Can we have a Nichijou thread? I finished the show last night and I'm very sad there isn't more.

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Alright, Miu is my favorite
Hakase a shit
She bullied Nano!

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You should watch Yuyushiki. It's pretty much Nichijou. I'd highly recomend it.

Thank you user.

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Also Nano best girl.

Do you mean Mio? I wish her seiyuu had more main roles. Her raspy voice was amazing. And I agree, hakase was cute sometimes but a brat more often.

Daily reminder

no major roles (did voice for eroge)
no major roles
no major roles
involved in some type of accident. Suffering from amnesia
no major roles
diagnosed with facial paralysis, no major roles

You only liked it because someone said it's good, but it's shit.


Who is this person that has brainwashed me so well user? I thought I was genuinely enjoying myself the whole time.

>implying Yuyushiki is on the level as shit as Nichijou

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I'm drawing sunglasses in a daruma I have, will give it to a friend when I'm finished

Yeah, the last eps were surprisingly sad.

How does it compare to Nichijou?

Imo it's even better. It's still "lol japanese humor" but far more understandable.
Stuff like this.

Your best-best friend?

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>Nichijou is good g-guys!
No one has this much shit taste sadly we all know its shit

Oh and Yuyushiki doesnt have obscure references like "Kuma, Ku-ma".

Oh god stop!
It hurts.

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I was saying YYS is better than 'look at this huge explosion' or 'i speak different languages to greet audience hehe im soo funny xD'

Does it have the heartwarming cuteNess that Nichijou has? I think I liked that more than I liked it's comedy.

>did voice for eroge

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Kinda. It's less "heartwarming cute" and more "cute cute". It has a few heartwarming moments though.

It doesn't mean anything if it's heartwarming but there is no substance in the show.

Nichijou is wasted on you

What do you mean by substance? With the amount of time spent on the characters you should grow to like them. Seeing them happy or bonding should then be heartwarming wouldn't you agree? Sometimes that all I want put of a show and this delivered that perfectly.

Dont feed the trolls.

I also loved Mio's voice!
Hakase was great though, pls no bully.

>damage controlling

If you actually watched the show you should know there are many lulls and awkward moments that make up the show. No, you can't say the characters and ending make up for it. You're delusional if you think Nichijou is a good comedy. And if you watch it for the characters go fuck yourself you dumb faggot, glad I didn't waste my time on this show and dropped early on like the rest of Sup Forums.

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Nichijou > Yuyushiki

Mariko Honda had a major role in Neptunia VII at least. Hopefully she gets more than 1 line in the Steins gate 0 anime as well.

Good talks user

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Yui best Yuyushiki girl btw

>Try making a post how nano is best girl can't get past the robot check

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It's okay. Nano is Nano!

Like Love

>diagnosed with facial paralysis, no major roles

New season when?

>did voice for eroge
So what you're saying is that I can fuck Yukko in some eroge by closing my eyes and pretending it's her?

It doesn't really sound much like her and she's some big titty purple haired Highschool DxD looking girl. Don't remember what it was called but it was posted in a recent nichijou thread if you wanna check the archives for it.

>And then he came, all over my tiddies, Mogami-gawa

What a shame.