H-He's fast!

>H-He's fast!

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Unless it's an anime that's made solely for fanservice.

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Worst girl winning

>things you love

Out of place comedic scenes or lines that totally break up the action or emotion.

Tsunderes and yanderes done terribly bad or straight up wrong

Clueless main characters, stupid harems, tsundere.

Amnesia unless it’s a consequence of something in world.




>N-nani?! Don't tell me he used the smoke generated by the explosion as a distraction to sneak behind my back while also activating his ability at full power thanks to the shockwave of my explosion technique being blocked by his sword just before impact??!?? C-could this possibly be??!?!?
I hate when a character in the middle of a fight (specially a villain) gets taken by surprise and has just about enough time to explain with an inner monologue and in full detail what the opponent just did. I get that it is sometimes needed for the viewer to understand, but if you got fooled I expect you to at least act surprised, not be able to figure everything out on a nanosecond and explain it to the viewer telepathically.

NTR episodes. just means that you can essentially stop trying to discuss the show because that's the only thing that will be talked about from now on

anime killing off a minor character, or a character that was introduced to the viewer an episode ago, thinking I have any kind of attachment to it whatsoever

Rushed endings and unfulfilled plot hooks

When the author has an autistic idea of what an attractive female looks like, and ends up making all his female characters look bland due to sameface/samebody syndrome.

>character said some cool, edgy, emotional shit
>someone just repeat his name
Fucking hate it

>when the glasses aren't fully drawn
>when fences aren't fully drawn
>when male nipples get censored but there's plenty of scenes with female nipples present
>people shilling old trashy anime just because they're old
>incest that's not really incest
>anime without shading
>anime that are censored children's novels (and how they're praised)
>mainstream movies


that tch sound


Non-blood related incest

I already made a thread about this a few days ago, but when characters name their attacks. I'd rather it not be in Shounen series, but at least that's understandable with the demographic in mind. It's when it appears outside of Shounen.

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This. Well, sexual fan service specifically. Cheapens the story.

This. What's the fucking point, then? They even try to pull this shit in hentai.It makes me grateful for Oreimo.

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Sup Forums

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Don't watch Schwarzesmarken

And then people say it's the Game of Thrones of anime

The only anime to do this well was Black Cat

Pointless drama in otherwise comfy show

Padding, e.g., we get a shot of character's face for 4 seconds doing nothing before it begins speaking

I remember this shit with Attack On Titan specifically. Watched it because people wouldn't shut up about it and it was fucking mediocre.

making the strongest character/historical revision of a character/etc. into a little girl who's no older than 15 in appearance

>when people defend it

SoL that tries too hard and invents unnecessary drama.

Misunderstandings when both partners can just sit back have some tea and talk things out, but no they have to use their failed telepathy to send mixed signals.

Explanations about the character's powers and abilities in the middle of a fight.
That's why I stopped bothering with shounen, instead of actual fights they are more akin to turn based rpg combat, but instead of just using their damn abilities they also had to explain them.

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>So this is X!

Hayashi !

Here's a couple:
>I vehemently want to protect "x"
>ok then you must do "y"
>I refuse
>then "x" will die/be destroyed
>alright then
>character reaches final form
>proceeds to use 100% of his power in final form
>character uses stronk attack and creates a cloud of dust
>waits for the dust to clears and is surprised the opponent is not harmed (specially stupid when characters can "sense" each other)
>Character does something obvious like dodging or blocking
>support character proceeds to explain what just happen ending his speech with: "he truly is a fighting genius"
>MC has killed in several occasions during the story (sometimes even as a joke)
>final battle happens and defeated villain asked to be killed
>MC: I'm not going to kill you because killing is bad

>when male nipples get censored but there's plenty of scenes with female nipples present
Literally where?

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Yeah, that one was the worst.
It's as if people mistake an edgy gimmick for good storytelling

So basically old comics


Right now in Code Geass.

To add to this
>when they use nudity to lure you in at the first episode but the rest of the episodes contain no nudity or censored nudity as opposed to the first episode

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>It's time for me to use "THAT"

teen thread

>long fight explanations of things that, if the writer were competent, the audience should already be able to understand
>(raw manga complaint) using an obscure kanji with the same reading and meaning as a common kanji or hiragana-norm word just to be fancy
>long conversations mid-battle that destroy the sense of time flow
>misunderstandings as a plot device
>walk in on girl changing, gets hit
>girl in short skirt, wind, pantsu flash, guy gets hit
>falls, lands with hands on bewbs, gets hit
>general prudishness and purity otaku, like a couple taking forever to just hold hands or kiss or other basic shit, especially if it takes YEARS
>just fuck already situations
>everyone is a fucking orphan
>nippon stronk shit, like a western character in a western setting using a katana and it's like a godmode weapon

I mean, the nippon stronk shit, you can say "well it's japanese anime of course it's japanese." But if every american cartoon, like fuck Avatar, let's say Aang runs around waving an american flag out of nowhere and pulls out side holster pistols and fires into the air as an eagle soars across the background. It's just out of fucking place.
Another complain, inability of nips to do even basic research for the writing. They're an ignorant, ethnocentric society for sure. If you're gonna base something in another country or time period do some BASIC RESEARCH. Nips act like they don't have access to fucking google.
Gungrave did it well. Love and Peace cook was best boy.
Usually hate it but in kekkai sensen it's good, because it's so over the top it's hype af.

>It's a little tight around the chest...

Degeneracy like pedoshit, gayshit and yurishit.

>be some jap
>get hit by a bus
>Isekai'd into a medieval world
>but don't worry there's no language or cultural barrier to overcome here guys
This shit drives me up the wall

>draw a female
>call it a male to please faggots


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>friends encourage the mc and show that they got his back
>*short silence*
>mc looks at everyone

>dude is watching a fight
>one fighter is suprisingly strong
>"Don't tell me he..."

>characters singular purpose in life is to defeat his rival in a fight

>When someone gets cut/slashed a fountain of blood shoots out.
>Guns are worthless
>The power of friendship
>Incompetent sidecharacters(Police included)
>Forced romance
>Overused Highschool setting
>Incompetent villains

>MC is an annoying cunt but gets forced in the story by the author because he self-inserts
>osananajimi always wins
>MC is a beta faggot that gets a nosebleed when he sees a girl's ankle
>censored violence
>girl walks non-chalantly through a battlefield because shes soooo powerfull
>talent beats effort, or talented person dont put any effort at all
>super powerful loli
>character has an ideology and at some point he has to sacrifice it but then some asspull saves him of doing it
>when swords out power guns
>villain is just after power
>story sets the mc up as the villain and at the last minute it was his assumed-deceased brother all along
>mc is self-righteous for the heck of it

I hate when some character has to comment on why other character is awesome. Like, a character throwing a fist.
>wow, I never saw a form like that! he's a top master!
and another character blocks it
>wow, he blocked it! he must be another top master!

And we're suppossed to be awed by an exchange of punches.

>Character Developments

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>story sets the mc up as the villain and at the last minute it was his assumed-deceased brother all along
Does that happen a lot?

>retarded shit
every time

more often than i would like to

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>autistic characters (Clannad)
>romance between 12yo pushed too far (SAO)
>dumb comedy
>edgy loli
>harem shit

Isekai and Harem.

I fucking despise isekai, its the laziest most pathetic method of storytelling, it requires absolutely zero effort.
Haremshit goes hand to hand with Isekaishit creating a bigger pile of shit.

Fuck you.

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Confessions (probably japan thing not just anime). Just fucking as them out on a date casually and stop being shy and retarded. How are you supposed to date around and window shop if you start it off like a marriage proposal and tell them you love them right from the start?

>character clearly says "hi"
>subs say "yes"

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Huge sparkly pupils

ie = yes
ie = no
ie = hello
ie = maybe
ie = okay that's alright
ie? = what?

When they forget about a characters abilities it's SUPER fucking annoying. They did it a lot in Kinnikuman with his beam and flash abilities and I never got why.

I also just can't stand moe stuff on the whole. Harems, the laundry list of deres, and most of it, all feel so overdone and greedy.

That being said, I think yanderes or tsunderes for example CAN be done right, be it for comedy or otherwise, but it has to be unique.

This, ANYTHING having to do with NTR is garbage on wheels, no question.

People fighting for a status quo that is horrible at best and claiming themself as the good ones.

anime "fans"

Forced drama and NTR

"はい" (Hai) means "yes" - that's the problem?

What I most in anime is you, Americans.

>Villain almost defeats the hero, leaving them nearly dead / heavily injured.
>"Return to me but stronger so I can defeat you again"
>Later hero defeats villain.
>"I should had killed you when I had the chance to".

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Separate OP/EDs. You know when sometimes the OP/EDs plays over an actual scene while the credits roll? It probably only happens when they're short on time but I'd like it to be always like this.

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Idiot protagonists is probably the biggest one for me. If the plot, relationship development (or lack thereof), or the big twist in the end rely on the main character being a literal retard, the show isn't worth watching anyway.

when the show has an obnoxious redditor/facebook fanbase from which retards then come posting here and shitting up the board's quality

Not buying his game.

>Now, allow me to lay out in detail this extremely complicated plan
>[cuts away]
>[cuts back]
>Now, lets begin!

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Mc is the most boring person of the ensemble. Or has that typical scrawny body. That all the women find attractive.

>I'm just your average protagonist who is just completely average in every way

Hair style remains the same throughout childhood. And doesn't grow until the inevitable time skip.

Beach episodes.

>"As expected of..."

>beach episode

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>character says oniichan, oneechan, etc
>subs say the siblings name

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Shitty anime like Franxx which gets 50 generals at the same time

>MC saves the world/city/thousands of people
>Goes back to his normal life as if nothing

Dude umi da lmao

I don't get it. Can you give me an example?

you just explained naruto

You mean Hunter x Hunter.


Can't we have more threads about things we like instead ?

obnoxious loli character

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Nothing wrong with that.

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Shut up.

Referring to a sibling by their family relation instead of their name.