoAni ARE the best, simply because no other studios can make shows at same quality and direction they make them. Not - a - single- one.


Have you seen the catalogue lately?
It’s basically Sup Forums with a thin layer of anime paint.

But what about Munto or Phantom World?

Pretty art can only get you so far user.

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Kyoani also has a disproportionately high number of shows with above-average writing, direction, and music. The kyoani hate is pure meme.

>Kyoani also has a disproportionately high number of shows with above-average writing

What's their magnum opus in terms of writing, direction, and music?

Not him but Hyouka or Disappearance

Normalfags on Sup Forums don't want to look normalfagish and pretend to hate things normalfags love.

Hyouka or Koe no Katachi

All of it, don't you get it godani literally cannot do anything wrong, they are the best and will always be the best no matter what anyone says.

Either Phantom World or Maid Dragon for sure. Boy, I sure am elite and patrician for having watched those works of pure art.

Nah, they are not even near being the best. The best 5 are:

When will KyoAni find a way to Keit-Ai?

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Either Air or Kanon for sure. Boy, I sure am elite and patrician for having watched those works of pure art.

Clearly you are castrated faggot with no taste, the top 5 clearly are:
Any other answer is wrong you filthy fucking plebian.

You're lying to yourself. Those studios are hit and miss at best. A-1 is terrible, and the others best days are far behind them.

Shiori best girl

You're both faglords, honestly.

Maidragon is good.

If you don't have any standards, sure.

True. I can't defend the others though

It was alright. Forced drama at the end was not a good idea. Should have stuck to SoL

The SoL wasn't good either.

They aren't relevant enough to trigger anyone except their own fanbase. They are a second rate studio that buys rights to low quality LNs every relevant studio turns down before them. They do some good because if it wasn't for them this LNs would end up in the trashbin, the problem is that they obviously only end up shitting subpar mediocre products that are forced to pander to get sales.

Maidragon is 70% good but 30% niggershit so I can see why people don't like it.

>b-but muh high FPS animation underpaid workers

>Orange soda logo
Haven't had one of those in a while

I know right? Who loves orange soda?

They don't always make niche anime though K-On sold like hotcakes and Amagi was universally loved on Sup Forums

A1 earned it's place by throwing shit at the wall hoping something sticks. They release around 10 series per year (for a grand total of 120) and most of them are mediocre and only around 30% of their production sold over 10k. They've made numerous stinkers such as Qualidea Code, Persona 4 the Animation and Galilei Donna.
Meanwhile KyoAni has made around 41 productions since it's infancy, and produced only one notable stinker (Munto) and the vast majority of it's productions sold over 10k.

I don't hate A1, they do make some very good works (this season's Darling in the Franxx and Grancrest Senki are great, and Idolm@ster TV is a favorite of mine), but their track record isn't as good as KyoAni's.

Doesn't KyoAni have one of the best success rate for studios?

More like fail rate, the only good shows they made were fumoffu and lucky star and they even weren't their ips.
Everything else ranges from shite to dogshite.

The best.

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Yup. A1's success rate actually isn't that rare. Kyoani is the only studio (producing mostly TV anime that is) with that success rate. All the "second rate studio" and "they're a shit studio laughed at by japanese" memes are just that : memes.

Depends on what you consider "success."

>Has their own school
>Amazing production schedule
>Top of the production commitee most of the time
>Has their own publishing company
>Owns their IPs
>Can literally choose whatever they want to adapt. Every project is a passion project
How come KyoAni keeps bullying the industry?

It's a studio for women. They make really girly shows with girly aesthetics. It's fine if you're a woman, but no man could enjoy their works.


>Can literally choose whatever they want to adapt
Unfortunately, they have very poor sensibilities. I honestly think they'd be better off having an outside committee pick their material. Everything they adapt is horrible. I don't know why they can't just adapt a decent manga that isn't some boring high school shit.

>every project is a pandering project
Fixed that for you.

They're just naturally better than the rest.

But it's not fair... Why can't they just be a slave labor force like other studios?

They built themselves up to that point. Before Hyouka they were the same as all the other studios, running after big publishers and eating their scraps. Then they gamed the system.
I think that their reputation and production value is really what allowed them to be that successful, when they started working on Hyouka they finished milking K-ON and Haruhi, wich were two huge successes.
You get much more freedom with that kind of fame.

How come other studios that are more known can't do what they do?

If by "naturally better," you mean "able to appeal to the lowest common denominator," then I agree. They're very good at making inoffensive and pandering shows that many normalfags and tasteless otaku love.

Why have they only produced shit after Lucky Star then?

They were chosen by God. That's why they're called GodAni.

It's not very profitable. You make more money having someone else fund your shit and paying low wages.

are they the saviors of the anime industry then?

They treat their staff a little better than other studios.


I would say PA works

They are infamous for the semi slavery conditions of their animators, many workers have come out to denounce it.

Proof? I’m genuinely curious.

No one else wants to crawl through the mud and release bad products devoid of creativity that are forced to pander.

They gave otaku the middle finger, the worthless basement dwellers from 5ch hate them too.
Doesn't matter anyway they keep finding a way to make money.

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Because it's your opinion mate.
It's dangerous. Because that means risking your own funds. What if their LN publisher and their LN adaptations were a big failure ? What if Hyouka bombed ? What if no one watched Hibike ?
With all projects they take much more risks than other studios, but that also means they get more profit from each successful project.

That's why other studios don't do what KyoAni did, because the current system is actually safer for them even if it results in quality that is much more volatile and creates poor working conditions.

Other studios like PA Works are trying to do similar things, but overall the truth is that most studios prefer the status quo. For example, A-1 Picture is thriving under it.

Anime for women, by women.

hyouka was a kadokawa novel

>What if Hyouka bombed ?
But Hyouka is Kadokawa

Was it ? For a moment I thought that they buyed Hyouka like they did with Hibike, well then their first original LN adaptations would be Chuu2 then, immediately followed by Free.

It was great

Not really.

So you have no idea what you're talking about, really.

>Kyoukai no Kanata
>Phantom World
>Violet Evergarden
These are their LNs.
This is an outside novel.

It was kawaii shit.

I'm sure you've never seen a good slice of life anime.

>makes the most watched shows season after season

shut up Sup Forumsshit

There's none because he's bullshitting. KyoAni don't make the best anime but there's probably no better place to work in the industry

If Tatsuki can't even touch Kemono Friends, what made you think Kadokawa will let Hyouka fall into Kyoani hands.

>there's probably no better place to work in the industry
Unless you take pride in making something valuable.

No I have watched Heidi and Anne.

i don't think it's true that a familiar plot or setting guarantees that a work is a rehash at all. K-On, Nichijou, Hyouka, Hibike, and Koe no Katachi are very different in themes, presentation, subject matter, etc. it's true that certain aspects pop up repeatedly in these shows, but that's no more true of kyoani than of the entire anime industry, and i would even say that kyoani does a better job of developing their high school settings into interesting shows than most other studios.

There's literally an incident of animator abuse this season.


The forehead girl antics and lucoa got old fast.

>Make one mistake because I forgot to check.
Fuck off.
Yeah I know, but they bought the license to Hibike actually. It was from a small publisher.
I thought that it was from another small publisher, just like Hibike was. Of course you can't buy from Kadokawa.

Well, you have then. I can't see how you think Maid Dragon is good if you've seen those, though. It's trite.

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to you maybe

You can stop being passive aggressive now.

You’re proving his point

Maybe in your timeline, in ours that never happened. Every single show they've released met something bigger that overshadowed it, even K-On.

>i don't think it's true that a familiar plot or setting guarantees that a work is a rehash at all
I never said that. I think they make a very diverse assortment of shitty high school anime.


Just stating the truth. Do you need a hugbox?

if a high school setting turns you off then i don't know why you watch anime.