Mitsuboshi Colors

This scene is necessary. I'm not even asking why, it's only natural for this to be necessary.

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God bless the director.

Ok you convinced me, downloading right now.

Thank you lolicon director.


Pick your poison:

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I dont understand the point of this scene.

What the fuck is Kotoha's song and why does it sound as autistic as her?

Wow don't be rude.

Uncalled for.

Director wills it.

Shit, is this normal? I feel bad for buyfags.
Also all songs are super cute. I especially like Yui's haraharaharase, but Blue's high-energy denpa songs are also amazing!

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Not trying to shitpost but he literally come out and sayed he did it out of a fetish. Can he really not get into any sort of problem because of that?

Colors is loli anime, that's the whole point.

What did he sayed about what exactly? I'm interested. I don't think he's get into any sort of trouble though.

Pretty normal. Japanese media companies charge an absurd amount for shitty music on obsolete technology (not criticizing the music, but a lot is crap). Good reason why I never buy anything anime-related, only manga and other books.

Some user translated his tweet.
>"The boot removing scene was a fetish-ish cut I wanted to do"

Kek. But they still weren’t risqué enough to do any panty shots. SAD!

Now if I understand correctly, they did not include the cut in question, right?

It's literally the OP webm.

Oh shit, you're right, I didn't read the sentence properly. Well, I hope the show has some similar fetish-ish cuts, I like this one.


There's a difference between making a show about kids having fun and literally coming out and saying it's your fetish(adding っぽい won't save anyone). Even if people already suspected it, a direct confession has a lot more weight than random internet assumptions.

So really I just wonder if he can't get into any sort of trouble for it. We know he would if it was the west but Japan is different which is why I'm asking.

>What did he sayed
Yeah yeah I get it.

Drawings are not real people.

It isn't. This sort of post frustrates me.

It's a series about little girls, that doesn't mean it's lolicon. Well, perhaps the anime can be held to a different measure.


And that's why every respectable Japanese person avoids the animation industry like the plague. It's a niche industry from pedophiles for pedophiles.

I don't think too many people care about what the creators of an anime say on their personal blog. If anything, I would expect the Japanese audience who watch anime regularly to be much more accepting in this regard.

Seku hara hara se

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The show airs at 11 PM on Sundays. How many kids do you think are watching at that time?
>little girls, that doesn't mean it's lolicon
The target audience is people who enjoy looking at young girls. It's not even an "open secret" or anything, it's just what it is. If you're into that kind of stuff, good for you. If not, nobody's going to force you to watch it.

Bocchi thread?

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>from pedophiles for pedophiles.
you mean, 'by pedophiles for pedophiles'

Aru absolute best girl!

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Why is Sacchan's so unko compared to the other 2?

What a loser

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Because she's a 2hu so it's only natural that Ko2hu gets an IOSYS-tier song.

He's a Japanese person living in Japan, not a burger.

I never said it was a kid's show, but I don't have to be a pervert to enjoy kids making poop jokes and being brats. Like really fuck off. None of the "fanservice" (if you can even call it that) was in the manga, anyway. The rare flourishes in the adaptation are its own and even then are still far from a focus. The focus is comedy. You don't need to like little girls sexually for that.

I am a lolicon, but Mitsuboshi Colors just isn't a lolicon series. I don't resent the anime for putting in fetish shots, though I am pretty irritated by the anime only fags that will now forever stalk Colors threads.

Fetishes are fetishes my dude. No one cares.

Fucking last season ImoSae literally had every single fucking person, from the director to the voice actor to the god damn inbetweener mention in the credits if they preferred a girl naked or with underwear or [other more specific answer]

I pity saito

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So you're just the usual mangafag who's mad because people now like something you liked first in a way you do not like. Good to know.

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>I don't have to be a pervert to enjoy kids making poop jokes and being brats
Sure thing, buddy. Keep telling yourself that if it helps you.

We already like the show beyond it being prime material for lolicons. It's legitimately funny, heartwarming, healing, and the Colors are genuinely well-written characters.

Their sexiness is just an added bonus.

Why none arrest these lil bitches ?

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That's not what I'm saying at all. That sounds like a default answer you just turned to instead of actually reading.

I'm asking about getting in trouble or not. Being 2d doesn't automatically answer the question because we both know there are people who got in trouble for 2d.

>No one cares.
Somebody clearly does, which is why we've all heard of people getting into trouble for having 2d child porn despite it being nothing but drawings. If you had said "No one in Japan cares." now that would have been more believable, though I'm guessing you could still probably find a case or something if you dug deep enough.

It's very important to show the details of loli taking of shoes. Many other anime gloss over crucial bits like this for the sake of budget. but not MC

There's already someone who's complaining about bocchi being sexualized already by anime only fags

Wasn't this already obvious from all of Sacchan's buttshots in the first episode? The fact that they turned Kotoha's kick last episode into an in your face butt smash directly into the viewer's face already speaks loads of the staff.

I guess the series threads has ran its course.

The answer is that he won't because he's Japanese. He's from the same country where you can freely buy magazines about adult men having sex with fictional 9 year old girls without anyone batting an eye at you.

Nah mate. We still got a few more days to spare before the new season starts.

Besides, this means more fun times in the manga threads with new people joining in.

>people getting into trouble for having 2d child porn despite it being nothing but drawings.
You referring to Canadians?
I don't know how sex feels but I can tell listening to colors songs top that pleasure

Reminder that Sacchan's songs are coming out tomorrow.

>uploaded to nyaa 2 hours ago
Thanks user for reminding me

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I wanna nut on this little shit's face

You're talking a walk in your local park when suddenly you step on something soft. Looking down you see these three little shits sleeping on a futon.

What do?

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I didn't say I was mad, user. Irritated you'll be consistently reducing the series to sexual elements that barely exist, yes, but not mad. Sup Forums will be Sup Forums. Just don't call it a lolicon series, as it is not.

Join them.


Lolicon series lolicon series.

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It's a lolicon series.

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>unzips dick and strokes cock

Steal their socks and use them as my okazu

Why does Japan like The Little Match Girl so much?

based unko posters

because she dies at the end
best comedy

What's bad about this? I'm a lolifootfag and this is nothing. Was it really necessary? Maybe not, but why do we have to question if it was necessary or not when its literally nothing.

Its kawaiso.

Hasn't bocchi been sexualised since forever?

Bocchi is sex.
And barf.

Bocchi is very sexy

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Thats because footfags are autists

Legmen enjoy the entire thing and it's hot

Now that the show is over we can all finally agree that ED > OP

Bocchi is so tiny

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Why did Saito leave them sleeping, defenceless in the middle of public?

Yes. Both were good though.

What's in a banana nightmare diet?

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He said it himself. It was peaceful. He didn't want to ruin his own day.

On the lips?!

You have no sense of subtlety.

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>smelling her feet after taking off her boots

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reminds me of this

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I'm glad someone else thought of that

It looks like her foot is laughing.


>taking some guys last 500 yen

Colors truly are a menece

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What happens when the Colors meet Bocchi?

Just finished marathoning the entire show since there's a lot of free time now that the season is over. It was actually fucking great and I regret backlogging it instead of watching it since the very first week.

One thing that anons seemed to say was that it was a QUALITY fest and had slideshows everywhere which turned me off a bit from watching it earlier today but now that I've finished I feel like you fucks just fucked with me. I think it was the festival episode with Red that was the only egregious instance of actual QUALITY but soon after the show picked itself right back up and the last three episodes even had lots of instances of great animation. Sure there were CG mob people but they don't really matter.

In fact, I remember a lot of webm-worthy charming as fuck character acting that might not have been sakuga-tier but they all conveyed each of the girls' personalities really god damn well. Hilarious as fuck and really bad for the heart.

You should know by now that anons tend to over exaggerate an anime's flaws

Welcome up to speed. I think the complaints about QUALITY happened because that was literally the only thing anyone disliked about the series. You did get a few instances of faceless children and scrolling still images when they were "running" instead of animating the running. But like I say, that's mostly us reaching to have something bad to say about the show, as well as us being disappointed that a show we love so much was apparently not budgeted well.

Here, have a cute wallpaper as a memento.

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Congrats. You just got memed on son.

Most posts whining about QUALITY these days are actually just complaining that a show didn't have 10/10 animation in every scene.

Good job.