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The summary for volume 18 is up.
How do you defeat a god, user?

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Are Origami and Kotori really kill?

Everyone is kill.

All of them.

>How do you defeat a god
By dating her.

Reine is worst girl

You are thinking of Mio, Reine is a clone. It's like blaming rooftop Kurumi for the original Kurumi's retardation.

I mean, she had to take the Sephiras back so that the powers would remain inside Shidou.

Does Shido get shirtless during this fight?

So Miku isn't worst girl anymore?

As much as i'm loathe to admit it at least Miku didn't murder everyone important

He didn't take that much damage from Westcott attacks.

>Back at Shidou facing Westcott, he admits he cannot afford to take Mio's power now and asks Shidou to cooperate. Of course Shidou refused and the battle broke out.

>Shidou summona , , and . Swirling cold air, dancing winds, and wings of light fly around him.

No but he was a real baddass in thi volume. Actually, Westcott turned out to be way more OP than expected.

Yes, it's funny how Natsumi and Miku, the two worst girls in the series, died last.

Is that Door-kun?

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This is now a meme.

Has Shido ever suffered a lot?
I want him to be shirtless in a battle for once.


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Westcott was a bit overpowered. His Beelbebub knew all of Shido's angels which made it difficult to land a hit.

Yes, did you miss all the time is described how Shidou muscles and organs tear apart everything he uses too much power? Most of the damage he takes in any fight comes from using his powers rather than the enemies.

That’s not what I meant, I just want him to be shirtless somewhere apart from the beach/shower/onsen.

>Has Shido ever suffered a lot?
The very action of wielding an angel means suffering through physical pain. Whenever he uses those powers, he destroys his body from the inside with broken bones, destroyed organs and torn muscles. He has to bear with that pain throughout the confrontations.

He always do, however I'd say that Kurumi and the Nibelcoln made him suffer the most physically.

That would require a powerful AOE attack like a beam or something similar but I doubt he would still be alive if you destroy his upper half.

This is the closest you'll see him shirtless. DAL is not dragon ball.

Wasn't it mentioned that Reine came to care slightly for them? It's Mio who doesn't care about anybody else except Shido and Mana.

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Reine does, she is the part of Mio that still considers Kotori as a friend but since Mio's will is stronger she still will sacrifice anyone in order to get the original Shidou back.

Will he summon his Persona?

I'd call OP to anyone who has omniscience but also can use powers to counter every one of the enemy movements.

Shit, what do they do now? Kurumi is fucked beyond words since Mio is inside her and Reine won't probaby falter that much even if Shidou persuades her. DEM is still coming even though they were defeated.

>This is all that Kurumi can give Shidou. Shidou then called up the name of the angel; the only possibility he could use. The thing that had been sealed in his body before (off-screen during volume 4). The very thing that Kurumi took back to save him 204 times.

So Shidou already had Zafkiel since Kurumi's first date? only watched the anime cover Vol 4

Considering last volume isn't the last one I'd say that Shidou will fail to persuade Reine and he will have to seal Kurumi in order to get 30 years back to the past and change everything in the last volume.

Apparently, yeah. It was a very cheap to do since this was only revealed in volume 16-17 but I think he got it after Kotori defeated Kurumi.

He already has her angel though

Just one ability of Zaphkiel, not the whole thing.

Doesn't he have the rewind bullet? That only allows him to go back to the past a few days, he has to seal Kurumi in order to actually travel several years to the past.

In any case as of now he has the whole thing I believe
It was Kurumi's dying wish

>In any case as of now he has the whole thing I believe
He doesn't, he only used the bullet he had sealed back in vol.3.


Now that I think about it, isn't Shido one of the most powerful harem MCs right now?

He doesn't have the whole thing, he didn't even seal Kurumi. That was only a remmant of what happened in vol 4.

Yeah next Volume isn't the last we are get a nice even 20 Vol

I think proper Kurumi sealing is likely so he can 12th bullet back to the past cause even if he convinces Reine to help much like Kurumi's clones she can't do a whole lot against the original
Since Shidou already knows Kurumi is madly in love with him from the start all he has to do is explain stuff to her and kiss her no need for another date arc then it's time for a trip to the past

I doubt it, he is human which limits what he can do by a lot and even if he were to seal Mio we don't know how strong she is. Whatever is the case the powerlevels in DAL doesn't seem to be too high.

Shido and Westcott both exceeded expectations. always though Shido could only use a portion of the spirit powers but guess I was wrong. He still needed help from Miku and Natsumi, but he pulled off using Havalhelev.

Just unsheathing Havalhelev is no small feat
no only thing more bullshit would him duel wielding it and the inverse version of it

I mostly mean that becuase of Michael. He could just seal the powers of the enemies and they would be rendered useless.

We still have to see if there is a difference in sealing all the spirits. Current Shidou can't even use full powered angels without almost killing himself in he process.

Even with sealing powers and I'm not talking about the kiss, there are other things to consider like speed, stamina, destructive power, etc. So far Mio seems to be portayed as a god but we don't know how powerful that makes her.

A STR boost gave a limited release Tohka enough power to fight Ellen for a while, two of these boost should be even better plus Shidou now can use the pain inhibitor which allows him to use more of the angels powers at the cost of most damage.

He's a Jack of all trades. Consider he isn't the battle harem type MC and prefered dating/diplomatic over violence(except with Wescott), he's pretty powerful.

Tachibana went the "instead of making the spirits physically stronger, let's make their powers more reality-warping based" route. You could see that when Nia was introduced and especially with Mukuro. Mio is the prime example of that concept, she doesn't have the same stats of power when it comes to Tohka but even she still won after Tohka had the combined powers of the 10 spirit and Mio's powers.

What do you think will happen in the next volume? Shido's supposed to go on a date with Mio/Reine, but if she sealed her she would disappear like Mayuri, right?

and master of none with that human body. Sealing all the spirits might solve this but I doubt we will see him using all the anges at once since that would require sealing Kurumi and even Mio and with Mio sealed there won't be another enemy to fight.

>Origami died
>Kotori died
Fuck Tachibana.

Will they be revived at least?

Tohka isn't supposed to be human either, yet she didn't disappear after Shidou kissed her. Mio who is far more powerful is less likely to disappear even if Shidou kisses her.

>pain inhibitor
Just like this annon sayshe can barely make it out alive from using a full powered angel. I can picture the scene like this. Shidou decides to use the final from of Saldanphon. Therefore he is bathed in Miku's Requiem and Natsumi's copy of Requiem while he's contructing the weapon. It must have been pretty painful.

No, but time can be rewinded to a point where they are are still alive.

Shido used Zaphkiel to go back in time, reverting the deaths of everyone Mio killed

Mio will probably be the last spirit. By then I think he would have sealed all the spirits and he would have gained access to Uriel.

Good. If they died for good then Tachibana should be sent to jail.

That's what I meant, since Shidou was probably using the song that allowed him to endure more pain and use Halvanhelev but it seems like not even that was able to stop Westcott since he could predict Shidou's attack.

If not even Mio could revived a dead person, I doubt anyone can. Time control was the only option that Shidou had.

>Tachibana should be sent to jail.
The world went to shit in 204 timelines before this one. This arc has just been dead ends for Shidou and co.

We are in a new arc right now. Also since Shidou rewinded time and Kurumi is no longer dead, doesn't that make the entirety of DAB pointless.

Time Travel makes a lot of things pointless user.

>We are in a new arc right now
Actually I consider volume 16, 17, 18 and the upcoming 19 to be the same arc.
DAB has yet to be finished to understand it fully.

Yeah but the timeline didn't change that much after Shidou saved Origami's parents. Only DAS was affected at the time and now DAB seems to be an unnecessary addition.

DAB is a spin-off and thus not part of the LN. The story is not longer about Kurumi and right now Shidou has to find a way to seal Mio, also considering DAB has little purpose after time was rewinded this makes both stories running in two different continuities.

Yeah, and the pain innihibitor song didn't help him that much this time so he needed Miku and Natsumi to use it as well, otherwise he would be dead now. The angels in their regular forms already cause a mess inside his body, he was basically asking to be destroyed.

DAB doesn't seem to hold much relevance now that Kurumi is alive and the plot moved on to Mio and Shidou.

But it was mentioned that the White Queen wanted to help Shidou agaisnt Mio in the last volume.

The way I see, the pain inhibitor served as basis to allow him to keep using Halvanhelev while the two STR boosts allowed him to summon the full angel. If he didn't have a mean to ignore the pain and only had the buffs he would collapse after only summoning the angels which is why he needs to pain inhibitor song to ignore the damage caused to his body for using the sword.

At least he's got flame regeneration.

and that was said in DAB, not in the LN continuity. Kurumi is alive in the current timeline, she doesn't anything about what happened in DAB because she never died. To make this clear, we are in a timeline where DAB never happened.

Everything in DAB has been rendered irrelevant now thar Kurumi is alive and none of the events in DAB happened.

How can she help Shidou if he rewinded time and DAB never happened in the current timeline?

>we are in a timeline where DAB never happened.
I know but who knows what will happen. We'll have to wait to see what happens in volume 3.

Which still hurts. Not even his pain innihibitor technique is 100% reliable if he wants to use the angels at full power.

Maybe it's fate Kurumi will die not matter what Shidou does.

Volume 17 couldn't come sooner and now volume 18 is here. How long until the guy drops the translation?

That makes sense since he doesn't have a crystal and he is merely borrowing the powers from the girls but even if he could use all the power he wants it still doesn't make difference if his body can handle the pain or endure the damage.

I thought he already finished volume 17.

No, he's not yet. Who knows what he's up to.

Miku is worst girl.

The regen powers have a limit and it doesn't seem to heal the body in an instant, it also takes a while before it is activated.

The closest thing to that would be summoning one of the Ains, which seems to look Mayuri.

She also killed Miku and that is a good thing. Hopefully she is going to die again.

You probably don't even read the novels but she is not the same as she used to be, also it was great to see Kotori getting BTFO by the actual brain of the ship. She always was an incompetent commander.

I guess you could say she played everyone as a fiddle, especially Kotori and Ratatoskr.

I think Tachibana is lurking in these DAL threads, I still remember people wishing for Mikuto die.

She also killed everyone else but it was worth it. Now, if only she could die again while everyone else gets to live it would be perfect.

So if this new form Tohka got was similar to what Yoshino did in volume 10, does that mean she also merged with her dark self?

Well, at least she was useful in the last novel. This last volume has sparked a discussion about Mio being worst girl. Still, Miku dying was a dream come true.

I doubt it but the the summary seems to imply the opposite which would be weird since we never saw inverse Yoshino in the novels and she didn't feel despair back then.

It's just a comparision, user.

That must be people who are mad that Mio killed their favorite waifu. Kurumi has killed way more people.

But they comparison shouldn't look similar. Yoshino made an armor out of ice whereas Tohka got a new one instead of turning the throne into an armor, now that would be something similar.

How do you defeat a goddess?
Fuck her

>the twins are the first ones to die
Does Tachibana hate them or something?