Best girls from their series

Best girls from their series.

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Every best girl thread I see

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Mai Waifu

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I mean best of absolute fucking garbage is still best of something.

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I'll agree her series is garbage but the girls were great except for pink. What a shit character pink was, don't get me started.

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Best Girl.

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I remember nothing about that series except that it had anime tits and was on youtube uncensored.

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(the shittiest of them all)
all shit

superior taste

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>hating on the best girl of them all
Why is this allowed?.

Oops, forgot pic.

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>superior taste

Thank You.

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Brunette a best
Pink a shit

Now post without having cocks in your ass and mouth

>tfw main girl is best girl

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Show me more examples of shit female characters

What's the line on the bottom from?

Worst girl, Mami and Sallaka are the best girls.


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you're mom lol

Best girl is an ironic weeb meme.

>shit female characters

You're kidding right?

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You sound gay as fuck.

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>tfw the filler loli with the joke crush is far superior to the main girl

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She and Yugi were adorable. Yami can have Anzu.

They should have just had a threesome marriage.

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I would actually be happy to see Yugi and Anzu getting together in DSoD even though I prefer Rebecca, but the author just didn't want to give any real resolution to that.


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Sauce for pic?

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It's from the one of the manga chapters during Duelist Kingdom. Just a little bit before the Player Killer of Darkness/Panik duel.

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Now post the rest

She's just the third best girl.

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Excellent taste.

man of taste.


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She's dead, Jim.

You first.

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My wife Sagiri is so cute.

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She to young to be a wife, dude.

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stop making these threads

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No contest

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Has she got something in her underwear?

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Footfags have a special place in hell

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You mean paradise?

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He's canonically the best girl, despite being a boy. That's how great he is.

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not even third place


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Luka was a girl in a different world line though.


how does it feel to be so wrong?

my niggas

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>how does it feel to be so wrong
You should know

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Incest is for degenerates, unless it's onee-chan x otouto.

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>liking black haired yandere Kirino clone that got 1/100th of the screen time


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