After all... were the girls alright?

after all... were the girls alright?

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They're better than alright.

>kimari got skin cancer
>hinata embarrasses herself on the internet
>yuzuki is pregnant and smells of stale cum
>shirase got home to find out her grandma is broke and she left her only hope in Antarctica

yu orai! yu orai!

No, they're all dead.


I've seen the bodies.

Fuck, I m seriously falling in love with Hinata.

she's ugly lad

She's fun as fuck.

Even Megu-chan

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just get a dog then

Why didn't tumblr watch this?


How would you know and why would you care?

You're 10 episodes late to the bandwagon.

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Wow, she made it.

Despite your directions.

What do I do now without Yuzuki?

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A-Aurora Borealis?!


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Megu look more like a JC in this photos...

I only feel like the girls themselves should've had one individual emotional farewell each when they came back to Japan. Sure, they would meet eachother again soon, but I feel it would bring some extra weight to the end of their journey for the viewer.

Megu a shit

Add the new one.

if not AOTY it at least had ED song of the year.

This guy was off by one episode (13, not 12), but he got it mostly right.

I thought this was a stupid development and it ruined the good vibe I was feeling for the rest of the finale


Anal without Yuzuki isn't worth doing.

her love for yu-kun knows no bounds

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Yes, but why did Megu redemption arc have to happen off screen?

This is photoshop. Meguchan is a fraud

He got almost nothing right, but then again, it was a good bet if this was just another SoL.

I thought the opposite. It was the perfect way to wrap up their relationship drama in a short time. It shows that she understands the reason for leaving and decided to pursue the same thing. It fits perfectly with how their relationship was described earlier and is a thousand times better than just having them meet up and smile or some other generic welcome back ending.

The only reason I can see not to like it is if you're still butthurt about her unplugging the game.

Some things can't be forgiven

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Maybe not by you, but you don't matter.

No, they took the only attractive girl and ruined her right before the big finale scene. I'm sure there was some deeper meaning there that I missed, but I really don't think it was worth it.

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Naked bodies I suppose

>she even said sorry
I already forgave her back then

Just die right now.

All of the songs were spot on. Colors and Kokkoku may have been more fun to listen to, but every time they played a song here it fit the tone of the scene so well and made it have so much more impact.

In your face.

>No, they took the only attractive girl
Thats not all of them user.

>the only attractive girl

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May i see it?