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Hot 14 year old German teen gets penetrated by thick rods.webm

Every Medaka Box fight with pic related involved.

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Animal Land is full of 10/10 battles.

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All of his fights are shit

Fuck, just noticed Saitama's eyes rolled back, it's like everyone's taking a shot at his cock.

>All of his fights are the shit
I know right?

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Yet to be topped by any battle shounen, the slow build and history behind it, the actual fight itself and and the long term aftermath are all 10/10.

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It was only one stroke, but still a great fight.

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Best fight in the series. You can't prove me wrong.

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Luffy vs Ussop was better.

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Nah. Ussop had it coming.

Rosine fight was better.

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Then post it. Berserk has more than one 10/10 fight.

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But thats not Luffy vs Bellamy

love me some fight manga

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Is King ok

True. Slug Baron and Rosine were the two 10/10's (Slug Baron might be cheating though because it's the introduction of the God Hand that takes it from great to incredible).
Nah. We knew Luffy would take him out without any troubles.

Kumo vs Alaba

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This whole arc is filled with 10 out of 10 moments.

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thanks for this

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No one read Arago

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I'd kill for a couple of OVAs just for this fight

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this reminds me of deen/stay night

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best fight in the series, it all went downhill after that

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Superior battle coming through

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this is one of the worst fights from the worst part of the manga all the fights lose all forward momentum and take place in small rooms and hallways and everyone forgets that they're all wearing skates and that all the fights should be taking place in big open areas with dozens of square miles for them to move around in

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I like this one

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Unbelievably overrated. Luffy and Lucci had no chemistry between each other.
Nobody gives a fuck about the sea god.

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Agni vs Fire Punch.

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That doesn't make Luffy vs Bellamy any less then a 10/10 battle
Lets face it, we know that Luffy is going to win 90% of his fights unless the plot dictates that he needs to lose (and at that point its just so he can come back and win later, such as fighting with crocodile)

Is fubuki giving saitama a handjob?

He died

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I mean I was personally just waiting for him to get on with it. I guess the fight itself was pretty great but it was the build up to the fight I didn't care for (Luffy and Zoro being beat without fighting back).

I would expect nothing less

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Obligatory Bradley versus everything post.

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Starjyuun was way better

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Tiger Mask vs Tiger the Great

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>10/10 literally


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you must've read this recently.

i miss toriko with all my heart

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>give up

this dialogue couldn't be more trite if it tried

>it all went downhill after that
But four beast arc and cooking festival arc both were much better than ice hell.


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I read it years ago.

I was awaiting for this.

>black clover
kill yourself you fucking retard

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God I wish I could find only MH Flashhunter.
I'd kill to have some pics of the Tigrex fight.

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Find more* not find only.
IDK how I fucked that up.

>stop liking something I don't

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what doujishi is this?

I miss her.

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Forever and ever

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Jirou vs the gourmet nobles was one of the most hype moments I've ever experienced, even if it was a bit short.

t. BNHfag

This thread is full of bottom of the barrel stuff mixed among the good stuff. Toriko is laughably bad.

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>This board is full of bottom of the barrel stuff mixed among the good stuff.

My nigga

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Is he about to pummel that poor man in the dick?

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This user knows. Teach these kids

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