Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Hai to Gensou No Grimgar Level.12

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Yume leaves the party. Will join up with her husbando Ranta

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anime bro here, how's /my/ girl Mary doing? Last I heard she wasn't breathing properly. So did they fix that issue? Is she's alright now?

She's dead. Dead.

They revive her with some eerie ritual that some random helpful stranger told them about that involves sacrificing said stranger. Mary gets other people's souls/memories and class skills inside her

Longer summary when?

You just know the author did this just to ensure there will be zero competition against Mary.

Nice. Details?

How is my boy Ranta doing?

Haru is so cute i want to rub his shoulders.

No word on him this volume

Yume is great but there's no competition if if Haru and Yume aren't interest in each other

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Fucking Dropped.

Her rival for the Harubowl is the necromancer Setora who joined their party

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From the fans. A good amount of people wanted Yume to win, so having her leave basically sinks that ship whether they like it or not.

user, pls. The author specifically had Mary (out of everyone else that had died) resurrected from the dead. There is no rival, Mary had already won from the blatant favoritism from the author.

Can't sink something that never sailed as Yume has not really shown interest in Haru.

People had gotten interest in the LN from the anime adaptation. People became Haru/Yume shippers from it.

Which has nothing to do with what I said. Think about it, would you rather had Yume love Haru for real only to be rejected or not have any interest and never have to seen as the loser?

That's true

And I'm saying that the author removed Yume to pre-emptively sink all Yume shippers so the fans have no choice but to support Mary. He doesn't want a 'best girl never win' situation.

What the fuck, why would they get rid of best girl?

Last Yume butt we're getting

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Right but the thing is no matter how best she is, she can't be a contender or a loser if she never expresses any interest in the first place.

Which isn't quite true if the anime was people's first foray into Grimgar. I can't imagine people weren't shipping her and Haru hard before Mary showed up.

Yume was always shipped with Ranta. What you're saying makes no sense.

Author is probably planning on slimming down the cast to focus only his Waifu and Haru. Getting rid of the most popular girl among people who were introduced to the series thanks to the anime is kind of weird though

It doesn't matter what people shipped. The main point is that in canon neither Haru or Yume were interested in each other romantically.

wheres that guy with the spiky hair? Dead?

Now this I can agree, Yume doesn't lose anything a in bowl she wasn't a part of but getting rid of her so that another girl can be the only focus makes sense.

user. The point I'm making is that the author is sinking the shippers. He doesn't want any of the fanbase to think Yume had any chance, period, as she was a favorite and the favorite tends to get shipped a lot to the SI/MC, whether she had had any interest or not.

Actually thinking about it it could be why Mary got revived and got made OP with all her new spells. The author would find it easier to write about Haru and his two concubines, Setora and Mary, adventure. Like his other LN. Shihoru and the tank barely get any lines and are likes extras so they can stay

Does that mean the author is acknowledging that Yume is more popular than Mary and kicked her out because of said popularity?

You're missing his point user

I read up to the jclub 7th volume only, any reason why setora joins the party? Haruhiro dick or that and more?

Ranta is traveling solo. His Demon evolved and he misses his waifu

Who knows? If he gives fair share of focus to her when she join Ranta then you can't really say he got rid of her.

Is this true? AS spoiler said that she just left for self-training.

Got a link to the raws OP?

She left for self-training but it's all but inevitable she will find and hook up with Ranta.

Are they still traveling back to alterna?

She is but Nips are saying she's going to link up with Ranta because he's heading in the same direction as them and because she cried about him leaving the party and then left so readily herself

So can someone spoil me who is running for the Halbowl?

Big tits amazon, mary, setora and probably some more.

Yes, good thing they're not on a boat

Just about every girl other than Yume and Shihoru

>Just about every girl other than Yume and Shihoru
So he's a loser then

Has any of the female (disregarding Mary) actually died ?

I just want them get back to Alterna, I miss everyone, at this rate we have spent more time outside of it then in it.

Coco, but she was minor, even if she was briefly in the Harubowl.

We did it Marybros

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I can't help but feel the author is getting tired of trying to portray Grimgar as the 'realistic' version of Isekai and just diving straight into the generic SI power-fantasy version of Isekai now.

So what about Haruhiro's "line" thing?

Did that end up ever being explained proper? Does he get better at it?

Animefag here.
Where should I start if get into the light novels?
Is the Manga recommended as well?

>get better
Its not a specific skill, just luck mostly in my opinion since he get wrecked multiple times while hoping to see it.
Manga is kill, just read from the start. The anime ended at volume 2-ish.

>Ranta still alive
>People still dying and leaving due to Ranta
This series is fucking trash


She's into Ranta? What the fuck I thought she wanted Haruhiro cock, anime only fag btw

Why would the author kill best boy? He still needs to get that Yume pussy too.

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Yume is too retarded to be "into" anyone. She likes him though

>When the rest of the party is on their way to the city with the elite class trainers

She going for Ranta, training is an excuse is what I'd say but it really looks like the author just wants to get lazier and wrote her out

Doesn't really matter, since Mary has already won at this point. They're perfect together.

I heard that Ranta has been a big part in carrying the team, but then he got kicked out because of some bullshit, is this true?


Not kicked out but circumstances made him leave to save the group, I dont like ranta too but the group is going to get hunted by some experience asshole in a world they dont know much about. He managed to escape though.


didn't he betray the group?

To save their lives

He was pretending to be a traitor and amplified his asshole act,though his acting might be too much when he fought Haru.

this is what happens when you pretend to be retarded for to long no on knows when you're pretending anymore

Mary should have known. There was no reason for her not to. But apparently she was so stupid that she just brushed off his risking his life multiple times to save her and thought he did betray them