Why People hate Aqua so much?

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walmart Eris

she has shitty followers.

because she's inferior

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Aqua is best girl, Megumeme is second best, Darkness is a fucking weirdo and Wiz is dead.

Idk i don't hate her but i don't like her either (something to do with her personality) i do love Megumin tho.

What's even worse people are saying she is useless but she can revive people

To be honest that is her only big positive thing.

I want Aqua to piss into my mouth.

Objective truth.

Because they have shit taste. That's the true.

wouldnt that just be pure water?

how does it compare to water filters?

Seeing as she is a literal goddess, my personal theory is that every single person who doesn't like her is just a fedora-tipping neckbeard atheist.

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It would be pure bliss.

Having Aqua filter my water through her body and drinking it straight from her would be great.

If I was ever in a human centipede, I'd want to be behind Aqua

It would be like the purest filtered water with the slightest hint of carbonation and would go well with a squeeze of fresh lemon (for the extra that you save in the fridge for later).

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Sounds extremely painful.

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I can't stand her voice, she's pretty cool other than that.

Fucking Eris cultists

I actually like her a lot, but I can't deny why people hate her.

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I don't "hate hate" her user, I just hate the anime in general, it's going no where and there is no backstory on the protagonist for me to find him likable, desu all I see him as is a comedic relief character that and all I see him do is being a dick to people with his ugly reactions And he kinda makes the experience stale for me

Periodic reminder about who the Eris cultist in the show is.

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i think thats cos this series is meant to be a parody of all the overused isekai tropes

Only virgins hate her, if you ever has a girlfriend you would know how bitchy and selfish they can be.
She even resembles one of my ex's.

wow! your're so awsome, user. Please tell me more about how much girlfriends you've had.

Dumb, useless goddess of party tricks

She could play that disappearing penis trick with her vagina on muh dick.

u sure about that?

[ ] Annoying damegami
[X] Crusader that's built like a house

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I feel like she might actually make it disappear.

It's just discord teens and their epic Sup Forums-like character war

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Only neckbeard waifufags hate her.
aka Megamemers.

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She's a whiny, drunk, narcissistic moron who belittles people who do actual work and manages to counter each and every thing that comes close to a good deed she's ever done.

How can you not love her?

>Aqua is Lalatina's ideal man

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You just blew my mind

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Lies, I'm an euphoric fedorabeard and I love her

Checkmate theists

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she's a retarded slut

She's a dumb girl.

she a bitch

Aqua is a female Kazuma without the intelligence and perversion after all.

They turn frogs traight.

I love her, she's second best girl after Wiz.

Kazuma isn't even that smart.

He's smart enought to not be Aqua.

Nobody want to put their dick in a clinical retard.

Probably has something to do with the fact she behaves like shit most of the time. Constantly shouting, constantly whining/crying/throwing a tantrum, being arrogant, selfish, usually treating somebody like crap, etc.

It's pretty obvious anyone who likes her has lost touch with other human beings a long time ago. Everyone else instantly realizes just what a pain a person like her really is and then automatically dislikes her.