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Vegeta keeping his promise to visit Planet Sadala is now a REAL possibility

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is Kefla canon?

Tell me master, how did you defeat Jiren and save our universe ?

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Only canon to the main anime continuity.

I doubt they'll fuse into Kefla in the manga...we haven't seen a Toriyama artwork of her (or art of UI Omen Goku)

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>No UI Omen
That's too bad because I actually prefer this to Goku Blanco

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Who cares about the manga. It's nothing but a cliff notes version of what happened in the canon anime and that will always remain several months behind for arcs that already over and done with, and it still is forced to rush a lot to do even that.
Happened in the zamasu arc and happened here once again.

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Kale is not canon so Kefla is half canon at best

> No Krillin
> No Tien
> No transformations for the Kamekaze Fireballs
> No cross-dressing Kamekaze Fireballs
> No Roshi/Vegeta vs Frost
> No Kefla
> No Aniraza
> No Hit vs Jiren (Hit is much weaker)
> No UI Omen
> No SSB Evolution

At least Toyo can fast forward through this arc without adding all that filler

>Kale is not canon
Toriyama added her to his scripts. She's canon

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It was at this exact moment kale's ovaries exploded.

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Not like anything of value would be lost. The battles between Son Goku, Prince of all Saiyabs Vegeta, Artificial Human 17 and Emperor of the Universe Frieza against Jiren the Gray and God of Destruction Toppo were the best parts of the Tournament of Power.

I hope.

Give snu snu gf pls.

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Who would win?

SSB Kaioken x 20 or SSB Evolution?

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evolution is more stable

Evolution Blue would be an 8 and x20 Blue a 7.

What's his endgame?

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I don't feel like there's a point in reading the manga, when I know exactly how this arc is going to end.

And honestly...not sure if Toyo can compete with episodes 130 and 131 anyway.

I'll still read to check out the differences though

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Help Goku fight the new big bad

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hi U7 of Kale.

>MUI Goku vs Jiren
Toyo would do a better job at making MUI Goku seem OP as Toyo will probably have Goku stomp Jiren until Goku's body collapses. Only reason why MUI Goku vs Jiren was intense in the anime was because it's the penultimate fight of the show. Would be lame if it were a one-sided stomp like Vegito vs Zamasu in the manga. However, I'm worried that Toyo would do a bad job at portraying Jiren's strength and cunning in battle.

Perhaps people would like to see MUI Goku manhandle Jiren without taking a hit since there were a few complaints about Jiren being able to hit MUI Goku, but Jiren is called "The Strongest Man" for a reason. He should be the only mortal capable of pushing Ultra Instinct to its absolute limits.

>Goku, 17 and Frieza vs Jiren
No doubt that the anime version will be superior. This is one of the best fights in the series.

Thank you

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Cute smiles, cutegang.

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GT > Super

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Much better

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Fuck no

SS4 aside, GT was shit

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I've seen cuter. Pic related

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How do you stop a saiyan in heat?

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She is just as canon as Omega Shenron is

So instead of a magical girl parody, Ribrianne is just a fat girl in the manga?

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Regular SSB Vegeta is already stronger than SSB kaiokek (see: fight vs geran) so SSBE takes this easily

If its not in the movie, then for 2019. And I dont mind.

Hero Academia S4
OPM Season 2
Vento Aureo

Good 2019, so far.

Omega Shenron was never adopted by Toriyama

Kale is just as canon as Vegetto Blue, who Toriyama ALSO added into his original scripts after it was suggested

Not even close retard

Dumb human.

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Even after the U6vsU7 tournament and how the unveiling of SSJ was done with Cabba (the fact he'd never heard of SSJ) things could've made sense again if upon introducing Kale and Caulifla they revealed they'd been keeping their SSJ powers secret for years. Suddenly you have two female super saiyans that have supposedly been at it for years and are pushing into a controlled Legendary and successful Ascended SSJ forms respectively. Instead those three faggots are going to go on a weekend retreat together and pop SSJ3 like it should even be possible. ez

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>see: fight vs geran

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You don't, you bite the pillow until they're satisfied

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>"I'mma punch you now."

The only canon characters are jiren, Dyspo, Toppo, califla and Ribrianne

Everybody else including kale, skinny ribrianne, and the pride troopers are filler therefore not canon

Toriyama running out of ideas as usual. Glad Toei fixed this

Kinda surprising Kale got the most development at the end.

From being a shy/yandere to wanting to become strong and agreeing in training together with Cabba.(Despit she beat him up in the beginning).

Nice bait i r8 0/8.8

I want them to bully me.

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I accept your concession

While he had the best of intentions...Android 17 really FUCKED up here

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Say what u want. I'm not even gonna bother entertaining your retardation

>Tfw poor Shaggy has to deal with the U9 shitters again

Don’t you idiots just fucking forget that Beerus destroyed Zamasu in the past

Hit is stronger than frieza and toppo and 17


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goku because he has SSJB2 actually not just regular SSJB

So Trunks can go back into his own original timeline? Not live with an alternate Trunks?

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>Dragonball super is too predictable!

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Why are these threads so dead?

Cause everyone is at work or school.

I just hope I survive.

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With Goten and Trunks existing I don't think so. Kale Is hiding some form of power in the manga but its unknowable if she ever transformed or when she would have acquired it, and Cabba is the only one smart enough to recognize she has more power. And your suggestion is bunk because Cabba had to recruit them for the tournament so their personalities would have to be drastically changed if they were shown to have super saiyan earlier.

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I feel the opposite way; to this day Kale has no personality in the anime other than her Caulifla obssession.
Character development is about expanding on the character's thoughts and motivations, like what happened with Jiren in the last two episodes (even in his attacking the stands got a lot of flak, justifibly so) and less about a said character changing into a different personality, which is what happened to Kale over the course of 40 minutes. She was almost like saiyan arc kid Gohan in how scared shitless she was about any fighting, until suddenly gaining confidence becaue Cauluifa called her best friend in two episodes when she controls her power. Did she never do that before? After that Kale is suddenly cocky when about to fight SSG Goku.
Cabba is the one with the most development out of the 3 u6 saiyans, which isn't that surprising given his debut 3 arcs ago when compared to the 2 newcomers, though even his still remained on the bland side. Super's writing certainly wasn't its trongest point, be it on unvierse 6 or elsewhere.
TL; DR in the beggining Kale had two defining traits: Caulifa obssession and being so crippled by her anxiety she couldn't fight at all, and by the time the ToP was over she had lost the latter trait while retaining only her anesan obssession)

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the beta haircut

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Everyone has already admitted they like GT better, so they moved to the GT threads.

He didn't defeat Jiren but by knocking Toppo out he made it possible

The anime is over and the manga doesn't generate enough hype. It'll be back to normal soon

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New main character for the next DB series , lets go!

DBS is over, user

>tfw your ancestors were stronger and more evil

now I know how white people feel

Kale developed a lot during this arc

She had crippling anxiety, was 100% dependent on Caulifla, and had no confidence in her power

Now she's a (sometimes timid) warrior who is very proud of her power. And isn't dependent, yet still respects, Caulifla

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>this is a 50yo grandpa

Every time I see a GT thread, it's a "GT wasn't THAT bad" thread. And then it gets constantly shit on.

Saiyans don't age

Caulifla could be 60 for all we know

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Wait, so they didn’t destroy the loser universes?


Best Super moment?


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>sometimes timid

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Super over all was cool and the ToP was good and then fucking amazing. Best series ending EVER. If you hated that ending you're either a contrarian edgelord, a braindead memer, or a pedophile moe blob who doesn't like shounen to begin with

Not only that, but they revived the Universes that were deleted before the Tournament

The count is back to 18 instead of 12

If they DIDN'T wish back the loser universes, Zeno would've erased every single one (even the victor)

What will they do now that the tournament is over?

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This arc's finisher was at least better than
> Goku vs Kid Buu
> SS4 Goku vs Baby (M5 Cooler, M10 Broly rip-off)
> Base Kid Goku vs Super 17
> Base Kid Goku vs Omega Shenron

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The only DB things that can compare are Goku vs Frieza on Namek and Gohan vs Cell

> comparing it to GT
The last 2 episodes were better than ANYTHING GT has given us.

Hell, I'd argue this entire arc was better than the Majin Buu arc as a whole

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But user the ToP arc has barely even started so its unfair to compare it to a finished arc.

Maybe in the manga since it's far behind...

I'm one of the many Gohanfags who don't actively voice my hatred for Caulifla or Kale, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Since they've appeared on the show, they have stolen the spotlight that rightfully belonged to Gohan. Before then, Toei and Toriyama have both hinted at Gohan achieving a new form that surpasses his Ultimate one. But it seems as though they've dropped this for some unknown reason and it infuriates me to the point where it causes me to have mood swings which ultimately effect my personal life. It doesn't help that I come unto these threads and see the constant trolling that's done against Gohan's character by multiple posters, including the Caulifla fans. I know it's bait and all and I should ignore it, but I can't. I genuinely can't. I always attempt to respond to them with reasoning, but they immediately shut me down which angers me further. It made me take a two month break from this site.

In that time, I rewatched some of my favorite Gohan episodes from both Z and Super. From his filler episodes whilst training with Piccolo, to the last filler episode in Super where Gohan fought that one blonde actor dude. It calmed me down, but alas, once I returned to Sup Forums, my despair returned.

I grew a connection with the character unlike any other. I typically self inserted as Gohan, and would and still do feel that I am the character spiritually. This might sound autistic but I can't help but feel as though Toriyama had written Gohan for me. He was the reason why I aimed for higher grades in school. I was pushed around, like Gohan, but inside I had a dormant power that caused me to lash out and overpower my enemies.

But I digress. What Toei and Toriyama have done to Gohan has been completely unacceptable. Purposely setting up for a return of the greatest character in this franchise only to have him sidelined for these Universe 6 Saiyans.

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She can still be very serious when she needs to

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>Purposely setting up for a return of the greatest character in this franchise only to have him sidelined for 17
fixed that for ya

So why does this saiyan wear the same armor and uniform as Frieza's Third Stellar Region Army which had Sorbet and Tagoma in it?

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> Caulifla or Kale
> Since they've appeared on the show, they have stolen the spotlight that rightfully belonged to Gohan

How do two unrelated Saiyans (from a different Universe) steal Gohan's "spotlight"

If anything, Freeza stole it

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Did I just hear someone say new main characters?

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I wish Freeza got to brutalize them like he wanted.

somebody post the comic

Frieza and 17 stole Gohan's spotlight

Just be glad Gohan didn't suck like he has been since the beginning of the Buu arc

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What comic?

Thank God for that.

Android 17 is a fresh even though he's been arround a while. Happy he got the spotlight over Cuckhan.

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Terrible taste

Man, they are really milking out as many episodes as possible, aren't they?

>Episode 132: The young park rangers! Goten and Trunks' new responsibilities!
>Episode 133: An animal missing!?!? Goten's determination!
>Episode 134: Universe 7 in danger! Dicasty gets suspended!
>Episode 135: Frieza's betrayal?! The return of Yamcha!

Freeza recruits Yamoshi with the Super Dragon Balls

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He works for Frieza or worked for him in the past.

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wait..is cuckdroid 17 calling gohan a cuck? who is raising his wife kids..? who is raising another mans seeds?