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wat. are they working themselves to death for a freaking dictionary?


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I'm curious how this went. Does she take him in anyway or does he actually start trying to improve himself and comes back later or meets a different girl.

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ok. just looked up how dictionaries are made and I imagined it to be way easier.

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the old guy spent his career on creating one

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damn now I have to fap again

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Sauce please, couldn't find

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thanks misaki

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I know I am one of them. All humans are stupid and worthless.

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>Saying that to someone who was betrayed by a man so hard her personality got reversed.

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how fucking new are you

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Great taste.

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And then you die.

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What makes this kind of person exist

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Men who live for duty are nothing more than the useful idiots of the men who don't

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>nothing to fight against
>defeated before they were ever born
a few possibilities

When a man and a woman love each other very much...

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Men who don't live for duty aren't men.

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this is me and it doesnt feel good at all
when i was a young ignorant normalfag I was happy and extroverted.
It destroys me our ancestors doomed europe long before we were born, and to make it worse, they lived believing they did the right thing.

What does that mean? Nothing to spark their passion?

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anyone got the sallinger catcher in the rye quote from SAC? Something along the lines of "the immature man wants to die honorable for a cause, the mature one wants to live humbly for it". Read the book because of it and was incredibly disappointed. holden is a fucking cunt

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>What does that mean?
When you think you have some small ability
then you at everyone else in the world and you realise that you are nothing that even if you struggle you won't even reach half-way to what they've accomplished.

The post-war generation of heros deserve that title.

I will never not be mad about this. The first two episodes had so much potential.

SZS got too real sometimes

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>Jet was literally betrayed by his old partner

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is this despair looking for release
or courage bitterly fighting on?


Anime ja nai.

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The oblivious tools for those with real power do not get to decide that