Negro Shamrock

Black Clover thread
This smile should be protected

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Excellent title my dude

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This smile was not protected

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>not even human
>probably an elf or something else

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>negro shamrock
I unironically loves these OPs


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is it possible to shop the top right corner out?

Here you go

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It's a translation error.


Stop your slanderous lies, filth. Julius is a beautiful pure blooded human.

Will Charmy win the Yunobowl?

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Without a doubt.
Also, when the hell are we getting a Charmy focused arc?

Post the raws.

Es el principe salvador de la comida

I don't like how they changed what yuno said.
>This tremendous mana.
>This sinister mana/this beastly mana
it implied something good more negative about charmy

I preffer the the scribble swirls of Charmys cheeks in the manga

after the elf arc when they start revealing the demon worshipper tribe

This. Its pretty significant but maybe its a translator error?

Has a huge 360 degree rotating grimoire

Is this the part you’re talking about? Sorry I haven’t watched the episode yet but if it’s pic related, he’s saying tremendous.

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damn oh well

dang that sucks
I liked the implications

Light Novel Translation fucking never.

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Why in the ever living fuck did they spoil the king's fucking face?

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Wait so he's not from Silva or Vermillion?

He's a Clover. I guess

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Damn he's pretty short

smug smile

Some guy said that last name could have been a name change like most kings when they take the crown

I don't want them to fight the elves now, it ruins the reveal.
They should just beat a couple of them and the elves retreat to regroup.

that's would be the best out come story wise.

I would like some regrouping to occur at least.

He's so asshurt about it too. I love it

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Asta doesn't seem so short when you compare it to him

Asta and charmy are runts

Asta is 155cm and the King is 160cm. That's not much of a difference

king is also a runt

The 2nd half of today's ep was even more awful than usual, goddamn.
Might as well make it a picture book anime.

Did you think we had forgotten?
Did you think we had forgiven?

Behold, now, the terrible vengeance of the Elves!!!

Death to the Royalty!!!
And death to the ningen!!!

Now, all can see this is the hour of the Elves!!!

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so it was basically Digimon 3rd season?

Are you shitting on Tammers, you motherfucker?

what is her stands name?

Will Asta get a height growth?

in timeskip

Hopefully never
Hopefully there is no skip

but if there's a timeskip, there's a chance he won't scream anymore

how the hell does a King exist in this world? what's stopping Magic Emperor from usurping him? and the Clover Kingdom is based around Rome so just the Emperor would make more sense than a Medieval like Monarchy

reminder that there is a high possiblity the Wizard of Time flung Licht's sword of revealing light spell to the past which destroyed the elves

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the only people who give any sort of shits about Asta screaming are subbedanimeonlys

They share equal power and are ranked the same user. King handles infrastructure, Emperor handles magic and a portion of the military... I think they also have a 3rd co-ruler iirc

How tall is he going to be? I think 170cm is maximum
Timeskips are always a part in shonen

yeah but in a world with super powers the existance of a weak ruler makes little sense

>and the elves retreat to regroup
Given the circumstances, it should be the opposite. The magic knights are up shit creek, and the best thing they could to at the moment is retreat.

Incorrect. The wizard king is essentially the King's top general. As stated, during wartime, the wizard king has equal authority to the king, but only during a war.

that theory is fucking stupid and you know it.


It makes enough sense to be funny.

On another note, I was rereading this part of the manga, and there's a flashback from Leopold where it's mentioned that Fuegoleon could become "the true sovereign" who holds both the seats of the wizard king, and the king of clover. This kind of backs up the theory that Tetia's brother, the first wizard king, was also the king of clover, and the ancestor of the modern royals. It also seems to suggest that Fuego is in the line of succession to the throne. But Tabata still hasn't explained exactly how the current king is related to the Vermillions and Silvas.

Reminder that these ships are going to be canon:
Gordon and Leona
Magna and Sol
Gauche and Gray
Asta Harem end
Yami Harem end

On that note, who will become the next NotHokage? Fuegoleon or Yami?

I'm in favour of ending black bull wankery so not Yami. Oh god not Yami.

would make more sense to be Nozel

despite the manga being arguably average these threads are pretty chill, makes me feel intersted in the series

Fuego or Nozel but I think we might get an arc akin to the 13th Chairman Election from HxH to decide

Then I hope Nozel does something important in this arc because so far we haven't seen much of him

>arguably average
That's what Tabata wanted you to think

I hope so the guy needs to chill, I don't mind hyper MC's but he is just a bit too much for my taste.

>Asta needs to become calmer to control his book demon

Sign me in

I don't mind him in the manga but I can understand why people complain about him in the anime

Mimosa a best!

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Even in the manga it felt kinda grating, don't get me wrong I love hotblooded screaming MC's I am an /m/fag afterall.
But Asta just takes it one notch too far.

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Mein neger

my black clover!

I want to black her clover, if you know what I mean

what are the chances we go full Full Metal Alchemist and the anime just goes on a wild tangent from the manga?

Magic Emperor is the military leader like a shogun while the king is the emperor.

Twin Star Exorcist and World Trigger lost any chances of becoming even slightly popular because their anime adaptations strayed so far away nigger

I would be fine if we then got a brotherhood treatment

let MHA be the next Naruto, we'll be the next FMA!

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Oh shit, we are the next underdog then

Neither MHA nor BC will ever reach those levels of popularity

not with that attitude user

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In time they might you never know.
most of the old pillars had dull begining



Man that cleanly chipped tooth looks really painful

How do they always get their teeth back in shonen?

To be fair Asta was like 5 when that happend so most likely his adult teeth just set in.

Damn you are right

See, after your sworn brother and best friend does something like this... how the fuck does Yuno conclude that he will no longer lose to Asta and starts being a cunt to him....

>literally just Stain 2.0: Magic Edition

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Really great dental
The better question is how all these Shonen set in the past. Why they all have bright white clean teeth.

you're mistaking being a cunt with brotherly teasing

Asta is Litterally the only person who can make Yuno smile these days.
But also to answer ur question Yuno hated himself for putting asta through that and did not want to ever be a burden to that degree ever again.

Jews invented caries, the jews have not much power japanese ficition

Have you seen nigger teeth from Africa? White as morning snow.

Remove the es
>el principe salvador de la comida

Because the Magic Emperor isn't a faggot. The positions possibly used to be merged as the 1st Magic Emperor was the Prince of the Clover Kingdom and the Magic Emperor is a military general + the King has strong magical powers and he handles everything related to politics.

Why do you anons keep saying Clover Kingdom is based in Ancient Rome? For me is clearly a Middle Ages kingdom