Goblin Slayer

Never would`ve thought that this manga would be so enjoyable. Fucking waiting another month will be painful

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For a moment I thought his face was much bigger than it was and that you could see his lips, Judge Dredd style.

started reading it sunday finished it on monday, and I just can't get enough im fucken hooked

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This manga looks pretty good, guess I'm getting into it
How many chapters have been released so far?


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22 just came out. It is good.

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Has another man being do angry?

Damn, Madokami doesn't have it
Where else could I get a decent translation? I'm so used to that page

So I was not the only one.

Earlier gs thread, try the archive

Did it? Oh let me see-
>mfw last few pages

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was so hyped up by the OP page that i just made this

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Fuck that new chapter was good

I love Goblin Slayer.

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Right now the situation at hand!

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>he does not let anyone role the dice
There has to be a better way to say this. I just cant think of a way to say it that doesn't sound equally as dumb.

So from what I understand to become a goblin champion you have you stop thinking about raping women like the regular goblin mooks

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Maybe he's just got ED.

Is not dumb if you know that their world is literally a D&D game between gods.

Where do you fucks get mango now that batoto is dead

No, that still doesn't make much sense. In order to make an attack you have to roll a die in DnD. It's not DnD if you don't.
It should say that he refuses to be bound by the dice, or something to the effect.

I personally would prefer to go with "he doesn't leave anything up to chance".

How will he save them from that situation?
Will he go literally God mode? An asspull like that?

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There are some times when there isnt even a point to rolling dice, like rolling a reflex save against a nuke going off right next to you. You are dead either way. They are comparing him to something like that. Think you are taking it a little to literally.

Can someone repost the chapter? The thread died when I was away

>like rolling a reflex save against a nuke going off right next to you.
You would have a point if his primary weapon were a Davy Crockett.
But he's usually engaged in melee combat. So no, you don't have a point.

Mangahere, kiss manga, manga panda...

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>It should say that he refuses to be bound by the dice, or something to the effect.
I believe you can take ten.

That only works outside of combat.


If ultimately either Dwarf or Lizard falls in a later battle, would you be sad?

Goblin Slayer is the nuke.

Yes, his GS's own homebrew. The die rolls don't apply to him.
You might call it cheating. He calls it surviving.

Are those moans at the end of the chapter are those the elf and maiden getting raped ?

No, those are priestess moans os pain.

Let me post the answer to the 2 retards that arguing about GS tagline, and see if they're retarded enough to ignore this post.

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>"nothinn personnel, god"

Its a comparison. An exaggeration. I cant for the life of me remember the exact term, but its an actual writing term. Like middle school tier i think

So he rolls his own?
That makes more sense than being le op dmpc

>Its a comparison.
I know. And my point is that what he's doing within the story does not fall outside of the realm of what you would roll dice for in DnD.

Thats what i think. He is basically independent npc that roll his own rolls.

Mangadex is where you are supposed to go. You can even import your old account from batoto.

Where has this artist being during all this years ?

He is freaking awesome.

Fucking censorship for no reason.
It should be Eat Horseshit, not that thing.

youtube.com/watch?v=u1OlXHEL8Io Post goblin genocide music

>*teleports behind you*

>Need chrome
And chrome won't let me open mangadex due to a security issue
I need to update all these browsers

How does GS asspull a victory?

autism powered rage.

>using chrome
>in 2015+3

Im not debating that. Im trying to point out that its not meant to be taken literally. Its not dumb if it conveys the point its meant to. Its only dumb if you take it super literal

>using chrome
and you don't need chrome to use mangadex.

Aren't the manga and the LN translated by the same guy?

This shall not stand works better as a closer. Sounds more badass.


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I hope old guy makes it

was following some fuck old guide, got it working now




Normally I fight these kinds of manga as trite shit but for some reason I like GS, is it because of his autism?

you, i like you

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I like it because D&D reminds me of a very cool friend who passed away
His autism is also really fun

Good taste, my friends!

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>a very cool friend who passed away
Shit, I hope you aren't talking about me.

We get together at least once every 2 months to play, but its not the same without his awkard laughter or over-the-top speech, i started tearing up the first session without him, but we are moving on
No Silly user, im not talking about you

based Snek Bro

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I honestly like both.
The formal, autistic social outcast seems like he'd say "THIS WILL NOT STAND"like a chuuni.

What's the name of the series with the goblin girl?

Barbarian Rage boost.

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I honestly like 'Horseshit' more because it signals a loss in composure, much like how earlier in the manga he says this in pic related:

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You could have searched "goblin" manga long ago.

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Reminds me of old as fuck berserk threads.

>implying that sounds better

with the power of being xtra angery of course

>“It’s one of those monsters whose…whose name must not be spoken,”
Hasbro is too protective of their nameshit even nips have to be passive aggressive.

Determination and intimidation

>yfw Goblin Slayer without his helmet is a fuckboi

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>usually lives in a collective
>low intelligence but sneaky
>hunt women/other things together in packs
>if you pity them and left one alive he will fuck you up without a sense of gratitude
>rapes women and force them to produce little goblins
>doesn't care about individual life, easily sacrifice goblins or the goblins self-sacrifice to achieve goals
>does not have their own technology, but can imitate/steal from human/other races

Hmm, these filthy little creatures reminds me of something similar.

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I mean hes like 20

Finally, shit's gonna hit the fan for once

If you're gonna go the "shit" route, I like the Korean translation, which was "Tell it(fate) to EAT SHIT".
I like that it also got meta, it's like he heard the asshole GM that was narrating to fuck off.

You mean something that we have in our world? I have the same thought too if that is the case.

>You mean something that we have in our world?

you can be 20 and still not look like a twink

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Been long time since you're here ugly user.

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well you never know, he could have a very masculine face under that helmet

The ch. 8 file for Year One on madoka doesn't work and I'm too much of a brainlet to get mango elsewhere so I'm now behind on that one

Literally who?
Also, Golden Age Guts was in his 20s too and he still looked believable enough to be a battle-hardened veteran.

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Guts got scarred because he never wore proper armor.

user, what you're doing right now is complaining about protagonist face that you never sees as being not ugly.
If that's not being insecure.

>If that's not being insecure.
I'm just gonna go to bed.

We already know this months ago.

many fall in the face of chaos but not this one, not today.

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i actually forgot how this fight went down in the ln since that was a long time ago.
i'm pretty sure a blessing was involved or some shit.

I heard that the novel is written like a theatre script a la Shakespeare. Is it true?

>using anything else than this