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the cover image somehow got corrupted, too lazy to go grab it again


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Is Dragon Quest X really good?

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>Is Dragon Quest [...] really good?
No. (in my opinion)

Terrible combat, never got interested in the stories.

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I wonder if this color tone change will actually happen in the anime, if not how will they handle the glove color?

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Thank you.

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>the cover image
What's on the cover? Bnha?

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I'll give it 10 weeks.

Oh then it's not important. Thanks for the rips like usual.

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Damn the Mafia really do have nice suits, even under blazing fire not a speck of dirt to be found on them.

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>We never learn
>the big bang theory is really funny

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>I've started dragon quest x. The story is great
This is objectively wrong

Well he is the guy writing Boruto you know?

>big bang theory

Please no.