Now that the dust has settled which one was better?

Now that the dust has settled which one was better?

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portu robe in san

I like both. But I enjoyed Shelter more.


Are you me?

The bottom since it's the one that makes my peepee boioioing!

The real deal.

mememe because it was lewder

Thanks. Here’s another for you.

no, i'm YOU!YOU!YOU

The bottom one because at least it didn't make me upset about bad parenting choices.

>letting kid die in explosion is a good parent

This but unironically

Shelter. Richer worldbuilding, more introspective, better artwork, better music.

Fuck off.

Apples and grapefruit. Very very ripe grapefruit.

Shelter hit me too hard.

>mostly better music
>nice backgrounds but generic boring character designs and usual shit filters of today
>not much going on in terms of animation
>has something of a cloying sad story

>part one music is ok, part 2 is great, part 3 is terrible
>cool visuals and designs
>fluid animation
>no real story, just hinting at messed up relationship and escapism

Girl is the only correct choice.

I prefer Shelter.

The true MVP

I have no idea where top is from, but considering bottom is overrated garbage, I'll say top.

The Sup Forums contrarian strikes again!

I have to go with Me!Me!Me! in this. It has a much deeper story, and makes me think about the symbolism and other things. Shelter is great, but much more straightforward and therefore not as emotionally impactful. Both are wonderful, but if I have to choose, Me!Me!Me! is the winner.

Here you go, cutie.

You're mean

Is the child supposed to represent the woman's youth? It feels like she takes her youth in and shows it all of the bad habits she's accumulated as an adult, raising her own childishness to a point that it dies.
Is that the way you interpret it as well?

Another great music video:

both are awful ironic weeb shit

Me!Me!Me! is amazing. Still one of my favorite shorts to this day.

Listening to these two songs on spotify fucked up my recommendation page with weeb shit

Top obviously

Top has Madeon

They were very different. Girl was better though. As a song and video.