Less than 2 hours until episode 12 and no thread?

Lets fix that.

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There should be more humans like Momon. He is an inspiration to us all.

Evileye is a slut. Shalltear best girl.

Evileye is pure.
Shalltear vents sexual frustration on slimes

Nope, Shalltear is a pure lady waiting get married with Ainz-sama. Evileye just wants Momon's dick.


Why is Shalltear so much better than all other girls in every way?
How did Peroroncino become a man of such fine tastes?
>inb4 I become the jojoposter of these threads like that one from /Dsg/

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Neia will win the Ainz bowl desu

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>better than all other girls
>not even the best vampire loli
>not even the best girl in Nazarick
>not even as good as a character introduced last volume
I like Shalltear a lot actually, but it's hard to compete with perfection like Evileye, Aura and Neia.

I want Aura and Mare to sit on my lap

I want to bully Neia with my kindness

Momon secretly works with the Sorcerer King and the "Supreme Beings". He is fake and the demonic attack on the Re-estize Kingdom is staged in preparation for the plan of the "Supreme Beings" to rule the world!



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Yeah, but have you seen the Sorcerer's kingdom? He does a much better job than the others.

It always make me laugh how people react with all seriousness to some of the random bullshit Ainz/momon says while desperate.
The theocracy seriously discussing the threat of Honyopenyoko in vol 10 is just great


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Honestly, all this conspiracies sound more and more ridiculous with each passing day. I understand that our neighbors are jealous of paved roads, high security and stable wages, but can't those Teocracy guys come up with something better?

Let me guess, the next thing that you're going to say is that every single big thing that happened in the last two years in this region are all related with the so called followers of the "41 supreme beings", am i correct?

>It always make me laugh how people react with all seriousness to some of the random bullshit Ainz/momon says while desperate.
When someone who can level a country by himself speaks, you listen.

Before the new Evileyefags start spamming her, I want to say, Shalltear best girl! Evileye is a shit.

The real life list of people who only have to press a button to remove a country from the map do not include a lot of people whose words I would trust.

>EE almost kills a Nazarick NPC
>Neia is definitely going to die
You need to revise the way your brain is formatted, you must have a mental disorder to think EE>Shalltear in any way.
Aura is pretty good though.

Ainz need to cut off all these links for the npc's to live openly in his kingdom
>Black Scripture
>The paladins

>only have to press a button to remove a country from the map
This power is granted by other people.
Not in the case of Ainz.

That doesn't make him more trustworthy.

Momon the hero arrive today to the rescue

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I hope they show Jircniv in the last episode just because

I wonder if Momon could defeat the sorcerer king.

Will Ainz ever attempt to find a way home? Does he find it worth staying despite losing his emotions?

he wouldnt kill his own father.

Even the mightiest warrior will fall if a caster just stays the fuck away and nukes.
The Sorcerer King is the mightiest existence for sure.

This doesn't bode well for Nazarick.

It doesn't. The thing is, world leaders have nothing on Ainz. He is a master of life and death and he requires no sustainable.
It's a wise idea to listen carefully and be respectful, even if you think that this person is a buffoon.

They have knowledge on how to be a good leader.

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Trust me! My wife is a famous fortune teller in the Empire and she has foreseen the demonic attack on the Kingdom.

Recently we get this feeling that we are being watched and our shadows seems to be looking at us.. I'm afraid the "Supreme Beings" haveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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>Reeee this monster who attacked my death squad bandit camp is pure ebil, she needs to be stopped reeee
>Hey, someone is minding their own business and even doing our work for us, and when we attack them they don't instantly open hostilities, Fucking ebil monster we need to destroy them now reeee
>hey let's destroy this city, oh no we were fucking rekt, those 2 are monsters they should be destroyed reeee
>hey a monster, lets INSTANTLY USE OUR TRUMP CARD and get pissed off when it attacks us fuckin monsters amirite reeee
>man this undead King is willing to personally come to our country as save us all out of the kindness of his heart, I hope he fucking dies lmao undead amirite reeee
They all deserve happy farm flailing ad cockroach buffet.

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Khajit actually had a reason to destroy the city though.

Speaking of, will the Jewel ever come up again?

Nigger should've gotten over it.

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>"Hurr durr the greatest hero of our time is really the biggest villain!" -You
Could you be any more delusional?

What are you on about, you fools? His Majesty Ainz is ultimate genius stategist who can conjure schemes beyond your imagination. Nothing is beyond his reach. Even if all conspiracies are true what else can we do if not bow to the supreme overlord.

Some of them. But all of them are bound by severe restrictions due to the necessity to maintain their regime.
Not Ainz, though. It's a big difference. Ainz effectively is a country.

Slaine Theocracy go and stay go, we won't fall for your Jewish tricks and lies.

T. JUSTniv

>Ainz effectively is a country.
What a despicable Frenchman.

In case of Louis, it was an arrogant boast. Ainz doesn't even need to proclaim it after the GOAT incident.

New ep start in 15min

When is S3.

>Worker shit
Hopefully never.

2020 tripfag. Is this guy the Lucinigger of overlord threads?
>inb4 Lucinigger appears here because I said his name
Pls no

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2020 probably. It's popular enough to get S3 but not popular enough to get a season every year.

>Boring worker shit
>Boring goblin shit

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based Shalltear poster

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well it can't be worse than the shit we saw this season

Make the gobs an OVA or a short like PPP, so we have more time for JUST and SPLAT

Shalltear is long

>Not wanting to see foolish tomb raiders die agonizing deaths
>Not wanting to see the great goblin army

Though, they could seriously skip volume 8 and jump to 9 with little issues for an adaptation

I liked the Worker volume because it fully demonstrated how brutal and merciless Ainz could actually be and also gave everyone a nice look into his mental state (that being, he's utterly emotionally broken and his passive for suppressing emotions is the only thing holding him together psychologically).

>new shalltears
also, post shalltears

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Yes, but we wont see anything happen until maybe last couple of episodes.

>not liking the worker’s despair and ainz autism rage
>not liking our WAAAGH queen enri
Shit taste please go.

Ainz did nothing wrong. The workers shouldn't have trespassed, it's their own fault

I love you Shalltear bros's!

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Tbh those are un-orky goblins

Ainz is a fucking cunt sometimes.

its starting

get in here niggas

I actually thought that Ainz spazzing out in the tomb was Pandora's Actor initially, I was really surprised.
But he was outside as Momon the whole time

Best girl.
Posted all my pictures of her last thread. Nice to see new ones.

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Aww, we love you too!

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i won't fall to your tricks filthy undead

>Send invitation to someone to come see this abandoned building that has been empty for years because there's candy there
>When they arrive, accuse them of trespassing on your house and murder them without even giving them candy

Yeah, Ainz totally did nothing wrong.


>empty for years
They were grave robbers who fully planned on killing anyone and everyone there for their own personal greed, he'll they even told Momon/Ainz this in person. Jobbers gonna job, they deserved what they got.

wow evileye is literally niagara

He never directly invited them and they should have known better than to fuck with Nazarick.


>tfw stream isn't working
My sadness is infinite

momon sama

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>He only invited them in a round about, decietful way, they should have known that this quiet, seemingly empty tomb with nothing but mindless undead and monsters in it was inhabited by intelligent creatures
Yeah, because that's totally obvious.

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Before all the shit tier EE fags get here, Shalltear is the best girl in every possible way. Not an argument.

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Time for my nigga Lockmeyer to school some shitty dual classers

Mai Succulent is moe

>making excuses for degenerates

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Cease this faggotry.

just fucked

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Ok, this is a shit

based tyrone


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Evileye is the cutest potato sack

Jesus fucking christ kill this budget Shalltear already.

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Shallchair > Bugfoodeye

>strongest jobber

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You gotta respect a jobber who brings his own pyro

guys. who had black screen, i fix it. try to play now

momon-sama suteki

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stay mad bug fucker