>roughly 40kg

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I can OHP that.


I can ohp that and i'm 60kg, that's not exactly an accomplishment


>tfw I can lift her with one arm
oh the possibilities...


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What a cute boy. Would try to impregnate/10.

The ideal female body.

why does manga im general have absolutely no sense of weight or scale? this isn't that big of an offender but sometimes you see some huge 200cm and the official trivia says he's 80kg. like what the fuck

Boys can't get pregnant.

Have you tried?

I'll try until I succeed.

Row row fight the power

>not that big of an offender
40kg is on the lower end of a healthy weight for her size, so it's pretty much spot on for her body type

>flat chest

>tfw she's taller than me
Do I have any chance at all?

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What are you a goblino?

yeah yeah she's the size of a child but still

Goblins pls go

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Imagine bench pressing her for a warm up while she's all red from embarrassment

I can see why Ikuno wants to fuck her.

>not weight lifting her on your dick
>lift up
>drop her down
>lift up
>drop her down
If that cervix isn't bruised, it's not proper sex. t. Sup Forums.


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>smolest girl paired with tallest boy
Literal perfection

Welp, I'm 195cm and 71kg, it is possible

When is the episode preview?

Eat something.

I think Ichigo is cute but my wife is cuter.

Sorry, temptress.

Skeleton. I'm 195cm and 95kg. Get some muscle, fag and a sandwich.

>matched with a 147cm 23 year old on tinder

Normalfags out

I'm 66kg and could rep that 8-10.
>tfw even weaklings can into IMAGINE

possible but unhealthy, plus i'm talking about when they clearly draw the dude as a larger than average muscleman instead of emaciated

possible her real world stats as well. hard to tell with the dress she's wearing, but she looks thinspo.

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Fuck off you don't belong here.

>195cm master height
I'm 92kg and feel fat(skinnyfat). Think I would feel better at around 88kg, or turn some of this 92 into some muscle.

201cm 102 kg fag reporting, manlets get out


you are both manlets lmao

Like an onahole, livin the dream

In men and women, the sole requirement for being considered a dwarf is having an adult height under 147 cm (4 ft 10 in)

>Can still kick Zero Two's ass

Never said otherwise, can't choose height tho' nigga

I'm 198cm and 81 kg, so...


>yfw Sup Forums's average height is greater than /fit/'s combined

Bitch, how dare you.

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Not wih that attitude they can’t.

Mr Bones, I'd like to get off the Wild Ride

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According to DeviantArt, they can.

according to deviantart, i can impregnate a male hedgehog with no genitals

I wish she'd keep her hair down, same with Mitsuru they both look way better.

I would hit that like the dick of an angry god and never let her go

Because she's light enough to be inside of while walking around all day.

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according to deviantart, you already have.

You mean like Jotaro?



Ichigo is so cute

Is she considered a tomboy?

That's a BMI of 18.7, which is healthy. Just barely so, but still healthy.

Well it's useful if you're a couch potato, but for anyone that even just bikes to work once a week BMI's woefully inaccurate as a measure of health.

i was actually going through the wiki of some naruto characters and barely any of their height/weight/body type ratios make sense
bmi is useless
if your FFMI is below 20 you're useless

I mean, her BMI is healthy. Lean, but healthy.

No, she is feminine.

you are retarded dude

It's a useful analysis of the information we have. I'd need her three sizes to determine her body fat %, but she doesn't seem muscular at all, so I don't think there's a big difference.

Why is everyone on Sup Forums a manlet, with the only exception being me?

Hello manlet

No I'm not

Maybe it is fat whales in the West that have no sense of weight?

Too late now, you've been made.

Why anime does it to me

Ok what about you though, big boy?


a 6'6" man with a 28" shoulder span and visible, bulky muscles literally cannot weigh 170-180 pounds lol. don't give me that shit about "it's just the artstyle, they aren't really that big". no. even with exaggerated anatomy that's bullshit.

No idea who you are talking about, but that is literally a higher bmi than Ichigo's.

Let's just say I wear size 15 shoes and finding good ones is hard as hell, not to mention other difficulties.

A bulky guy already weighs more then 80kg at 170cm.

that's the point
anime doesn't understand that

I think 145cm and 40 kg is pretty much spot on for a girl looking like that.

>size 15 shoes
US, Euro or UK measurement?
please don't say Euro, that would be disturbing

Maybe you're retarded, characters in manga are consistently 10kg lighter than their physique implies. Gintoki is apparently 177cm/68kg and he looks like this. There is no fucking way that's possible.

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He's definitely skinnier in the manga and most anime episodes. You are taking seriously something that is not even remotely consistent.

49 euro

For reference, this is how a Japanese male with the same height and weight in late twenties looks like (taken from google images, 177cmで68kg、27歳).

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Ok you win, I only have 47


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Maybe you are just a fat American?
You have to understand sever things.
First, you are literally giving me picture of him where someone is looking at him from bellow. Do you get what that means? He is made to look bigger. He will look different from a different perspective, not that the one you showed even looks wrong.
Second, as said art is never consistence. Fuck, a lot of mangaka are not even educated into anatomy drawing and it tends to be all over the place especially in their earlier days at work.
Third, Japanese have smaller and slender bodies, but the difference in weight to height ratio is still not that big. It is just that what we are used to seeing is fucked up as fuck. Deal with it. 177/68 is pretty good, he is pretty much around ideal weight for his height, he is not even the lower part of normal bmi, so what the fuck are you bitching about.

Source? Hiro is 168 cm it's means she is minimum 155 cm.
Why no one did height compassion yet knowing official Hiro's height?

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Because you're a slowpoke.

>can do the craziest things in bed with her
>can't produce any children without dying in the delivery process due to no hips
Why can't I have both?

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this issue has been solved for over 1400 years

Ichigo is MADE for NTR doujins.

Is there art of Goro carrying her around yet?
Both sexual and non-sexual