Little Witch Academia

>Constanze manga chapter confirmed
Hype! Will it confirm her backstory like how the previous chapter showed Jasminka's? And by the way, is that chapter translated yet?

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god, i'm glad. constanze beet gurl

She's great but not the best

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*steals spotlight*

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I really hope Amanda gets a chapter too that brings up her family. That plot had the most potential out of everyone and I'm dying to have it be explored in some capacity

There's LWA manga?

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Yes. English volume 1 comes out in June I believe as well.

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Thanks, I've never heard about it for some reason

It's pretty good. Obviously it's an abridged version of the anime, but some of the changes and additions really help it stand from the anime. Diana in particular is funner here.

>that top right shirt

Finally, the LWA thread. Everyone post best girl.

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did you misclick?

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fucking degenerate flip, how much restraint did it take sucy to not just schlick right then and there?

Lotte is aight, but she’s no Constanze. Easy mistake, though.

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I'm a vanilla kinda guy

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Techno Lich pls

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Was the disease that was killing Connie ever named, or was it just a genreic unnamed disease?

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Am I the only one surprised that someone hasn’t done an edit of Amanda as the mutt? I’d do it, but I have no editing software.

Why would you do that? She's a true american of european heritage

>true American
Sometime this website just kills me

I suck

this artist annoys me, hes pretty competent but so often chooses the ugliest fucking stylizations of characters

It sucks because they're the only ones that do shit with the teachers too.

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yeah barely anyone draws teachers other than cart and croissant

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Was hoping to get the deck and art book for the tarot card thing but things just keep happening

Forgot this whoops

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The only thing that stops me is that the solo book tier doesn't have a PDF. Getting the cards and the book is too expensive for me right now, and so far I've been liking the art so I want to appreciate it in a decently sized physical copy and digital.

>not saying fuck
>ever think about cursing
This list is whack

Think im gonna take the plunge and get it anyway

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I wonder if hannah's pubes are red as her hair.

Akko legit almost called Diana a bitch in the dub

>Thats her...Eager face.

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but she apologized so its all okay now

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Whaaaa, no way

Time for work, so ill be posting less, try not to die

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cringey fanart de su

Yeah, it's the only bit of profanity in the show from her, the other is Amanda through it depends if you consider the words "Damn" and "Hell" profanity.

I know its the best
Id consider damn and Hell “light” profanity

amanda: feck
diana: fook
akko: facku
lotte: perkele

And Sucy? Don't know flip.

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Carpet usually matches the drapes

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