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Why does she run like that with her hands in her sleeves?


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Purple is good for your heart and soul.

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Because it's cute. Or maybe she's hiding some modified arms.

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Maybe she's got big man hands and she's really insecure about them, kind of like that one girl from Railgun with the long bangs to hide her big eyebrows.

What is sleeve girl's endgame? Is she like Fremea who empowers people's heroics to force them to help her?

>got called an imouto by Touma
She should know, that being an MC's imouto in this day and age is actually good way to win the bowl.

I doubt it, the kuma guy helped out the singer girl earlier too. But he didn't speak to her so I guess he prefers the helpless type.

>Still making generals
Kill yourselves.

shes a cutie

She’s the #6

Her eyes are creepy.

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She was cute though

It's her esper power. If unleashed, it caused anyone to see it to suddenly gain the inexplicable urge to hold her hands.

Mother of fucking god, she really is the number 6

Fuck Junko!

Jokes aside, I really do feel like the #6 is going to be revealed in a spin off, like Misaki was. I'm thinking it's going to be Astral Buddy though.


>Something actually relevant happening in Astral Buddy

Please no. I'm still in shock that that series exists in the first place.


Still waiting for my mahou shoujo Raildex spinoff.

With Yuriko as lead girl, please.

>not tsundere rival character
C'mon now

>Another tsundere
No. We need airheaded but aggressive.

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Are you faggots going to post the RAW or be useless and shitpost? like fuck you're already good for nothing in life.

That's just airheaded.

The raw has already been posted

Where bitch. Point me to it.

If you're talking about Railgun RAWs, check the archive. Dumb dumb

I don't do things myself, I get others to do things for me.

I'm not pointing you anywhere with that attitude, faggot. Find it yourself

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That's a unique way to say that you're too retarded to do things for yourself and need other to help you

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I'm sorry please forgive me I was just trying to act a little different. Please point me to it, sensei.

Wh*te Q*een a fat ugly shit

It was last thread for fuck sake

I love you ty

MP is cute but dumb

Mobile-tan is a liar who plays dumb to aggravate anons because she's too tsundere to admit she likes the same things we do

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>He tried to crack his neck, but it would not.

What a faggot

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Is that a rare Chaika?

It’s a golden girl.

what color is your pantsu today?

>He still could not crack his neck.

Summers orange with lemon.

Still wearing grey, tsundere?

I'm sure someone would be more than glad to do it for him, permanently

Interesting choice

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Unironically gray is one of the best colors to wear. If you throw on a little gold or diamonds if you can offord it you look professional and you can literally wear any neon colors as the secondary and it looks good.


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But Astral Buddy is great

Fuck off Uiharuposter.

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I don't think he meant it in a bad way. Not that I care if anything relevant happens, I just enjoy seeing characters interact in fun ways.

I'll help him.

Speaking of cracking necks, I want to help Mugino with her neck.

I want to hug&fug Mikoto

I am having trouble imagining this, I think I need a picture

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If I wanted to hear shit talk, I would have called up Kakineposter

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What the fuck is that filter

I just faked that color. It’s a Bob Ross joke.

Why did this bitches eye color change? Are we Violet Alwaysgarbage now?

She actually looks better like that.

Theres only ONE girl that would be a better fuck than Mikoto, try to guess her


Damnnnnnnnnn.. homie. You have a good eye.

No, seriously. Imagine her just destroying everything around you during sex.

>your entire sex is a set piece

>named after a car

I thought that was a black girl thing?

That wouldn't be pleasurable at all, it would be funny



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Calling Anti Skill right now

That's the shittier twin.

How? She’s adorable.

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Dumb cockroach

Hey MP what do you think of the latest novel? I know youve been reading them.

Love bug*

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She's probably one of the most hype posters here and we don't know it.

Why do people continue with this meme? When has it ever been proven that MP is female?

I think it’s not quite up to par. Kamachi will really have to give me his all in the next one to satisfy what I crave from this series. I have faith he can accomplish it if he sets his mind to do so.

My nigga.


I already told them I’m a boy user. Just let them make fools of themselves.

Himegami is a slut and I hate her for that

Because it's more fun to think she's a gross female.

Some annoying and entitled bitch.


My wife is so cute.

>He doesn't know

It's because she always gets super defensive about it. At first I thought it was just her getting angry once or twice, but she always insists every time that she's "a big tough guy that could kick your ass". What guy talks like that, seriously? She's either a 12 year old keyboard warrior or a girl trying too hard to deny it. And since she seems to be obsessed with fashion, romance in anime, inyuyasha, and has the hots for the ginger in Railgun... yes. Pretty sure it's a girl.

Plus some user claims to have seen her and it happened to be in the same town she lives in.

I don’t think it’s fun. I think it’s unnecessary and a distraction from the real discussion we all come here for but nobody ever seems to bring up. We should be talking about how cute Index is and why she has so many fans despite her lack of screen time.

Himecuts are the worst hairstyle ever.

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