ITT: video games, particularly JRPGs that would be amazing as anime series

In this case I believe it would be better than the original, for obvious reasons

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Sengoku Rance

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Chrono Trigger

CT's story is very simple for a JRPG of that era
i don't see that unless you change the character of Crono heavily

An anime adaptation of Darius (particularly Gaiden or G-Darius) would be the trippiest fucking shit if they manage to pull it off.

Good-bye my earth is also pure OP material.


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Already a thing.愛-奉文-x-聖子

Crono can talk though.
He does in one ending.
It can be assumed he talks throughout the story.
Then again his motivations are basically just 'princess' hilariously as after the fair he doesn't do anything of his own accord.

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I mean, it's already very much like an anime in video game form, so to have it actually become one would make sense.

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>I believe it could be better than the original
Fix'd. In reality they would fuck it up, especially a long form story like Xenogears. But optimally I would like to see pic with a quality 24 episode adaptation.

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Would the 2nd cour be a bunch of still shots and storyboards with narration over it?

That's what the second season's web episodes would be after the first season flopped.

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Hey, it worked for NGE.

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but NGE had a backup ending as well

Xenogears was already more anime than most anime, it was just one you had to press some buttons half the time to advance the story. Also Rico was best boy.


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I always felt Fallout 2 would make a great one. Of course they'd probably have to turn sulik and cassidy into women for the obligatory cute girls, but still.

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