Sora yori mo Tooi Basho 13 (END)

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This guy who's double your size and made of pure muscle approaches your waifu and asks for her autograph, what do you do?

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I've been watching anime for 15 years and the best season is now over. What am I suppose to do with my life now.

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As long as it's just pure admiration. It's part of her job.

There's chance a nice anime that you don't know will appear every season.

Season 2 never ever.

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A trustworthy user from last thread told me season 2 no longer a journey to the moon, they change it to afghanistan.

That's true. This show came out of nowhere for me.

Well, were you expecting it to be such a good season? Probably not, right?

Stay tuned because this could happen again any time.

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So now that they're back to Japan, which one of them is secretly The Thing?

I'm betting on Kimari. There's just something weird about this girl, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

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She's always been weird. If she was suddenly normal, it might be a sign that something was wrong.

She was weird and then when she became the Thing, she turned normal

Maybe Megu realized it too, by exchanging text messages, that the one who was coming back wasn't quite the same friend she used to know.

Maybe there's more to her trip that we know, it's almost as if she doesn't want to be anywhere in Japan, or even in the same continent, when Kimari returns...

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>I left the 1 million yen back in Antarctica
Shirase is a madwoman and will hopefully realise the value of money before she goes back to Antarctica again.

Where can I watch Yuzu’s drama?

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He looks pretty moe, i will let him get it.

It's clearly Yuzuki.

Or should I say, "Kimari".

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I'm the JAV threads in /jp/ will have them.

What's in the box anyways?

Is she selling those?

Nani the fuck?

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>follow back wont stop
Yuzu had to grind as usual doing idol stuff, good thing she has a bunch of friends now to do friendship stuff.

Important poll

You can feed god knows how many starving kids in Africa with that money. dumb pengin bitch.

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How long was their trip?

December to March?

I want it all, and I want it now.

Antarctica ice I think, they mentioned it in the episode. Its the only thing they can bring as souvenir.Not sure how it can be packed that long without melting.

It's ice, the only thing she could bring back from Antartica.

3 months, starting December 1st.

It's a gift for her manager. I'm sure if someone could read nip they'd be able to tell what's in the box from the label. Probably snow or ice.

Why did that crazy bitch leave a million yen in the middle of nowhere?

It's definitely not ice in there.

It may be the documentary/compilation of Yuzuki's reports, being sold in stores.

It's not like someone from japan crew will take her money or anything. She will be back and find her money untouched.

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I'm gonna miss this show and these threads. ;_;

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Megu's trip to the arctic.

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>not allowed to bring pengins back from Antarctica
Scientists were a mistake.

Weak finale, but still a solid 7 show.

>You can feed god knows how many starving kids in Africa with that money.
Well, then its good she left it there huh.


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Her intention was to leave it there forever, I'm just hoping she changes her mind by the time she goes back.

So is her mom OK or not?

>Weak finale
In what way? I thought the finale was as good as possible.

She is not alright.


I want to see Yuzuki's tv report.

The girls are all tight.

After an adventure like that, I'm sure they are very tight.

Thanks Antarctica.

Yuzu ain't.

Never. You should already know that if you're familiar with Memehouse.

By Fujimoto Satoru.

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>whether a show gets another season is up to the studio

This guy

Don't worry, Megu-chan will pick it up silently.

>Bastardizing Sora Yori with hetshit
Can you LWAfags just fuck off and wait for Uma Musume to self-insert? Fucking retards.

Damn, shirase looks zen as fuck there.

What was the point of their weird hats?
Why couldn't they just wear normal winter hats?

>Yuzu's drama

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These girls ain't right

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I think it was implied that she's still alive.

Because they are cute.

It's just an autograph mate, calm down.


>she lied and is actually in antarctica to sabotage their expedition and steal their supplies
>when she said "too bad" she was actually upset that Kimari went home already
Someone needs to stop Megu-chan, she's a monster.

You need to use her full name user.

I was convinced that it aired on Wednesday and was about to call down the rage of the heavens on you for toying with my heart, but it does air today after all. Thank you user, you just made my day.



How would she survive blizzard in the antarctica night?

The hot-blooded power of youth?

Pengin sacrifices to the dark gods.

pls be trolling me

You can fuck off to /c/ where hetshit is 100% accepted.

What went wrong?

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She turns into a tardigrade.

She was old hag.

>cutting Shirase's hair

How did they fuck up the ending THIS much?

That email Shirase received at the end of the episode was from her mom.

you should apply for disability benefits

Losing their virginity caused them to behave less cute.

>Guest Writer: Nisio Isin

>speedwatching the finale

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She should just stick to the clam-eater and stop trying to prey on children.

>Wanting a S2
You guys are stupid, didn't you learn from Hibike S2? S1 was near perfect and they had to ruin it. The character arcs of SoraYori are over, let them rest.

Her soul was young.
No old hag would leave their middleschool-age daughter at home alone while they go off and die in a foreign wasteland.

Wasnt there unsend email on the laptop?

Technically not wrong.

I was just joking about it being implied that she's alive, but you make me worry, user.

Let me explain this for you speedwatcher. Shirase’s mom took the picture and wrote that email while she was at the inland station. There was no internet there, so she couldn’t send it to Shirase. Her laptop sat there for 3 years until the girls found it. Shirase didn’t look in the outbox, probably because she was too busy crying. Shirazumi hands Gin the laptop, Gin looks at the email, sees the outbox, and decides to send it.

Fuck off mate, it was an emotional moment. Don't ruin it like that.


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>When people unironically watch their anime on 8x speed

Best girl, best end

villain of the year

Cutest yori

More like to show how teenagers do stupid things by getting swayed by emotions

I'm talking about the part where they are watching the aurora on the boat. Shirase's phone dings and there's an email from her mom with a picture of it.

To be fair he's technically right.

This was such a treat to watch and I hope people will remember it well

Jesus Christ,you retarded mate? It's Gin who sends it. She noticed that message in the outbox and sent it to Shirase. Was that too difficult to notice?

imagine being this salty that your best friend left you in the dust you took a trip to fucking iceland to take one photo just to fuck with them

It's not AOTS but still good. It's too safe and by the numbers character driven plot with grand quest to be AOTS.

>I hope people will remember it well
Nobody will remember this melodramatic seasonal garbage.

I was so sad at the ending and then Megu came out of nowhere to make me laugh like an idiot. You've gotta love this madwoman

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Bocchi is coming.