Black Clover is shit, fight me

Black Clover is shit, fight me.

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Not giving up is my power.

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Can someone shop a dick in it?

could be, however Asta VA is endearing.

You made an entire new thread because you're too afraid to bait in the general?


Alright faggot, where do you live? I'll smash you to pieces kiddo

You actually like Black Clover. I can't believe that I found someone that enjoys this show, It's nothing original kid. Try some good anime instead of this rehashed shonen shit.

All shounen is rehashed nerd

>its another Sup Forums can't detect an obvious joke reply thread
this place is full of Osakas I swear

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Too much of a pussy to face me eh? Makes sense, you're probably a weak-ass manlet anyway

Why would I face you. I'm not going to get in a fight with someone who is too much of a child to deal with the fact that not everyone will have the same opinion as you.

>it's a joke I swear!

I know it is , I'm the poster. I just wanted this to be a joke type post that also shows my opinion but I guess a sense of humour isn't allowed

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I just wanted to stop by and say that I LOVE Sylphynford

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Wanna try that again without sounding like a dumb teenager?

no, you're right, it's trash
i dont like being observant, understanding and cynically critical, seeing all the flaws in things anymore
its not fun
and i cant turn it off

help me

Eyyy, a guy with good taste in waifu's

>the arena is empty
[ ] choose another series to bait
[ ] wait for someone to roleplay
[ ] stay in the arena for another day to see who is coming

I've read the first few chapters. It's not terrible, but a little too generic for me.

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come to my secret labratory at 6821 mainstreet downtown, then we will begin

honestly almost everyone agrees the water temple arc is where it hits it's stride


I love black clover and i like you

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i‘ll strip naked and jerk off in the shower. also let me roll for perception i sense there are some hidden traps in the shower room

No need to fight over something that's true