Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 45

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Continuation of the heat chapter. Let's see what Jin has to say about Lanka's question.

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>I hate you.

Simple and straight answer.

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Oh, a new character?

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>Continuation of the heat chapter
>heat chapter

I missed this and I hope it lives up to what I just imagined it is.

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She calls herself Anetani Anne.

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The book says "The tale of the loyal human Hachiko."

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Lanka got told by Anne to ignore Jin, that's why.

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The box says "The method of ignoring is very well known for its efficacity in the dog's education too."

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Fuck Jin !! He does not deserve the Lanka.

Nope, not working.

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New human ?

>It's in your interest to part
>with the humans.

>You can't trust them. Unlike the wolves, they can betray their partners.
>They're barbaric, cruel and egocentric creatures.

You'll know soon, just wait.

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Lanka best girl.
Only for mating with Jin.

She wants to believe in Jin even though she wouldn't forgive a betray.

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They heard about Jin telling Lanka he hated her.

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>The humans lie.
>So don't take every single word they say at face value.

>He means he doesn't actually hate you.

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Time for the reveal: She's a Neanderthal.

By the way, Anetani literally means big sister valley and Neanderthal happens to means valley of Neander. Plus, Anne and the part Ane of her surname are in the word.

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Oops, forgot to say this is the last page.

Also, what's she says: It's our turn to send you humans to extinction.

> A subhuman
Jin is going to destroy her.
Thanks for the dump.

>She's a Neanderthal
Neanderthal's are just humans.
They're not another species, they're us.

>She's a Neanderthal

Then why isnt hse hairy ?


Armpits and you know where.


Post proof.

Dammit I thought she was another humie. I don't think adding a Neanderthal would be a good idea, it seems a little derivative. Unless she gets purged by Jin like we did thousands of years ago.

he doesn't want it

Fuck those beasts.

Neanderthals are actually different enough from humans to classify as a different species. Something about skeletal and organ shape, specifically about heads and brains. It would have been funnier if she did look ugly as sin though, but that would get in the way of the upcoming drama.

>They're not another species, they're us.
holy shit you're dumb

Because she's the female version.

are there any scanlations since rapeman got DMCA'd?

Subspecies if you can fuck it and get viable hybrid kids out of it.

I think it's just benevolent Sup Forumsnons now. BakaUpdates lists the current translator as Sup Forumsnonymous

I haven't made the fixes from the last thread, it should be up tomorrow guys

what a hero

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Don't forget to discuss/check with me before that.

>benevolent Sup Forumsnons
All hail benevolent Sup Forumsnons! Translating interesting manga chapters because they are interesting.

>Anetani Anne.
Does this count like incest?

she hasnt lifted her skirt yet

they are two species of humans and the other did not survive because our intellectual superiority was better

So doesn't this mean that Hitomi is also her "target"?

Also I really fucking wonder how everything came to be if she can hold a grudge for being pushed to extinction. I thought things like prey/predator and extinction didn't exist (and meat is hand waved).

>Fuck those beasts.

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God Bless Jin, he's so great

There's a quote from some movie that perfectly sums up Neanderthals relationship with humans that goes something like this
>Do you know what we did to Neanderthals thousands of years ago?
>We ate them.
And that's pretty much it, though obviously simplified. It's actually quite an interesting topic, though exploring that isn't really the point of a cute animal girl manga like this.

I got your last email, just need to finish other series before

I thought they were fucked to extinction.

Lots of factors, mostly due to stagnation on their part. While humies made spears and sticks they still sat in caves and didn't do shit besides paint and sit around, though we did take an active role in murdering the fuck out of them.

She is not wrong but humans are in heat all year .. all year!.

>being a lankafag
Panda is best girl. Death to dogfuckers

>all humans are the same!
>there is only one race, the human race!
Someone get the fucking leftist out of here.

>best human
Fucking finally.
>has her acting savage instead of being ultra smart

I haven't been around for a few months but I just want to still maintain my position as the top Koalafag

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There was a mega with translations of past (post-Rapeman) chapters somewhere, anyone have the link?

Does that mean she has a hairy minge?

False. We won because we had numbers and because of the particulars of utero development in cross breeding favouring those with more qualities of the man over the neanderthal.
There is a lot of evidence and more keeps coming to light every year that Neanderthal's were very much the superior species in terms of intelligence among other aspects.

I hope so

totally trap

>It's my secret. I am always in heat.

Best romcom MC ever.

prepare to get rekt Neanderthal, Sapiens master race has already defeated you once, we will do it again

>Neanderthal's were very much the superior species in terms of intelligence
This is a meme, just wait till our guy Jin btfo the soon-to-be extinct slut

I-it's not a meme. It's some anthropology that's commonly misunderstood, omitted or ignored. If you want a true happy end Jin should drop the filthy humie and hook up with the superior neaderthal fuzz

>soon-to-be extinct
Didn't Neanderthal try to better their race by crosbreeding? Maybe she could try the same with Jin?

Neanderthals weren't that much hairier than an average Homo Sapiens according to most modern reconstructions.

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Maybe only, koala is the worst.

Why did we kill them?

From what I remember, humans were simply more batshit insane when it came to fighting against the Neanderthal. We killed, ate and raped them to death. And I think some of us had Neanderthal ancestry in our DNA so they technically got absorbed into homo-sapiens.

You just aren't enlightened enough to understand the superiority of fat koala titties. Your situation is quite pitiful, honestly.

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Why not fuck them both?

Jin is the best thing ever

>literal shit eater

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We love to kill and pillage

>Not wanting a fat tittied tiny cutie who loves to eat your ass
Let's not forget that besides that one weird thing she's the most sensible member of the club after Jin and also can cook actual food just she doesn't like the taste if it's not poop or poison

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I don't know why but that bit about extinction really makes me think jin and hitomi might really be the last humans

Have you tried killing? It's really fun.

Pretty much. I laugh at the utter idea that humanity is an enlightened and noble race depicted in fiction and such. We are utter savages no matter how much we try to pretend to be civilized.

All I am seeing is more reason why the panda is best.

He'll come around eventually. No one can resist the allure of wolf pussy forever.

There was a story where humans are the monstrous species that fucks everybody up.

Yeah but we are better than all the other species so we win

up to 42!A8dmGRQa!8nPyVwXK8Epv8DbwMQQqDQ

She still eats shit bro, sounds like you do too.

But they're fucking ext-
>Remember t-rex
Nevermi->It's our turn to send you humans to extinction

Probably one of those HFY stories.

Jin will make us proud, he will kill and rape this dumb Neanderthal.

At least she just eats it rather than being shit like whatever garbage character you like

>some of us
Most asian, jew and white (anglo/slav/nordic ect. ect.) have neanderthal in us.

I haven't noticed updates coming to godess. Am I retarded or are they not in this new pipeline

Yeah, your opinions don't matter when she literally eats shit. Sorry pal.

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Most of the human population on the planet has a little neaderthan dna, or a little denisovan dna, or some from both. Pure homo sapiens are basically some groups of Africans who never migrated nor interbred with non African populations. Note that as sapiens spread out of Africa, interbreeding with the established neaderthal population almost certainly helped with immunity to local diseases, allowing for a faster spread out over territory.