One Piece

Who here has high expectations of 900?

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>Jinbe, Carrot and Caesar all join together
>Chapter 900: The Ninth, The Tenth, and The Eleventh

If by high expectations you mean Mama orgasming for 10 double pages straight, then yes.

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Chapter 900 will reveal that Whitebeard is alive.

>not wanting Caesar to stay with Bege where he belongs

shouldn't you use "san" pudding chan?

>full chapter is Shokugeki no Soma with BM orgasming and touching herself
I wouldn't be mad

dead peros

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Delete this

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How did Luffy manage to beat Katakuri when the only time Katakuri was taking damage was after that meal time mishap and when Luffy first showed off Snakeman. Meanwhile Luffy was taking so much damage the entire fight.

I wanted to see Luffy working under Katakuri, just like when he had to work under Zeff

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Nope, i will only have high expectations for One Piece the day that chapters explaining the Will of D or the Void Century or stuff like that happens

Maybe in another timeline, user.
At the very least we'll probably get to see Katakuri working under Luffy, if that's any consolation.

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Based on the past "milestone" chapters I'm not expecting anything too crazy, honestly

You now realize the influx of shippers arrived when Bleach ended and Ichirukifags didn't get their pairing.

He belongs with Buggy.

Will Nami hug Luffy in 900?

No, BM will touch herself and will hug Sanji

No, and Sanji isn't going to kiss Nami either, Luffy isn't going to receive a love letter from Vivi and Katakuri isn't going to suck Luffy's cock.

why even read the chapter then? :/

>"Who's Pudding?"


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Atleast Katakuri will smell that hat and orgasms and hidden Flampe looking terrified

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>loses half of the fan base
Why do you think he keeps baiting them and never confirms anything

Why would Pudding delete herself? Sanji already forgot about Viola so Pudding just needed to wait for Sanji to go to the next island

Tokyo :retard fag go back to your thread

Nami has Zeus, is something happened to BM Zeus would probably disappear

luffy can receive the mochi's dick tho

He's not. They are seeing things that aren't there. The vast majority of them believe in their ships because of shit Toei added.

>How would the SH even know whether the cake worked or not?
Remember the power of BM's scream? She'll eat the cake and then "UMAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" resounds through Totto Land.

>Shipping fags
>Blame toei
t. Manga fags

Please stop, we have never said that. I believe Pudding is too weak to use her powers on Sanji who knows her ability

>Katakuri isn't going to suck Luffy's cock.
I agree

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that pic is cute

sanafags don't want memory erasure though. they're scared it would lead into sapu end.

It's beyond obvious that Jinbe will join at this point. He's like this arc's Franky, the difference being that he has been relevant for much longer than this arc and has better reasons for joining.

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I've laughed but you are still a faggot.

Jinbe joined back in FMI.

no he didn't.

Yes he did.

Behold, Sanji's ultimate power-up

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nah he explicitly turned luffy down and said he'd deal with some business before he could take him up on the offer.
through WCI he's been saying how he 'intends' to join the straw hats, making it clear he hasn't yet.

I thought chapter 800 wasn't really anything special? Why you all getting so pumped about 900?

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>Luffy sleeps again
>Wakes up
>is inside a prison
>"Hello, Straw Hat" says Katakuri
>"What? What are you doing here? Weren't you in mirror World? How did you heal so fast?"
>"Where is Sanji?"
>"What do you mean again? They never married"
>"I don't get it"
>Luffy finds a note
>The note says "that's right, everything you saw was fake. I'm going to marry and Sanji will forget about you, loser, pudididididi"

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>luffy gets an entire GRAND FLEET
>dressrosa, the longest running arc in the series, ends
>nothing special
You fucking what?

Some dude got banned. Massive amount of posts deleted in previous thread as well.

Because Mama will eat the cake dumbass. Of course that's something anyone would have expectations for. Numberfaggotry has nothing to do with it.


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Reminder that Caesar poisoned the cake and joined forces with Judge to become the Yonko duo

I really hope not, the poor guy is enough of a joke already

Judge can't even conquer the North Blue, how do you expect him to conquer an islet in the NW?

Trips confirmed, Okama Kenpo is Sanji's next power up

Sanji becomes Buggy?

>099 vs 100
Lightning strike saves Luffy, Roger comparison with the smile VS Dragon appears for the first time, Head off for the grandline
>199 vs 200
Luffy returns in time to save Vivi, hits Crocodile for the first time - Continued fighting with Crocodile
>299 vs 300
The golden bell rings, Luffy's shadow is seen in the sky of jaya - Enel confirmed alive, party
>399 vs 400
Franky burns the pluton prints, Straw Hats jump on the rocket man - Fukoro reveals the key game, some match-ups are formed
>499 vs 500
Zoro attempts to cut the Tenryubito, Keimi is abducted - Rayleigh reveal
>599 vs 600
Luffy reveals CoC, Zoro cuts the galleon - Brook gives his last concert, Caribou reveal, Rayleigh tells the crew Luffy is here
>699 vs 700
Kuzan freezes Doffy temporarily, Doffy is revealed to have left the Shichibukai - Mera-Mera is revealed, Dressrosa starts
>799 vs 800
Fight between Fujitora and Luffy is interrupted, Fujitora starts liking Luffy, fleet is proposed - Luffy says no, gets the fleet anyway, Fujitora lets the rubble rain, party, Dressrosa ends
>899 vs 900
Big Mom arrives at the cake, Luffy and Sanji safely make it back to the Sunny, Judge talks shit about Sanji, Wadatsumi - ???


It's more meme than anything else. Half of this -99/-00 chapters was nothing special at all.

Going by the replies it seems like he was a SaNa hater so who cares

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Can't wait until WCI is over so we can go back to see some Zoro action.

>sana janitor strikes again

Katakuri REALLY likes Luffy

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>luffys wife
>only person to be rejected by him
Im still confused, why is this a thing again?

Do we have a tally on who likes what ship around here? The various -fags, anons and all?

Doesn't Alvida count too?

>Luffy implies he doesn't want to marry Nami
>Oda says he is not interested
Why is LuNa still a thing? Or any Luffy ship for the matter

charlottefag and sanafag both got banned for their off-topic Sup Forums shit though it seems

If any of you are real male (born male and still male) and use the word "ship" to refer to "relationship", you should be ashamed of yourself.

>making a chart on the opg posters/archetypes, their tastes and a relationship chart so we know exactly who's who, who's triggered by what, and how to bait
Sounds like a recipe for disaster. We should do it.

Stop lying retard I don't even know who charlottefag is. I just got here I was not in the last thread. Not everyone is in your time zone, so you even know how early it is?

This will be the week the bunny officially joins.

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Today is Tsuru 's birthday. Say something nice to her.

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I'm happy you are still alive old hag.

>you can become insanely strong just using your fists/weapons/etc and haki
>the ability to swim as a pirate is actually pretty important
>you might eat a DF that does nothing for you, like granting you the ability to change your hair color at will
I'm not sure it's worth it honestly, Shanks had the right idea

>drive out the shitposters and shippers with constant dedicated bullying tactics tailor-made from A/B tests and experience
Then the threads can finally die.

She's a tough old bird

>i-i'm the only sanafag here!
Dear god if I were a mod I'd ban you.

Shanks gave up an arm to a sea monster, so he could look cool. He doesn’t have any “right ideas”.

are you saying there's only one sanafag? a sana shitpost got deleted in the mix so the other dude was one

Seems like you are a shipper yourself.
Oh I wasn't there so I wouldn't know. I was going by this thread. Either way probably a false flagger

Do you think she secretly has a crush on Doffy?

Giving Luffy the hat was the right idea

She's the paranoid one.

>only person to be rejected by him
Nice reading comprehension. He basically rejected everyone at the same time.

She was hot when she was young though.

>Katakuri is a manlet in the anime

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I do find it funny how sometimes we get accused of being 1 person and the other times you claim we run this place.

B-but we are the paranoids amirite

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>I do find it funny how sometimes we get accused of being 1 person and the other times you claim we run this place.
Hold my ginger ale.

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Those leg guards of his look like knee braces. Tall people often have knee problems.

Many of us probably just wanted to believe cancer, shit taste, and shitposting were reunited in only one person. That for two people to possess them all was pushing it.

>Welcome to the Katakuri Donut's Shop!

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Maybe he has one already. Pudding did have a café.

>shit taste
I ship SaNa not LuNa.
>two people
Oh we are just 2 now? What else do you know user-kun?

Could the Vinsmokes beat Doflamingo’s top executives?


*at least two.
I know you're obsessed with Luna for whatever reason.
I'm just a Sanjihater though, so I couldn't care less, sorry.