Why do you have so many anime pictures saved on your phone, user?

>why do you have so many anime pictures saved on your phone, user?

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>implying someone speaks to me

>implying Id let someone use my phone

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Anime pictures?

They're all pictures of my girlfriend.

>give someone my phone to take a picture of me
>they start flipping through the pictures I have on there

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It a Virus downloaded all this pictures on my Phone

These are pictures of my harem

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They are all pictures of my Animesona.

>in public
>can't even turn on phone because that paranoid about someone merely glancing over my shoulder

>and why are almost all of them showing the same girl?

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Phoneposter detected

Because I love huge anime titties.

It's ironic, you would not understand.

>he doesn't read loli doujins on his way to work

I'm more of a thighs man myself

You know me, I love fire.

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Only incels have a problem with this

Jokes on you I have like 2

>Letting people go through your phone
>Caring about people seeing sfw anime pics
Unless you have a hentai background I really don't see why someone would ever care

>on your phone
>implying I have a cell phone.

I am not a fucking normie. If you are, you don't belong here, get out.

Seriously I didn't know so many normies are on this site I thought it was just a meme.

Stupid phoneposters.

>not having a phone
How else are you going to watch anime user?

>Reddit spacing
>Misrepresented elitism
Perhaps you should try r/anime

Use your Macbook

Do you not have a PC

>be unironic
You must love her that much, good for you user, I just hope it's not a pillow and

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That's even more "normie" than owning a phone. But seriously there's nothing wrong with owning a phone. Even if you never use it. I mean why wouldn't you own a phone in this day and age?

That's why I browse Sup Forums on isn't it?

Watching on a Tv while being comfy is the only right way.

>watching TV

wow what a normie get out of Sup Forums

Than why would you use a phone if you have a PC

Are ESLs just leaking out of the DBS generals these days?

dumb phoneposter

>Perhaps you should try r/anime

Nice green text with capital letters, ledditor.

I mainly save them on my desktop actually.

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How are your pictures organized?

for the same reason a book is full of words

I only safe /u/ related pictures

By series or sometimes characters.

>there's nothing wrong with owning a phone
>Even if you never use it

Why the fucking hell would O buy something I would never use? Just to give money to rich companies?

>Hehe fuck rich companies >:)

>why does your book have so many words, user?

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>these fucking rich companies are destroying the fabric of society by peddling endless distraction for profit. anyway i love anime

>tfw stories like War and Peace really only have that many words because the author got payed for every page he wrote

Who are you quoting?

>keeping anime pictures on your phone

because all of the words ever written and all of the words that will be written are not enough to express my truth. but i must try.

Because they're useful

>he doesn't have a hidden map function on his phone

this might just be my personal opinion but i think that theres a gigantic difference between watching public tv, and watching tv shows from foreign nations. one is purely entertaining (or not) the other at least educates you in one way or another. not saying that anime are education material, but at least you get to know a different culture and can train your understanding of the japanese language. then again, i guess thats easy to say as a european. almost everything i watch is a foregin production.



Ravioli ravioli don't ban the dragon loli


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Thanks mods.

Good job, phoneposters should be all gassed, now lock the thread mods.

Looks like mods have bunch of anime pics on their phones, nice.

>it's mods pretending doing his job and newfags fell for it

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Why wouldn't I?
Also escapism.

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Ironic weebs getting BTFO

Hmmmm ok
Thanks for nothing mods


F Kanna

I mean cool but why?


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>Not just turning the brightness down to 0