Post your favourite anime I start Made in Abyss

Post your favourite anime I start Made in Abyss

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>Rec thread

t. Only seen 10 anime

Made in Reddit

Nichijou, but only because of Sakamoto

Did you start watching anime in Summer 2017?

Anyways, my favorite anime is not even a TV series it's a movie: Redline.

>seasonal 5/10
>favorite anime

The absolute state of pedos

good writing is good writing niggas: have fun keeping yourselves from it for no good reason

it's a good show my dude, dont listen to these fuckin detractors up in this thread right now. they probably havent even watched all of it

Serious question, OP: why the fuck are you here

I have too many favorites to pick just one:
Re:ddit Zero
Reddit in the FranXX
Since you like Made in Reddit you'll probably like any of these.

No I startet watching animes I think 4 years ago

Is Made in Abyss reddit or is it pedo?

Haibane renmei
Kino's journey
Gunslinger girl
Non non biyori

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Why not both?

Because reddit hates pedos. Sup Forums is more pedo than reddit

How is Made in Abyss reddit seriously?

holy fucking yikes

>Because reddit hates pedos.

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Do they not?