Hey, user, hypothetically, you wouldn't mind if your waifu cheated on you, would you?

Hey, user, hypothetically, you wouldn't mind if your waifu cheated on you, would you?

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This guy domesticated the slut, if I could do that I would take the risk for someone as pleasant to be with as this one

I like slutty girls but I wouldn't want them to cheat on me.

Guess it's just one of them.

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I would respect her more

I'd probably just kill myself

Not at all. I would even eat the cum out of her pussy, when she is done.

No, I'll be against it.

No because I'm a cuck fetishist

hypothetically speaking i dont mind other people watching since im into humiliation play

yes of course

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Why would she cheat on a cute little girl like me?

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Little girls are better at turning girls gay, why would she not invite me?

now that I'm reminded of it i never seem to stumble on any hentai of this title

My waifu is a loyal girl with a pure golden heart. She wouldn't ever do that, unless she was blackmailed or forced into it.

There is no need to make a hentai of used goods.

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> your waifu
isn't real, she can't cheat on you.

God I love Akane

If your waifu would be happier with another man, if you love her shouldnt you let her go?

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Thats why you pick a waifu who is gay, silly user.

fuck that's hot. i would absolutely love her and heal her as best as i could though i wouldn't tolerate he cheating

Finally someone understands.

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>generate two instances of mai waifu thanks to object oriented programming
>instance #1 NTRs me with fat old salaryman
>instance #2 wants to get with fat old salaryman but can't because mai waifu doesn't share, which means fat old salaryman is NTRing her with herself
>instance #2 gets with me or gets nothing

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It's not cheating if I know she's doing it, and I'm okay with it, right?

Also this.

I wouldnt even consider second hand goods

Is there any doujin at all? Even the one with same artist where the main girl become sex-craze once everyday has some.

Of course not if I can't satisfy her I'll be more than happy for her to find someone who can.

It's just sex, it's not like she loves the guy or anything.

So long as she comes back to me I don't mind what she does for fun. I'd assume this allowance would go both ways of course.

>newfags asking for hentai when pic related from the artist exists

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No. If I caught her it'd be the death of the man and hot raunchy doujin sex on top of his corpse till she's mine again.

Heal thru the power of dick user.

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Only if it's to my little brother.

In that case waifu#2 would just go with tanned blonde young man instead.

>This thread

Ya'll niggas need Jesus


dude black people lmao

Cheating, whether it's accepting the cheating or being the one cheating, is the most beta thing you could ever do and you should kys

somewhere someone is collecting all the data on you and now that's in your file.

I am not threated by events in her past from before I even knew her.

>I dont care with how many men you had sex!
>Had sex with atleast 100 men and turned into a roastie
You are a cuck

>his passion was only that much
she didn't want you to let her go, user

Just keep looping until they run out of other men.

I absolutely would mind. That's my wife you're fucking man. I'd beat the shit out of the guy who is fucking my wife and then I'd turn and demand an explanation as to why she decided it's a good idea to cheat.

love and relationships are more than an allocation problem. Trading partners to get a better match is a surefire way to be unhappy.
Better yourself instead.

She wants the D from her prince. But her prince has a girlfriend, who is unsure if bisexual or just lonely. And he also wants to fuck their senpai. But senpai wants to cuck everyone. Especially prince's girlfriend who had fallen in love with elder-bro figure with cucking fetish. Lots of broken hearts and scumming all around.

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What if she says she doesnt love you anymore? What would you do then?

a hundred, a thousand
it does not matter
what matters is she and i are now us, now, and in the future

it's not that i don't understand you virgins-only fags
it's just that you've fixating on the virgins-only things and not on the reasons why you think it matters

Once again, I'd want to know why. Nice double dubs by the way.

Thats Kuzu no Honkai right? Is there a lot of NTR? I love that shit

Nobody wants to see scum have sex

only with another waifu i'm that waifu


t. Cuckmind

>Thats Kuzu no Honkai right?
>Is there a lot of NTR
Kind off but not really

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Lets say you can choose if your wife was used goods or a virgin, which would you choose?

Her feelings for you where just admiration and not true love

If she would cheat on you, she's not your waifu. Unless you actually are a cuck and you're into that

mein neger

time to find a new waifu

she's not a sex friend, she's suposed to be a waifu
even if forced to have her around I would start to conceptualize her as an object rather than as a person I relate to with feelings

>Lets say you can choose if your wife was used goods or a virgin, which would you choose?
Whichever one I can utterly trust.

Now on a related but different topic: Raising another man's child? That is a no.

It would be better if she actually fell more the nerdy teach only for him to move on with a different or Hanabi.

The one I can trust desu. A virgin who cheats on you later is worse than used goods who does not cheat.

Simply virginity is highly appealing to be tied to idea of loyalty. Not necessarily always the case, but can be estimated to be average the case.

>Implying I condone that
I spoilered it from the shame of acknowledging the possibility. Don't lump me in with you pathetic fucks

No, it needs to be humiliating for it to be NTR.

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>The one I can trust desu
No the only difference is that one had no sexual experience, the rest is the same
>Raising another man's child? That is a no
What about an orphan?
NTR is the thinking man fetish

>Her feelings for you where just admiration and not true love
The why the fuck did she decide to marry me if it's not even love?

Akane should suffer more to be honest. Mugi and Hanabi moves on and finds true love with each other. Narumi breaks up after getting tired of her and moves on with another woman.

Not that user, but she probably hadn't realized it at the moment, and feelings can change. There is no such thing as permanent love.

Whatever. I can move on easily. Fuck her. Not my life she's ruining.

>true love with each other
But they don't

>Fuck her
Pump and dump queen

>anons talking about "true love"
Awww, to be young and innocent again.

If she wants to be pumped and dumped and become a bona fide whore, not my problem.

The implication is that they'll forget about their unrequited loves and be content with each other and accept each other more.

You don't get it. I'm implying this is the only way to deal with her kind.

That's what I figured you were talking about.

Leaving a cheating and not loving waifu is the best way to deal with her. Plus points for making her regret doing it and then not taking her back or showing her your new family

Why not break up first instead of being a terrible person, how hard is for women to keep their legs closed.

>how hard is for women to keep their legs closed
As hard as for men, women lie better about those things

>showing her your new family
You're a vengeful spirit aren't you?

I really love that, I wished more NTR stories would do this. It doesnt matter if its a hentai or something else. Seeing her braking because of her dumb decision gets me really going

With men, they tend to be more open to opening their legs, but women lie and manipulate so it's even worse.

It'd just be teasing.

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I loved the reversal for that single chapter. I wished it happened a bit more.

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>Nishikata ever defeating the Machiavellian mastermind known as Takagi

>Sup Forums the anime

He gave her the dick did he not?

There is manga about them and their daughter

I know, so he defeated her.

He was raped by her/ tricked by her

Revenge fantasies? What is she has happy family of her own, with her new man? Life isn't zero sum game.

Thats also fine, your own happiness should be determined by others. Your own happyending is the most important. The other things are just extras

Can't trick the dick