Shinmai Maou

The time is soon upon us

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I want to cum deep inside sensei multiple time a day and let her have my half black babies!

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Not soon enough, I want to fap right now, but I know I should wait for the Vol. 12 scans, I just wish that someone would leak them already.

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As expected the 3rd mom was Yuki but the 4th mom was Kurumi. Chisato used her powers to hide everyone away for 2 years in compressed time, then deaged them when they came back. The children are being raised in the demon world until their parents finish school in Wilbert's castle. Chisato's is in the real world with his mother. Ending is Jin returning. Ends right before their meeting.

No children for Zest? I guess that's not too surprising though

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Zest and Maria

Is there an explanation for why they didn't have kids?

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He came inside Kurumi?

Beyond a shadow of doubt

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Literally blew the fattest nut inside of her underaged puss.

life is cruel

What a lucky bastard. If I could cum inside a underage pussy, Kurumi's would surely be my 1st choice. Love this tight slut.

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Where's the subs?
BD comes out tomorrow

I want art with yuki being fucked in her oshiri

Kurumi is the biggest whore in the series,worst creation of a character ever.

Chisatofags no fap challenge, stay strong.

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Still no illustration of Maria's fuck scene?

The one on the right has some big titties

I wan't to be Mio. Self-inserting as Mio

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Why everyone says she is a whore. She just wants some dicking along with her beloved sister

lucky bastard

Mio is the biggest whore in the series, worst creation of a character ever. And she has the face of a mind break to prove it.

He also creampied yuki's both holes

Thats all she has to offer. This underaged slut should have been mindbreaked and impregnated by Zolgear. She doesn't fit into Basaras harem.

Shit taste. You don't like art user

You have shit tatse.

I love self-inserting as Mio too, she is so lucky.

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She fits in into Basara's harem. You're just butthurt.

How can you say that? Just look how cute and innocent she is. She is Wonderful

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When will the scans drop? This Saturday? I'm having a hard time of holding out, even when I watch/play things without tits, I still end up thinking about them. Hopefully Chisato will have a nice sex illustration to make this all worthwhile.

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No, while the other girls are all sluts, she is a whore, the biggest whore the series has to offer.

holy kek

He has mindbroken literally everyone

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>engagement rings

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Goddammit, just as I was saying this, we now have a picture of Mio getting fucked, I MUST RESIST BUT I DON"T KNOW IF I CAN!!!

Best bet would be asking in Chihiro's or Doki's IRC to see if they're doing it.

She's not innocent and not a fan of massive cow titties. Yuki has the perfect body.

>He has mindbroken literally everyone
can bakaperv translate this please

That's Mio. Mio has nothing to offer.

Nipples confirmed in new volume and it's literally porn. Holy shit

Yuki is a anal whore

What we all should strive and live for

Who is that bitch?

Shut up. All the girls are whore and sluts, but Mio is the biggest one of them all because she's the first main girl. Get over yourself.

This is from the SS that came with the BDs.
We've had pics of Mio getting seeded for well over a year now.

So no Nanao x Rikka (class president)? Sucks.

Better than some cow titties.

Kurumi biggest whore confirmed.

Do we know what will be in the next volume as far as sex scenes goes?
Thinking of ordering it but I am only interested in the sex scenes.

Who said i like Mio? Im a Yuki fan, her tits are completely fine.

Where does it come from?

True, but this is a new one. At least it's just Mio, if it had been Zest in that position, I would have fapped for sure. I am now sad that we will probably never get a good Zest sex illustration

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AFAIK it's nothing but sex scenes.

Go watch some porn or hentai then, or do you get off to some black letters on a white background?

Look at that zest ahegao, omfg

Buy it

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Im gonna fap now, nothing is holding me back anymore.

I like the art, never read a letter or watched the show.

How can he do that to multiple girls at the same time?

she looked better before her tits became 3 times the size of her head each

Indeed, delete her from the series please. Everybody who likes her is a son of a *****. Zest is Best.

Man Yuki looks fucking perfect. Slender waist, thunderthighs, large ass and perfectly sized boobs.

Is this blacked out thing Basaras cock inside of her?

He's probably having sex with the girls separately

Seeing that facial expression on Zest was the most arousing thing, but its not enough to get me to break nofap

God these girls are too lucky getting a guy like Basara.

oh, it ended? or will there be more vols?

translations never

was there a timeskip, or did he really get a 13 year old pregnant?

I'm the only one who finds every slut in this hot as fuck? don't care who is best girl, all of them make me diamonds. Just fap to my hearts content

yes you are the only one

Basara prolly thinks the same


He loves Mio the most, the other girls are just his cum dumpsters if he gets bored. Mio is the legal wife. She got married already and they both got a ring.

>or do you get off to some black letters on a white background?
I most certainly do.

Tell us what the pages say

What kind of retarded idea is this? Reading is much more immersive than watching.

sure, then go read heantai novels, there are 1000000 hentai novels out there which are better than shinmai.

name a hentai novel more successful than shinmai.

I wish I could read the Zest sex scene, it would help make up for the lack of a sex illustration

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Shinmai is no Hentai novel. It's still ecchi.

You must love her so much.

If I was Basara, I would reward her loyalty as often as possible and do whatever I can to make her happy, because she deserves it

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It's got censored dick, descriptive sex and full on sex illustrations. Just because it's not R-18 doesn't disqualify it since lord knows how it dodged that.

>Just ecchi
user. It has explicit anal sex, underage impregnation, orgies. This is more hardcore than some vanilla hentai

I just want to forget this series until someone translate the rest of the novels

I don't get why people geak out about this image. The OP post was out before this and it shows the same ring on her finger. Also seeing Yuki in her attire implies both are married/won, thus implying all won.

Don't ask me how the series is still ecchi, but its still sold as ecchi, no matter how hardcore it is.

She just wan'ts to be happy.

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So the two new pics are from the SS that came with the blu ray and not vol 12?

Sorry but I don't think I can.
My Japanese is not good enough to translate that. At least not without the pages before and after it for some context.
I think he is fucking Mio, but says that this was Marias idea.
Something about being worried and wanting to ease things maybe?

Also, the girls might be lining up to have sex with Basara.

In the page with the glasses wearing girl, she is talking about pregnancy and Hasegawa. They thought it was a stomach ache so she took painkillers and lied down in bed. Her breasts changed and so on. I might be able to translate that but don't get your hopes up.

just ask one of the many translators who translates ecchi like bakaperv and others

Focus on Nanao please

Yes, 72 page SS of basically porn.

I wish we could get this all translated, it sounds hot

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Wasn't Nanao talking about her period?

>He loves Mio the most, the other girls are just his cum dumpsters if he gets bored. Mio is the legal wife. She got married already and they both got a ring.
Oh, it's the delusional Miofag.

Oh you're right.
So before I try and translate that I have a question... Did Nanao use to be a guy? Because if I understand this page correctly she says she "became a female", or at least her body did, or something.
I've only seen season 1 of the show and read a little bit here and there so I don't know the story all that well.
All I know is that Maria is the cutest of them all[/spoilers]

Nanao used to have an undetermined gender. Also, what's that about a pregnancy