Name a better done death

Name a better done death.

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Gurren Lagann reference?

Yes, Ippo is not very original

>kills his own waifu
Nothing good about this.


Hank Hill’s death

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I wasn't even sad when this happened, I was devastated and heartbroken. Watching Joe grow throughout 20 volumes and then we get this. Joe is truly the greatest anime/manga of all time in my opinion

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You mean Joe.

>Name a better done death.
That's impossible.
That said, Kaioh from Hokuto no Ken:

I love how dragon ball kai inspired so many great shows and comics

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the magician did not return

Rei from Hokuto no Ken.
Dying alone and in absolute violent agony to spare his loved ones having to see it.

Plus the fact that he spent his final days tracking down and killing the man who was implied to have raped his sister

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>Name a better done death.

Did he really die ?

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Lelouch’s in code geass

Every reply in the thread is normalfag cancer and doesn't even come close to Joe.

What a useless death.
Didn't even stop Buu.

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Step aside, please.

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wrong board buddy, this is Sup Forums


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Makes me think of that nedroid edit.

The Spartans didn't stop the Persians in Thermopylae either. Still, that doesn't stop anyone from admiring their heroic sacrifice.

To say that there's a better death than Joe's one, when almost every mangaka from today was traumatised by his dead, is just being retard, joe's death is the most epic death in the manga story



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