Episode 46: 未来を描き出すサーキット – Mirai o Egakidasu Sākitto
(The Circuit That Draws the Future)
Playmaker and Ai are barely hanging on, with only a few Life Points left. The situation is all but hopeless for them. However, the two of them refuse to give up, and keep on fighting. In order to overcome Revolver’s near-perfect tactics, Playmaker bets everything on one last draw. At the same time, the Tower of Hanoi is also on the verge of completion. Can Playmaker defeat Revolver and stop Hanoi’s plan once and for all?!

Fujiki Yusaku/Playmaker: Ishige Shoya
Ai: Sakurai Takahiro
Kusanagi Shoichi: Kimura Subaru
Shima Naoki: Sawashiro Chiharu
Kogami Ryoken/Revolver: Takeuchi Shunsuke
Frog/Pigeon: Seki Tomokazu

Script: 吉田伸, 立原正輝 || Yoshida Shin, Tachihara Masaki
Storyboard: えらん|| Eran
Direction: 三家本泰美 || Mikamoto Yasumi
Animation Director(s): 佐藤瑞樹, 長谷川一生 || Satou Mizuki , Hasegawa Issei

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Revolver did nothing wrong

lmfao final episode of the arc and no Aoi
even if she gets revived here she gets no dialogue


Next you're gonna say naoki is the new upcoming great duelist.

Don't be silly, we all know that's going to be Brave MAX

>Still old OP/ED

nobody cares about that useless cunt

I'm amazed by how unpopular they made this.

This might actually be the worst performing yugioh anime.

stop using that boring picture as OP

Are you saying switching Astral and Yuma positions was a bad idea?

>transcends human intellect
>still loses

How to get amazed when you know that Konami actually thought that the reporter duo and Naoki are enough as joke relieves?

they didn't even think that much of them.

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Anyone who doesn't do something within the VR gets no importance.

Playmaker transcends common sense by pulling Rituals out of his ass.

well they were bringing up comic relief, its not like frog, pigeon, and naoki are really relevant. Frog and pigeon are just in every episode for whatever reason.

When I said no importance I didn't mean those fucks who did fuck all with their avatar.
Seriously an occasional autistic talk between Yusaku and Aoi could lift the spirit better. Fells like the over seriousness in the pc world had contributed to most of the VRAINS boredom.

I'm not really sure who thought being 100 percent plot focused at the beginning of the series was a good idea.

At least we all can agree that revolver was right.

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The processing power of Link Vrains can't keep up with his intellect.

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>Come back for Specture and Revolver's episodes
>Vrains threads seem alive with meme factor and disscussion
>Both guys are now gone, Playmaker's a criminal, Go,Aoi,Akira and Emma now dead will liekly recover off screen
Ah, shit,just when I thought the show had finally found it's stride.


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who the fuck does that?

God exists though, whether he believes it or not.

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At the moment he ended his everlasting turn, i knew what i had to do. My body acted on itself, and as i didn't even had the time to think, I stuck two of my finger together and stared at him with menacing eyes while pressing down my affor-mentionned fingers on the top of my Deck. This action of drawing felt like a symbol of destiny, a sign of the gods.
As i flipped the card i drew thanks to my swift yet intelligible movement, i saw it.
It was really it, in all of its glowing and reflective majesty !
My secret shining power, my ultimate hope-ending trap !
My brutal and perfect weapon of massive destruction:
Mirror Force.
At the very moment i saw its glory through the Mirror Force-shaped mask of my avatar's eyes, it was like if time stopped...
The synapse of my brain reacted and sended thousand of very small but precise and calculated messages to every fiber of my very being.
These minuscules impulses awakened me.
I was alive, again.
I felt my head, my eyes, my mouth, my torso and all my limbs revigorated. Every single one of my fingers and appendices were filled with a new electric-like feel, No, every single one of my cells, every single one of my atoms felt like unique thinking entities connected together, LINKED together.
I was one with myself.
One with my cards
One with the world.
Everything was finally co-linked.

Finally... I had transcended human intellect itself.

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Why are you like this

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His parent is DEEEEDDDDD

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is this episode just going to be revolver doing retarded hand gestures

Most useless character
And worst character
VRAINS would be so good without her

I think VRAINS would have to stop treating interaction that isn't 100 percent plot related like a virus for it to try to be good.

Konami playing4D chess

> Mc is retarded but gets better as time goes on
>Friends with ghost thing that is a dueling prodigy and has amnesia
> Said ghost helps him become less retarded
>Deck is a cluster duck of non synergic cards and themes
>Pendant given by archeology enthusiasts family member, linked to the plot and the ghost
> Antagonists tied to the plot by their past lives
> Rival motivated by the past and sibling, with an ace that has Dragon and white in the name.
> Rival gets second edgy ace tied to the plot
>Best boy has rape faces and betrays Mc
>Loved in nipland
> Ghost gets back memories and goes back to another world at the end.

This series should have ended after Yami Marik.

What the fuck are you on about?

there is an old saying u got to remeber user:
>Nothing can be worse than Arc-V

Aw, I was hoping from a bit more from the summary. Oh well, episode 47 is when season 2 starts.

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They lied to usssssssssss

> Mc only wants fun
>Goes to dueling school
> Reincarnation of " The Supreme King"
>Creates his own Summon method
> Rivals are a morally grey badass with cry baby sibling and rich boy with excellent deck building skills and the resource management of a pro trapped in a he'll of memes
> Edo Phoenix hates you for petty reason
> S2 you transcend dimensions to rescue your love one .
>Turns out you are the bad guy
> People die left and right but return at the end.

Is the next series here already?

>Ryoken and Yusaku in the velvet room
what would their personas be?

YAAY! Ghost Girl 4ever

shut up

5Ds / Vrains
> Science dad tries to save humanity and fucks shit up.
> You are now a criminal
> Random a hole steals something valuable to you and now people love him to boot.
> You are childhood friends and share the same abilities.
> Your nakamas fought valiantly but failed, now is up to you.
> Summon chants include " light my future path".
> your deck has a usable theme but you like using random stuff.
> S1 ends you and your a hole rival are clashing head on but there is something more ominous in the background.

at least it's not a recap...

Yusei isn't nearly as soulless as Yusaku, He was making impassioned speeches about bonds of people he didn't even really know that weren't even related to the main plot by episode 12.

PM use rituals, that's way below even common sense, so stupid it works stuff

They just wrote3 seasons but sold 6 that's genius

user read again he means Revolver

Revolver is a standard rival character who didn't even really give a shit about all his allies. Yusei would actively try to prevent his friends being hurt.

Revolver is clearly mourning his allies
The plan just takes priority, he is they died for this so I'll make it happen instead of going full shone n character about it " no one will does cuz I believe in Us"

Yugi and Yuma were bros. Your first point is terrible and you should feel bad.

And you literally can't put them in the same sentence as Yugi was shy and Yuma was outgoing.

Yusei would actively oppose the destruction of link vrains and turning innocent people into vegetables..

>didn't give a shit about his allies
i just listen to vrains in the background but even i heard that he was clearly mourning them. the ones he didn't care about are those thugs that just want to shit things up.

>who didn't even really give a shit about all his allies.
Don't mix up Revolver with Yusaku.

He didn't seem shaken in any significant way. It isn't anything like bruno or even sherry. All the way up to Dr. Kogami.

Details may vary but they were both incompetent idiots at the beginning

He clearly stated that he cares for them numerous of time even in the recap ep. So shut up and accept the fact, speedwatcher.

Cares so much he'll kill them all in advance of his grand plan that he didn't even come up with.

Man I can't believe humanity has fallen so far we got ygo speed watchers

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Look his quick moaning in recap eps isn't convincing, especially since its shoved in between in flashbacks. His wishes are obviously misplaced like every yugioh rival.

It's a suicidal plan, u think he will not be Anothered if the tower is complete?

It's an organization not a team play. You expect the other to be fucking around to lose more?

Arc-V at least started good and managed to remain engaging for at least 50 episodes. The show ending badly really hurt because it actually started good, Vrains is just boring from the beginning.


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That his feelings are misplaced doesn't make them less "real" in universe

I don't see how that detracts from my point that he doesn't really care about his allies.

Yup, good times. Arc-V had like the best first 50 episodes out of any Yu-Gi-Oh season by far.

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Just for some. It's the opposite to me.
I regret I even watch sth as shitty as Arc-V and wasted too much time with it.

Was there ever a franchise started with a childish protagonist and stupid ugly deck and ridiculous duel set up? I fucking hate those entertainment duel that is full of asspull, Kaiba would have facepalmed himself if he ever witness sth so shameful like that.

It doesn't work when he does it himself. His allies are frankly trash to him with his focus on his objective.

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where are the sound duel 4 leaks?

Childish Protagonist >> literally no character protagonist

stay mad.

Yeah whatever, live in denial, speedwatcher.

You deny a fact then don't bother bring it up in discussion.

I'm sorry user, but Kaiba only facepalms at Revolver thinking Mirror Force is a viable card in 2018. And at anyone who falls victim to it.



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Revolver didn't think that. It's you and GG, right?
Revolver being chuni all the time, not only just MF that he tried to make it look cooler. Besides, he is good at using MF's related cards too.

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How is him not being a good person a rebuttal to him not really seeming like he cares about his allies?

Because he does care, but mission is more important?
And that's obvious by putting the slightest attention
Hel his feelings got the better of him last episode

What kind of card is Revolver holding, Sup Forums?

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the most broken card ever
pot of greed

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He put them all the knights and specter into comas himself. I don't think he really cares.

Check this out.

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If God tells you to kill your 4 best friends to save humanity, do you do it?

he didn't even kill them willingly. they should have gitgud and not have lost against jobbers.


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Kogami is a flawed god. By the way this trope is a bad one to use in yugioh considering there was a divine righteous super god who ruled over all in the first series.

No. Aoi is cancer to this show

This is Borreload Dragon.

Say something nice about him.

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at least its not a cyberse.

Are guys ready for intellectual transcendence tomorrow?

I'm ready for Arc-V Sound Duel 4 right now

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Aoi was the only good thing about VRAINS right now I'm not watching it. However I have faith in the new cast, SOULBURNER looks like a character I can get behind.


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Dodging a yes or no question

Fuck you too bro

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There is no god behind his actions, to obfuscate his moral nihilism is wrong from the get go.

Cd is already shipping and yet no site is even bothering to put up a tracklist
(we had to get this from twitter)
and Nicovideo has posted nothing either

seems Japan really doesnt give a shit

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