Why is she such an unlikeable bitch?

Why is she such an unlikeable bitch?

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she probably sells herself for ramen

Ramen addiction.

Her voice

I want Koizumi to marry Yuu.

I want Yuu to eat Koizumi-san.

because the writing is shit

>meats nice woman who helps her out from being hit on by random strangers
>is a bitch towards her
>is being saved again
>still a stone faced bitch
>goes around town eating ramen with her new friend
>Shows no emotion at all

Is she autistic?

Reminder that the author has a thing for Yandere's.

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Boy did he make that obvious.


Quite literally yes. But I dont dislike her as much as I hate Yuu and her stalking behavior.

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That's not Yuu

>love food
>wanted some comfy show about Ramen
>get the show with the least likeable cast in the history of anime

Everybody in this show sucks

Try to imagine some random cunt who you're not interested in at all following you around everywhere and forcing his/her company on you.
How long do you think you're going to be nice to them?

Koizumi was never nice to anyone in the entire school.
Her entire stick is being an ice cold autist to everyone she meets, no matter how they treat her.

Also best girl.

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No,instead people should get hint the first time that she's not interested.

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The two female friends were nice.
I liked the episodes where they got screen time without Yuu the most.

I found her likable though. She's hot for ramen and doesn't care about Yuu.

>Yuu haters in my Ramen thread

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A girl with short hair like that might as well be a man, Mr. Gay.

Take that back

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She was too shy to tell Yuu her feelings.

Stop lying Yuu.

I'm not Yuu.

That sounds like something Yuu would say.

It's just a coincidence.

I like Yuu.

We know, Koizumi.