What are some spooky scenes in non-horror manga/anime?

What are some spooky scenes in non-horror manga/anime?

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pictures in manga aren’t scary

I wouldn't be able to contain my erection.

That must suck if she's a messy eater. Imagine having sauce get on your eyeball.

She usually looks a bit more normal

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Does she wrench her head around 180 degrees when she gets jealous or something?

Every chapter of Kaguya-san

I guess? Her true form is some weird ball of fur that he confuses for a bear

Hate to be that guy, but: what is the source? SauceNao doesn't yeild anything for either of the images (no luck with other search engines either)

It's not porn, in case you're wondering

Cheers. For a moment I thought that was porn (I'm pretty sure I saw that style on panda somewhere)

Yeah, the guy has done porn before. You probably know about his most famous work, Layers of White

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The Shin Mazinger Zero manga got some really disturbing scene.

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how low neo-Sup Forums has fallen

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What happened to them is worse than death, btw.
All of the people scooped up by the arms are implied to have their brain modified with surgery(hence having their scalps removed) to become Hell's foot soldiers.

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It's honestly sad at this point. Blatant saucefags, kissmanga links, how low can we go at this point?

>hate to be that guy
>proceeds to be that guy


Sorry, it was the one that someone linked to me. What would you prefer?

>request thread


try this website out


That was stupid, not spooky.

not to mention request threads and blog posters on the rise