Stop obsessing over sweaty pantyhose clad feet

Stop obsessing over sweaty pantyhose clad feet.

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Feet are alright.

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Are you telling me to become gay?

legs > feet

You ask the impossible.

I will never understand feet fetish.

Just look at them user. Look at those soft, smooth, clean, perfect feet and imagine them on your face and your dick.

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>hag feet
Even worse that regular feet.


Are loli feet acceptable?

Legs are better than feet.

But feet are sexy AND cute.
Legs can only be sexy.

Feet win.

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>understanding fetishes

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Will 2018 be the year of anime feet?

Stop! I don't want this fetish.

Which anime is this thread about?


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I'm more of a sweaty pantyhouse clad ass kind of man but I respect classy feet.

I have a question does your foot fetish is anime only or 3D feet works too ?

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anime only, anything 3DPD is disgusting by default

Stop enabling blog shit.

If I'm to imagine parts of her on my face and dick then her "soft, smooth, clean, perfect feet" are probably last in line.

I understand user. I think arms are better than hands too.

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Please tell me the appeal of limbs, user, they just feel like a means to an end to me. Not that I don't think legs are sexy, they are pretty damn nice.

Ah, I see it now, you're completely right, this pantyhouse is an incredible annoyance.
Why is such a thing even there?
If it wasn't there you could see the bare feet.
This pantyhouse is an eyesore.

Hell no

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I puke internally every time I see those fucking disgusting and sweaty pantyhouses


then why did you come here my dear lord satan-sama?

>wears pantyhose during summer
>Okabe calls her his sweaty assistant
I want to bully her for being stinky Japanese that can't use a deodorant.

I was with you until you mentioned feet. Pantyhose-clad thighs are the real shit.

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God I love loli feet

Scaley feet are better

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When will you plebs stop having a shit taste?

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Imagine the feminine musk on the inside of one of those tanks.
Saori getting moist thinking about the d
Yukari getting moist Thinking about Miho
Hana getting moist firing the gun
Mako getting moist thinking about napping
Miho getting moist thinking of boko.

Utterly divine


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both come in one package though

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>not Yukari getting moist thinking about tanks

bare feet is the most disgusting things in the universe
thigh highs are god's gift to humanity

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Step on me Utaha.

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I love my wife's legs and feet.

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Threads gonna get nuked anyway. Pic related just came in for me today. Smells amazing.

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Thighhighs are like the wrapping of a Christmas present. Appealing just by looking at them but the true prize awaits when you rip them open.

>not yukari getting moist off tanks, Miho and the general aura of moistness

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Feet are the cherry on top. Everything goes together and enhances each other, from the hips down to the feet. Only plebs argue about which part is better among those.
Just like boobs go with the neck, armpits, etc.
And the stomach and hips are what link everything together.


I wish western women were more into thigh high/pantyhose

Oh shit picked up.

This is a wierd thread.

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Legs & Feet are fucking delicious.

Sweaty Pantyhose & Stockings are tasty too.

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